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  1. New Developement at USF???

    And we are making UCF reimburse it.
  2. Predict the next USF big news

    Beat me to it.
  3. Miami - September 2 Open Date

    Well then the Gators owe us some money.
  4. In other news....

    "Congrats are in order for Ghost as their new Popestar EP has debuted atop of Billboard’s Top Rock Albums Chart. And while a chart-topper is reason enough for celebration, the fact that Popestar is the first EP ever to accomplish the feat makes it all the more special. According to Billboard, the EP sold 21,000 in its first week, bolstered by the band’s new single “Square Hammer.” The set also includes covers of songs by the Eurythmics, Echo and the Bunnymen, Simian Mobile Disco and Imperiet. The Rock Albums Chart was launched in 2006 and this marks the band’s second offering to top the chart, with the full length Infestissumam previously doing so in 2013. Last year’s Meliora album peaked at No. 2 on the Rock Albums Chart. It’s been a big year for Ghost, who started off 2016 winning a Grammy for Best Metal Performance for the song “Cirice” from the Meliora album. The band have toured extensively in support of the disc, and now have the Popestar EP to promote as well. See their current dates here. Read More: Ghost's 'Popestar' Becomes First EP to Top Rock Albums Chart | http://loudwire.com/ghost-popestar-first-ep-top-rock-albums-chart/?trackback=tsmclip " Ghost is awesome. Seen them in concert twice. They have the current #1 song on the Active Rock charts.
  5. OCS!!!

    We totally had plans to build an OCS, but Russia hacked them.
  6. Right? Five big ones from Texas, and quarter of a million from us, makes him tied with Jimbo Fisher with 5.25M. Only Harbaugh, Saban, Urban Meyer, and Stoops are paid more.
  7. Charlie Strong

    I say we tell Texas, if we have a Gentleman's Agreement that they get us in the Big 12, we'll pay Strong 2.5 million a year. Otherwise, have a coke and a smile, and take that jet and their booster back to Texas.
  8. Charlie Strong

    Yeah... why would a Texas booster escort Strong to Tampa... they got rid of his ass.
  9. Oregon reaches out to Willie Taggart

    I'll give you a few million reasons.
  10. USF in th Polls

    How do you rank a 6-4 team?
  11. Taggart Offensive Progression

    Think in addition to all the above, we became a team of losers. Attitude wise. That took a while to change.
  12. A Look Into The Future - 2017

    I'll be at the SJSU game. Short drive for me.
  13. CWT mentioned for LSU

    That's a crap list.
  14. War on I-4 is on!

    The Multigender Intercollegiate All Encompassing Atheletic Tally Technically Not Entirely on I-4.