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  1. Gil Schisler who is running for Temple Terrace City Council is also a USF Grad.
  2. crap
  3. The other half was supposed to come along but unfortunately got sick this week. Sounds like a Mons Venus trip is in your future
  4. Saw the Tulsa team at Firehouse Subs getting their grub on during lunch today . I told the Firehouse manager/owner to put extra hot chili sauce on their sandwiches...
  5. How about showcasing Rocky winning last year's Mascot challenge, where Bucky Badger was a participant. Nothing like striking fear into an opponent like a mascot!
  6. Let's change it this season.
  7. Let's change it this season.
  8. First 4 game times are as follows: 8/30 Western Carolina @ 7pm 9/6 Maryland @ 3:30pm 9/13 NC State @ 3:30pm 9/19 UConn @ 8pm I love the 3:30 games! Sorry if this has been posted already on these boards...I hadn't noticed the game times until today.
  9. My pregame starts at 1pm.
  10. I will win my least I can guarantee that!
  11. Hillarious!
  12. For Verizon customers, the game is on 96 (SNY).
  13. Agreed 100%. Me thinks it's an offense problem.
  14. sucks if FSU wins and we beat Ball State. I would be thinking about that all week..... Nah, Gameday is in Tally for FSU this weekend. Doubt they would have gone back to back (unless we were ranked pre-season and in the top 15 or something to that effect). Florida's last two games had College Game Day at their sites (Texas A&M, & Tennessee). Before the season, lots of experts thought the USF game would be a potential upset for FSU, so I could see if we were 4-0 & ranked in top 25, it could be attractive. Unfortunately, it's all a moot point now.