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  1. Hope to attend our first USF golf tournament tomorrow.
  2. Not if 12,000 of them show.
  3. And despite all the above numbers our season ticket base is only up slightly. National exposure could be good for garnering some votes in polls but it isn't putting fannies in seats.
  4. I thought the reason attendance was down at USF games on the same nights the Lightning play is because all the Lightning fans are season ticket holders.
  5. If he's a JUCO guy doesn't he only have 2 years of eligibility left?
  6. From USF's perspective didn't they sell about 5k for Miami and 3.5 - 4 for B'ham. If the money from TV is the same didn't we make out a bit better being closer to our fan base. I'm really just discussing for discussion sake and don't have a huge preference either way. But the closer to NYE a game is the less likely I am to go. Did the Sun Bowl thing on NYE but missed the 2 up in Charlotte. NYE, even at my age, is still a fun time and like to be near home if possible.
  7. Wasn't the Bham bowl just as bad a time slot? Thursday in early afternoon.
  8. So you're saying the coach is no good?
  9. Okay wordsmith. I said it could be not would be. No chance of snow in Miami. We woke up to snow on our car after a game in Dallas a few years ago in Nov.
  10. While we had a decent time in B'ham we had a better time in Miami. We like Dallas but the weather could be an issue at end of Dec. vs Miami
  11. It could be Chatfield is hurt? Or maybe not hitting enough?
  12. So, coincidentally, we (USF) are playing at ECU the day before that game, same as the last time the Giants came to town. Had to miss that Giants/Bucs game and will probably miss this one. As a Giants fan that really stinks since I've only seen them in person once - at an Iggles game when I lived in So. Jersey.
  13. Just from our point of view. We go to all games. But, in the past, we've purchased 2 extra tickets and have tried to bring friends to the games. Getting people to the Thursday and Friday night games has been difficult and with 2 of those scheduled we decided not to go for the 2 extra tix this season. This just makes our decision look a lot better. We actually only dropped 1 ticket since our youngest grandson will need a ticket next year and we didn't want to risk not being able to get 1 next year next to where we are. Besides us not playing well on Thursdays historically, being viewed on national TV in a 3/4 empty stadium does nothing for our stature as a preeminent program.
  14. Were you at the dump of a stadium in B'ham this year? Women squatting over urinals in the men's room because all the women's rooms were closed. Even though we had a decent time leading up to the game, I just don't see us making that trip again. Twice is enough.