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  1. One Lucky Person: I just won a million dollars!!! This board: That sucks - you are gonna get killed in taxes.
  2. SJ Green

    My kids are in direct competition with the Big Lebowski for laziest human worldwide.
  3. Welcome SJSU333

    Good, if we manage to go undefeated we can tout SJSU's experienced offensive line to bolster our strength of schedule argument.
  4. Indoor practice facility?

    No but I hear there is now space available at the upper level of a parking garage in an office building on the corner of Westshore Boulevard and Spruce Street.
  5. Another arrest

    Well it was an International incident.
  6. Steven Bench arrested

    I'm pretty sure that was a joke. He couldn't crack the lineup at USF, I don't see how he would make it in the NFL. I'm not saying it's not possible. I think Brad Johnson road the bench at FSU but it's not like we had a murderers row of talent in front of him. This is a ****** thing to happen. Especially if he was just ****** up and was not aware of what he was doing. Lord knows I did some knuckleheaded things at 22. If it is part of a bigger problem like he is truly some kind of criminal that sucks too. I never got the sense he was a bad kid when he was here, quite the opposite. If it was just youthful stupidity he can still learn from it and get straightened out. I hope that is the case.
  7. USF needs to plan for success

    I am not sure why these received down votes. I think it is premature to think we will be this year's WMU. Maybe we are this year's Houston. I hope we are the former but we have to play the games and we have a new coach and lost Mack/Adams. We have a pretty favorable schedule and will be favored to win most, if not all our games, but we still need to play. I would feel a whole lot better if this were Strong's second year.
  8. That's a good point. I think I read that Navy turned them down but it might been just speculation on this thread. In which case it may be cannon.
  9. Geographically speaking I agree with you. I think it would come down to UCONN and WVU. I would give the edge to UCONN for academics, basketball and location. Not to mentioned the ACC thinks they are better than WVU.
  10. Also, BC doesn't really have the clout to block them anymore.
  11. Best Spring Ever?

    Props to Harlan I guess.
  12. But keep in mind, we beat Auburn on the road and WVU who were really a national darling at the time. We truly deserved that ranking based on our record. Even the computers agreed.
  13. Chronologically first event. It is the second event that we have learned about. Hopefully there are no other victims (or alleged victims although this does not look good). If it is true it is pretty sickening and the guy is a predator and should be locked away until his willy falls off.