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  1. USF Multimedia Rights sold... Interesting read.

    It comes from horse racing to describe horses that did not come in the money. I guess if you applied that to not making the playoffs then the Lightning were an "also-ran" this year.
  2. USF Needs To Buy-Out Stony Brook Game

    Yeah, I love the idea of the FCS Spring Game. I've been discussing that ever since the FHSAA started allowing Spring Classics. It seems like it would be a WIN-WIN scenario.
  3. Marlon Mack Appreciation Thread

    Mack was the 1st sign that the program might be on the right track again. Congrats on a great USF career and best of luck in the NFL.
  4. Basketball Coaching Search

    Linc Darner coach at Wisconsin Green Bay could be worth a look. He won a Division 2 National Title at Florida Southern in 2015 and took Green Bay to the NCAA tournament last year.
  5. With Bowl Season drawing to a close...

    That strategy paid off for WMU this year. Win them all and hope everyone else takes a loss.
  6. Predict next years season ticket sales and go

    I'm purchasing at least two if not four season tickets for the first time. I usually just purchased single game or secondary market.
  7. Our passing attack

    USF has basically the same offensive statistics as Alabama so far this season. It's not a intricate route tree passing game but it is pretty effective and compliments the various running threats in the offense. http://www.cfbstats.com/2016/leader/national/team/offense/split01/category10/sort02.html
  8. I saw him at a meeting a few weeks ago. I think he's a rep for Herff Jones now.
  9. Offense looked out of sync

    No, I have no concept of college football. Thanks for the education.