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  1. It comes from horse racing to describe horses that did not come in the money. I guess if you applied that to not making the playoffs then the Lightning were an "also-ran" this year.
  2. Yeah, I love the idea of the FCS Spring Game. I've been discussing that ever since the FHSAA started allowing Spring Classics. It seems like it would be a WIN-WIN scenario.
  3. Mack was the 1st sign that the program might be on the right track again. Congrats on a great USF career and best of luck in the NFL.
  4. Linc Darner coach at Wisconsin Green Bay could be worth a look. He won a Division 2 National Title at Florida Southern in 2015 and took Green Bay to the NCAA tournament last year.
  5. That strategy paid off for WMU this year. Win them all and hope everyone else takes a loss.
  6. I'm purchasing at least two if not four season tickets for the first time. I usually just purchased single game or secondary market.
  7. USF has basically the same offensive statistics as Alabama so far this season. It's not a intricate route tree passing game but it is pretty effective and compliments the various running threats in the offense. http://www.cfbstats.com/2016/leader/national/team/offense/split01/category10/sort02.html
  8. I need two tickets with club access for UCONN game. I can meet before the game Saturday or possibly pick up Friday depending on the time.
  9. I saw him at a meeting a few weeks ago. I think he's a rep for Herff Jones now.