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  1. You can count the number of USF first round picks on one hand (even one of JPP's).
  2. I was pretty excited about him in the Spring game last year but I realize now I was comparing him to Woulard and my expectations for him were zero. In the games I have seen in over the course of the year he started to remind me a little of Bench. Actually, better than Bench but not a true spark like in the Grothe, Daniels, Flowers mold. I am not willing to dig my heals in over this opinion, its just a feeling I get. Maybe he didn't have enough time behind center in live games.
  3. I know I will be in the minority here but I hope Oladukun is the right long term replacement for QF.
  4. JPP will be making money hand over fist.
  5. I can't wait to see what team DJ chooses to play for in the draft.
  6. He pasted the entire article. I think the mods have since deleted it.
  7. A worthy concern if you ask me but I think our new OC might make the team spread the ball around. Adams could stretch the field and catch deep balls and xCWT took advantage of that ability wisely. IIRC, xCWT liked to throw deep after a turnover or at the beginning of the half just to put the defense on notice. Even if it didn't work, the defense would have to guard against it. Smart. The funny thing is that it DID work, at least early in the season (somewhere along the lines they lost their mojo) and xCWT started using it as part of his regular rotation of plays. At least that is how it appeared to me. I think or hope our new OC has more scheming in mind that would strain the opposing defenses without relying on Hail Mary's all the time. Who knows.
  8. I'm pretty sure that's not how it works.
  9. I am pretty sure we are not supposed to post things that are behind a paywall here.
  10. How is USF position if the college football bubble burst? Are we overextended financially like, say Houston?
  11. Football

    It seem like everyone agrees that even if he is right, it is beneficial to be in the position we are in all off season. It is great exposure for our program. I would feel a lot better if Mack stayed or even CWT remained. I am not saying Strong can't get us where we need to go. It just raises some uncertainty.
  12. I wish him luck. Good for him! I do remember him well when we recruited him. Didn't he have a brother that played?
  13. Since it is blank I am reading it clearly that no part of the Harlans are 100% Bulls. Has me worried
  14. I remember when we missed out on Brent Shaeffer. It turned out to be a good thing I think but boy was I bummed at the time.
  15. I bet it never gets hacked because nobody knows it is still around.