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  1. San jose state and hawaii are in the same conference so idk if that rule applies here. Edit: nvm. I guess it does
  2. The only game I see for that date that ESPN would pick up is Stanford v Rice. They might pick that game
  3. Hopefully its a better "different."
  4. Technically Flowers is an All American too
  5. Only D'Ernest Johnson's stopwatch could accurately time a 40 yard dash
  6. You can fully expect an immediate ncaa investigation if he signed here. Better make sure we're clean.
  7. Wow thats a really bad loss.
  8. Too distracted by Cari Champion
  9. The home run plays wont go away. Im thinking we stay no huddle but maybe take an extra 5-10 seconds to allow time to read the defense. One things that needs to be noted is that our offense is now out there on film. A solid portion. Pretty much all of it. That jet sweep got shut down the last couple games. Defenses are now adjusting. It is time to adjust to the adjustments. Im willing to give this a chance. We are athletic enough to beat teams head up offensively anywah
  10. Nice to see Statechamp hasnt forgotten us lol.
  11. Yeah really tho please dont
  12. So Navy could very well win the conference, finish with a top 20 record, and get stuck playing north texas. 5-7 north texas Ouchh