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  1. Saw this in the TBT today COLLEGES: The Pac-12 will shorten halftime to 15 minutes form 20 and cut back on commercial breaks during nonconference football games this year in a trial program to reduce game lengths. Times wires, NBC Olympic Talk
  2. Steven Bench arrested

    That is it exactly. From what I've heard he went to the owner of the place the next day to apologize and the owner was quite understanding and helped ease what could have been a really bad development in his life.
  3. Charlie Strong to go on First Take

    This is probably a drop in the bucket compared to what he put up with at Texas. Of course that didn't work out so well but I'm sure he has more time to devote to football here at USF than UT.
  4. QF Enters The Jungle With Jim Rome

    Thing is he would possibly be leaving after this year in any case if the pros like him at a certain position. But would sure like to have him for 2 more years.
  5. We do have 2 bye weeks but they are both relatively early in the season.
  6. Joey Knight about to go on 620 now

    The lack of responses is deafening. :-)
  7. Welcome Da Bull ****

    1-800 Gobulls or Stub Hub
  8. TBT GAME Tonight

    Talked to him Wed and he said that he may not join them and, if he did, he probably wouldn't play much if at all since he hasn't practiced with them. They flew up to NY today.
  9. Is there a "anyone other than..." choice?
  10. Never Again

    JK picked us to win the East and Conference. Should we call him a homer?
  11. USF MBB 2017 Signing Class

    Uh Oh. Looks like their afraid of contact.
  12. Just so you know I voted for you and posted a comment that got deleted for some reason when it first came out.
  13. USF & Tailgate Guys announce partnership

    Tried to attach file. Hopefully it worked. USF 2017 Tailgate Price Schedule.pdf
  14. USF & Tailgate Guys announce partnership

    From the email I received the Tailgate Guys are going to use the same caterer that they use for the Alumni big tent tailgate. If you are going to use your own caterer that is a different story. The only problem I see is you having to pick up the food from the caterer and lug it to the tent. I wrote to them asking about getting stuff from our cars to their tent set ups but haven't heard back yet.
  15. USF Football Preseason Favorites

    I don't remember, have they been right in football in prior years of the AAC?