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  1. That defense though ....

    Tom Allen? This defense eats their lunch. This is reminiscent of CJL's defenses.
  2. Or you are in the Sunbelt.
  3. Tice vs DJ

    I was thinking the same thing over the past few weeks. Tice seems to run hard like he is trying to prove something. I like them both and I think the coaches need to figure out what works best and when to use them. Kind of like you are trying to do.
  4. He is a giant compared to the rest of the team.
  5. Thanks for your explanation and it appears that you are not alone. I am not sure I agree and I certainly wouldn't called him an "assclown" - whatever that is, over him suggesting we drop 1-2 games but to each his own. I just appreciated a topic with some meaningful discussion. Personally, I plan on just enjoying the games. I am not sure if we beat Houston or trip over UCF but that is the fun in all of this. Most of our schedule looks pretty weak and I am less interested in the ECU game than Temple or Houston. I want our opponents to have some fight in them before we crush their spirits. That Syracuse game a few years ago that CWT finally let QF free in Ray Jay. Watching the sidelines, they actually thought they were going to win that game and it was so much fun seeing their hopes fade.
  6. Ok, here we go: DJ's highlight real for this game will be titled "D'Ernest Johnson and the Doom of Temple".
  7. Good point, we should find something else to talk about. I for one can't get enough of the thundersticks thread.
  8. So the guy comes up with an interesting topic and gets a lot of thoughtful responses. I am not sure why he would get flamed for this. I, for one, am giving him a thumbs up. I am thrilled with the defense, I can't believe how much I missed it. Maybe we will finally find out what it would have been like having a CJL defense and a functioning offense. As for the offense, it looks like Gilbert was just torturing us. I am not saying we are firing on all cylinders or as good as last year but it is kind of fun to watch us grind it out and score points. Special teams ....needs to improve. As for who we are losing to, I am not sure anymore. Houston should be a good game and it is at home. I can't wait to be sitting in the stands for that one screaming my head off. UCF has me nervous but we'll know a lot more about both teams as the season progresses. I am glad we are not playing Navy this year. I am not sure how good they are but that game was never fun to watch.
  9. Scheduling a 12 game for 2017

    The mental picture of the guys on the forums suiting up for this game is pretty funny.
  10. Illinois vs. SJSU & Stony Brook

    I think the defense is much better. I think the offense is in the process of clicking but probably needs some more time to learn the nuances of Gilbert's offense. Losing Mack and Adams was a blow. Special teams issues have to be be fixable. It is not like our kickers suck, it is just blocking assignments. That being said, that needs to get corrected ASAP. Teams are going to go all out now trying to block kicks and punts.
  11. USF's Defensive Turnaround

    Bull Shark had its moments but it if I recall, it seem to rely too heavily on the play of say Angry Bird. If that guy shows up hung over liked he seemed to be in the bowl game, the whole defense suffers. Also, why would we want a defense that "the power running ate alive"? I hate seeing teams do that. It is demoralizing. I am just curious. I think it is important to stop the run early and often (like we are doing). Force teams to pass and let our backs hawk the ball. Throw in a well times blitz to make it interesting.
  12. P6

    We are one of the more attractive teams the best league not in the P5. We just need to keep winning. With CCS recruiting and our weak schedule we should remain so for the foreseeable future.
  13. USF's Defensive Turnaround

    This is not the Bulls Shark defense. It is much better. I was never sold on Alan. He was better than Woodie but that is a very low bar. I hope we can continue to tackle and hawk balls once we get in conference play. This defense is starting to look like our defenses of old. I am really impressed with our ability to stuff the run, especially on first down. We seemed to always give up 8 yards last year on first downs. We would only get off the field when the other team screwed up. It didn't matter since we were scoring at will but it sucked to watch.
  14. Playcalling

    It definitely helps but the guys are tackling, especially in the open field. They are stopping the runs up the middle on first down. Really, the big complaint I have about the team is special teams. I just don't think there is a good reason to be letting up all these blocked kicks. Is it the long snapper?