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  1. Welcome Turd Ferguson

    Norm Macdonald is the best. Just a side note.
  2. For you OCS fans.

    If we get Jim Leavitt field at Outback Stadium, would we get free Outback Bowl tie-ins? Or free bloomin onions?
  3. For you OCS fans.

    This is a problem. I also don't want to watch Tulane or Tulsa.
  4. For you OCS fans.

    Oh snap. That makes sense considering all the dorms already over there.
  5. New PA announcer at Bulls Football?

    Can they audition a new HOT announcer? The cringe has reached historic levels.
  6. For you OCS fans.

    I was just down at the campus this weekend. Wondering why the MOSI is still there and not an OCS. Oh also, what are they building back behind the Marshall center on the Fletcher side?
  7. This is pathetic...even for ucf

    We just got served. I think?
  8. USF Football player Ladarrius Jackson arrested...

    I see what they did there.
  9. That beats a creepy channelside with no one walking around.
  10. Rodney Adams to the Vikings

  11. Perhaps Mack Should have Stayed?

    Come on, Bucs.
  12. Perhaps Mack Should have Stayed?

    Mack can out run the entire Syracuse team.
  13. ESPN Layoffs and the AAC

    Palm mute?