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  1. Hitting is part of the game but only as far as it helps you accomplish your goal of tackling. Tackling is important as hell but if the scheme is off you put the players at a disadvantage. Imagine they were in their goal line D every play. I guess there is quite a bit of low hanging fruit for Charlie Strong. I talked to one of the defensive walk ons about it last year and asked him if the defense took it easy because they knew the offense could score easily and he said that there was truth to that in his opinion.
  2. So they are openly referring to him as a Heisman candidate. That's cool.
  3. The illusion is shattered. Are you sure that is not just a reflection of his technical skills?
  4. I assumed Triple B had godlike powers on this board? Many posters live in fear of him when he picks on them (their sentiments).
  5. I guess because that will be our toughest game and we could actually lose.
  6. Better prank: "Flowers injured..." ...the pride of almost anyone who tried to tackle him last year.
  7. Wait a minute, I for one, do not feel that this subject has been properly explored. Nothing can be more relevant to our future success than resolving this controversial issue. Are we sure that CSH was not actively trying to sabotage BJ in order to play Eveld? Maybe BJ's duel threat capabilities were hampered by his cagey adoption of steel toed shoes. Moves and counter moves...moves and counter moves.
  8. I can wait until we play Oregon State.
  9. I didn't claim our game plan sucked. I said we sucked at salting away the game. Poor execution. I think we are saying the same thing. Guys, plenty of time Willie ran the hurry up and we went three and out when we had a big lead. Passing and running take the almost (almost) same amount of time off the clock if you snap as soon as the ball is set.
  10. Then I disagree. If we ran the ball properly and used up the play clock, nine minutes goes by fast. We just sucked at salting the game away.
  11. I am not saying don't score but just do it methodically. Also use the play clock to your advantage.
  12. Refresh my memory, are you saying we did not have the ball for the last nine min left in the game except for one play? How did they have three scoring drive without us touching the ball? Either way, bad example then but my point stands.
  13. What do you have against eight-time offenders? Everyone deserves a ninth chance IMO. Ninth time offenders are the devil.