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  1. I am not sure why these received down votes. I think it is premature to think we will be this year's WMU. Maybe we are this year's Houston. I hope we are the former but we have to play the games and we have a new coach and lost Mack/Adams. We have a pretty favorable schedule and will be favored to win most, if not all our games, but we still need to play. I would feel a whole lot better if this were Strong's second year.
  2. That's a good point. I think I read that Navy turned them down but it might been just speculation on this thread. In which case it may be cannon.
  3. Geographically speaking I agree with you. I think it would come down to UCONN and WVU. I would give the edge to UCONN for academics, basketball and location. Not to mentioned the ACC thinks they are better than WVU.
  4. Also, BC doesn't really have the clout to block them anymore.
  5. Props to Harlan I guess.
  6. But keep in mind, we beat Auburn on the road and WVU who were really a national darling at the time. We truly deserved that ranking based on our record. Even the computers agreed.
  7. Chronologically first event. It is the second event that we have learned about. Hopefully there are no other victims (or alleged victims although this does not look good). If it is true it is pretty sickening and the guy is a predator and should be locked away until his willy falls off.
  8. The AAC might want to do that but I am not sure it would be in our best interest. If the B12 breaks apart who gets the name? Would we be slightly better shape being invited the the B12 rump league or adding those guys to our league with the likes of Tulane, SMU etc? I don't see these team leaving until the big teams actually walk out the door.
  9. Pornhub does not need to advertise.
  10. They are announcing a feasibility study to conduct a feasibility study for a new stadium.
  11. I come here for Mack's status. It's still debatable whether he should have stayed. Running backs have so many carries in them.
  12. What does this mean for the Ocho?
  13. Hitting is part of the game but only as far as it helps you accomplish your goal of tackling. Tackling is important as hell but if the scheme is off you put the players at a disadvantage. Imagine they were in their goal line D every play. I guess there is quite a bit of low hanging fruit for Charlie Strong. I talked to one of the defensive walk ons about it last year and asked him if the defense took it easy because they knew the offense could score easily and he said that there was truth to that in his opinion.