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  1. So we're back to the argument that he is a good coach (home) and he isn't a good coach (away).
  2. Could explain some of the calls.
  3. Done
  4. Not sure how to get it posted, but as we were leaving the first game I took a picture of an ump's car parked in a handicap spot. You can see the license plate and the handicap sign in the photo. That might explain some of this.
  5. Unfortunately I'm afraid we'll see UCF end our run in the tournament which hurts even more.
  6. I'm sure the answer will be "We went with our best guy". Not 60 pitches in he isn't.
  7. Put this one on the coach. He's a closer. Won't be available tomorrow.
  8. Two bad ABs by Villar and Genord.
  9. Looks like Valdez pitched, not Perez.
  10. Just tuned in. Thanks.
  11. Where is Perez to face thw lefty?
  12. Here's the thing about that building. I've heard the guy backed out of his financing of it. Doesn't take the building away but still..... And we tend to support the coaches we've gotten to know.
  13. I may be wrong but I think they hire contract workers to do some of the work. A friend that used to work for USF Athletics may still be doing it. Have lost touch over the last couple of years.
  14. I get what you are saying and we struggled with it. Had quite a few discussions. But we decided to reward men's golf this year and take a wait and see attitude with MBB.