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  1. I am not even following how combine. He ran a 40? From what I hear he wants to be a QB at the next level and that is what my comments are based on. He does not have what they are looking for in that position because his skills will be neutralized at the next level. Could he be a good wide receiver? I guess so but is he even catching balls out there? Running routes? There's no film of him doing any of those things so now is the time. I'm not counting him out as I'm as big a fan as anybody. Go back and look at my history here and there's no bigger cheerleader regarding his play or his character even in the year the offense struggled and people wanted Bench or Woulard. I'm a fan of the team and rarely single out players because I know they're human beings and I don't go in for hero worship. My wife always ask me whose name I want on a back of a jersey she's getting me as a gift and I always tell her nobody. Next time I might actually say Flowers because I have that much respect for him. Here is with my kids and I I'm not even sure I have had them take a picture with any other bull. This is the only picture we wanted. He was elusive against FSU and South Carolina but last year he lost a step in my opinion because he didn't have as many Dynamic plays, either they started to figure him out or something else was going on. That's not a character flaw it's just something that I observed. Maybe the statistics don't back me up I don't know. Either way with his build he would take some serious hits at the next level and I don't see him or any QB with his build taking the kind of pounding he would be subjected to for very long.
  2. At the pro level, everyone is fast and last year teams started to figure out how to address QF's elusive moves. He has a lot of strike against him, most glaring are his height and arm. What he has going FOR him is neutralized at the next level due the the shear athleticism of the talent he will face. Not to mention the injuries that his type of play puts him at risk (guys are bigger and stronger hitting harder).
  3. I note your sarcasm but the attendance for all those teams would be pretty insane and there are several teams in that league that would be in contention every year for the NC. I know it's a pipe dream but it would be a really fun league.
  4. XFL

    It seems to me that people are less interested in football in general. I have had trouble watching the NFL since the salary cap. I think now I struggle with watching it because I know these guys are destroying their bodies and minds.
  5. Predicting the starters next year

    I think this looks good, I just hope we land a few JUCO's or a grad transfers at LB. I am sure the coaches know how shallow we are there.
  6. A Holtz New Era...

    I am not sure if you are serious and even if you are I will give you credit for being a die hard CJL fan and USF Football fan. That being said, Judy is one of the best things that happened to USF. The school has really flourished under her. I know we like to look through the prism of athletics but she views them as a means to an end - which is smart IMO. We do not have a nationally well know name or identity. One of the ways to do that is though athletics. As for Holtz, I was never a fan of the hire but he seems like a good coach and I have no idea why he is successful seemingly everywhere but here. He has a great agent that took care of him and you can't begrudge him that.
  7. Gilbert Rumors

    Q is the best player in USF history IMO. That being said, he seemed to lose a step and was not as dynamic a runner this year. If my observations are correct I would not attribute that potential decline on Gilbert.
  8. This is really embarrassing

    Up ding for honesty.
  9. This is really embarrassing

    You beat me by a couple of minutes. As a supporter of a G5/AAC team I am pretty pissed that UCF was not part of the NC discussion. We are eating the garbage they are shoveling if we think this is all on the up and up. I said this in another thread: "UCF went undefeated and we see the ceiling. All the teams playing for the NC have at least one loss so the message is they don't need to be perfect to play in the NC. All these G5 schools are killing themselves to achieve perfection when their big prize is the Peach Bowl - maybe." I wrote that before UCF beat Auburn who beat Alabama. If you don't want to get on board with an undefeated G5 team shouldn't be left out of the NC discussion under these circumstances that is up to you but I (and a lot of people I talk to) don't think its embarrassing, I think it is pretty smart.
  10. This is really embarrassing

    Its funny, if you read the article, UCF is the latest in a long line of teams to do this. Sometimes athletic departments look back at do it retroactively for decades old seasons. Alabama has done it twice but they are not alone.
  11. This is really embarrassing

    UCF is undefeated and beat Auburn (who beat Alabama no less). I think they should have fun with it. It is a nightmare for the P5 which will do all kinds of spinning. We have to remove our UCF hate glasses for a moment and get some satisfaction where we can get it. If it were us we would be doing the same thing. Remember the Big 4 billboard?
  12. Tom Jones mention of Flowers

    It's not unusual
  13. Me too. Sorry if I'm out of touch but where is Justin? I like Rock.
  14. Predicting the starters next year

    It's going to be a completely new team next year.
  15. I saw a lot of drawing and cheap shots. I know I wear green and gold glasses with the Texas Tech guys look like ********.
  16. He flipped the ball straight up. I think it was not the most egregious call/non call. Senat was being held AND grabbed the face mask. Alaka hit some dude with his towel. Dumb on his part but he was defending Q. The targeting was a bad missed call. I thought the non call on the intentional grounding was a makeup on the next play. The refs were horrible, I just saw the players doing a lot more talking and after the play dramatics. Almost like they were too good for us (which they weren't).
  17. QF #10 rated RB in 2018 Draft

    Agreed and he is really is a fantastic guy.
  18. This reminds me of Poe's Law.
  19. Pretty soon we will be paying them.
  20. Don't get me wrong I'm on the hate Schiano bandwagon myself. Nothing was more enjoyable than watching the reaction of the Tennessee fans. That being said, I know why we hate him, but why does everyone else hate him?
  21. A bit of a sad day...,

    There is a lot of truth to that. I used to be on the paid board and when we were #2 in the country there was absolute silence for a couple of days. It was almost like we didn't have anything to kvetch about.
  22. Just out of curiosity @Bulls1181, you didn't happen to start either the Woullard or Ironside threads?
  23. The AAC was favored in most of its bowls last year and went 2-7. I remember being pretty shocked by that.
  24. Every once in a while try posting the original comment on this thread. It never fails.