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  1. Team entrance

    No... they have a new locker room this year. TSA created an entirely new locker room for the Bucs in a new location.... USF now uses the locker room that the Bucs used to use... USF previously used one of the auxiliary locker rooms.
  2. Charlie Strong

    They probably just went to Berns for dinner...
  3. Joel Miller's Father Speaks Out on CJL

    Go back and reread... he didn't say he didn't see it... he said he was there... observed... and it didn't happen... in short, Miller lied.
  4. Joel Miller's Father Speaks Out on CJL

    Jerrell Young was and still is a stand up guy. If he says it didn't happen then I'm taking him at his word.
  5. Bullwinkle???

    Older... bigger build... short silver hair.
  6. Bullwinkle???

    If he was disabled he didn't show it... we sat at the top of the bleachers that day in Vero and he didn't have an issue getting up there IIRC.
  7. Bullwinkle???

    Not him.
  8. Bullwinkle???

    I did... we spent one blistering hot afternoon watching practice with Joey Johnston... the guy was very football smart as I remember... I don't think I ever got his real name though. Shame if he passed.
  9. Helfrich Out at Oregon

    I've always wanted to see us run the oop de oop
  10. Helfrich Out at Oregon

    I just checked again... turns out it was a bogus twitter account masking as Bruce Feldman... apologies
  11. Helfrich Out at Oregon

    If any of those 3 left their respective schools I'd wager CWT is in the top 5 list for each of them... and if UF or UNC come calling I wouldn't doubt he's gone.
  12. James Pierce "Jim" Leavitt

  13. Best player on USF MBB team suspended.

    I was literally reading the article about the suspension when my cell rang and it was USF pumping me for MBB ST's.... bad timing guys... bad timing.
  14. Dancing Bear forces a fumble on SNF

    The hackers run the porn site.... duh...
  15. Talib is out.... Kayvon is getting the start... his first If I remember correctly. Broncos play at 4pmEST.