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  1. Q will have go throw to beat UCF

    I've always felt that flowers throws a little better after he's taken a couple of shots in the running game. It's like he gets pissed or the rust gets knocked off him or something but after he's been hit a couple times he definitely takes it personal and he seems to be more accurate.
  2. Why though? As a fan how does that make watching my team get dismantled every week more enjoyable? We might b1tch and moan that our team can never play for a college championship but, let's face it Rutgers and the other bottom feeders won't either. As soon as they get halfway decent someone's going to come along and steal their coach just like us. At least we get to watch our team win games every week. Maybe hope someday to join a bigger league after dominating this one.
  3. CCS and Coaching Openings

    I'm sure he's no Ironside.
  4. CCS and Coaching Openings

    I think he will have P5 options but if I were him I would not jump ship to a SEC dumpster fire. Especially if he is making P5 money here. Next year or the year after he would have much better options.
  5. I guarantee a USF victory over rusted ucf!

    What really used to excite me about our team is the "we can beat anybody" mentality we had. It was great going into a game against any team, no matter how good they were knowing we had a punchers chance and often came away with a win. It started with that Pitt win all those years ago and continued against Louisville, Auburn, FSU, Miami, WVU and Notre Dame. (Of course we also had the ability to lose to anybody.) It kind of ended with Notre Dame IMO. We need to get that swagger back. UCF is a solid team but does not have the cachet of the ones I have mentioned but it would be a good start. I don't have a lot of confidence heading into this game. In fact, I think we lose pretty badly. If its any conciliation, I felt that way about all the games I mentioned above. It would be nice for my Bulls to start surprising me again. That was when it was truly exciting to watch.
  6. Geez, it's not like he broke the guys foot or anything...
  7. CCS and Coaching Openings

    My guess is we'll go 1-1. End the season 10-2. We would have been 11-2 if we hadn't canceled a game for weather. We had a solid year. Next year we likely take a step back but still have a decent season. Meanwhile CCS does his thing in the recruiting trail and we gain depth, the team learns the offense and the defense regains it's swagger. All but my visits here I have no complaints. There are things we could do better for sure and the play calling can be frustrating but we move the ball and eat the clock.
  8. I was near the end of the first quarter maybe.
  9. She did (I have no pics) but it was more than that. It was the way she did it that had me laughing the rest of the night. I can't explain it but is was self parody. She was cute, I will say that.
  10. From flasher girl. I think she is on to something. I hope it catches on. Totally kidding, I can joke because my kids weren't there. I did think she was funny has hell though. It totally caught me off guard. Also, I saw a guy in a gorilla mask at some point. Our fans are special.
  11. 9-1

    I think he has done pretty well on the defensive side of the ball with the talent on hand. Our LB's and DL seems to be much improved and other than Senat I don't think they weren't super star guys. We should play like we have nothing to lose.
  12. Quinton Flowers = Total Class

    Great story and although it was a surprise to no one, thank you so much for sharing.
  13. Penalties

    I was just thinking last night how seem to be doing much better with penalties.