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  1. Gil Schisler who is running for Temple Terrace City Council is also a USF Grad.
  2. Standard Visiting UH Fan Post

    The other half was supposed to come along but unfortunately got sick this week. Sounds like a Mons Venus trip is in your future
  3. Soccer vs Tulsa tonight

    Saw the Tulsa team at Firehouse Subs getting their grub on during lunch today . I told the Firehouse manager/owner to put extra hot chili sauce on their sandwiches...
  4. How about showcasing Rocky winning last year's Mascot challenge, where Bucky Badger was a participant. Nothing like striking fear into an opponent like a mascot!
  5. Let's change it this season.
  6. Let's change it this season.
  7. First 4 game times are as follows: 8/30 Western Carolina @ 7pm 9/6 Maryland @ 3:30pm 9/13 NC State @ 3:30pm 9/19 UConn @ 8pm I love the 3:30 games! Sorry if this has been posted already on these boards...I hadn't noticed the game times until today.
  8. Game is Sold Out. Pregame at 4pm?

    My pregame starts at 1pm.
  9. We will win on Saturday...

    I will win my least I can guarantee that!
  10. Amazing Sights of Ball State

  11. Amazing lack of discussion/traffic

    For Verizon customers, the game is on 96 (SNY).
  12. The Wally Burnham Effect

    Agreed 100%. Me thinks it's an offense problem.
  13. FSU vs USF gametime

    sucks if FSU wins and we beat Ball State. I would be thinking about that all week..... Nah, Gameday is in Tally for FSU this weekend. Doubt they would have gone back to back (unless we were ranked pre-season and in the top 15 or something to that effect). Florida's last two games had College Game Day at their sites (Texas A&M, & Tennessee). Before the season, lots of experts thought the USF game would be a potential upset for FSU, so I could see if we were 4-0 & ranked in top 25, it could be attractive. Unfortunately, it's all a moot point now.