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  1. Valdes has actually been committed for over a month now. Good to see the coaching change didn't sway him to look elsewhere.
  2. UCf commercial

    Ahhhhh, I remember USF fans talking about UCF that way. Shoot, I remember the first thing my Gator buddy said when I told him I was going to FSU over UF for grad school... "Have fun watching terrible football the rest of your life." We saw how right he was. It's cyclical. Enjoy it while you can Knights....and I honestly mean that because y'all are kickin some ass right now. Hopefully USF has something to say about it in the near future.
  3. Can't believe I forgot about Shouppe. I even went to a couple FAMU games this season to check things out and it's extremely impressive what he has done there. I was hoping they'd make a run in the MEAC tourney.
  4. Mike Bell should be the number one target, but it will be tough getting him away from FSU.
  5. I graduated this past spring so I saw some solid USF football and upsets in my day. I would be telling the younger kids on campus "We used to be good! The stadium used to be pretty full! I promise!" Im 22 and already afraid that USF football has peaked in my lifetime. Sad.
  6. Dan Sileo- Fired again

    It was Devonta Freeman because he put up "the U" after scoring, but the moron posted a picture of Tim Jernigan from a couple years ago also throwing up "the U".
  7. Marvin Kloss is MONEY in the 50's

    Kid was one of the best HS kickers in the country coming out of HS. A friend up here at FSU played HS soccer with him and couldn't believe he chose USF over some of his other offers on the table. Good for us, though! Edit: he also couldn't get into UF, so that didn't hurt our chances either haha.
  8. men's soccer

    Thanks for the insight. I'm not around anymore to follow too closely. I checked the RPI and we're 85th (before the draw with #119 SIU-E). Hopefully next year we get back into the top 25!
  9. men's soccer

    Was the drop off this season expected? It's a very down year by the standards Coach Kiefer has built for this program.
  10. Terrible Student Section

    As someone who graduated in May and missed one game in my 4 years (for reasons out of my control) and traveled to a few, that student section pisses me off. If I was still down there I'd be in that stadium every dang weekend.
  11. on the disappointment scale

    That sums it up for me, as well. With this roster just win the games you should win, but apparently that is asking too much.
  12. Lol some UCF grads I met in grauduate school UCF was an after thought. Not kidding with this one: I'm in grad school at FSU and one of my buddies in the program once claimed he is prouder of his diploma from Cypress Bay HS than UCF lol. He loves Orlando and the environment down there, but not so much the actual school.
  13. we need to recruit juco studs

    Wait, here's a better idea. Can we get USF into a Juco league?
  14. we need to recruit juco studs

    Oh ffs. I give up. ALL OF THE JUCOS