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  1. I was actually proud of our fans. It was almost as if they knew the team needed a lift and after the media timeout in the 2nd quarter it was as loud as the Ohio State game. Our team fed off of it and Houston started to feel some pressure and their shots weren't even close in that stretch. It was a blast. A new guy has joined the Bulls Club staff and saw him at halftime briefly. He seemed impressed with the atmosphere. One comment on the officiating. One of Houston's girls carried the ball almost every time. I mean, put your hand on the bottom of the ball and turn it over kind of carrying. Not, maybe its on the bottom half of the side of the ball carrying, but out and out carrying. Didn't get called once.
  2. 38 years

    I may be wrong but I think Jose feels this is "his" program, like Leavitt thought football was his. He and his family have pretty strong ties to this area. I hope he stays. He's got double or triple the bourbon collection I have so need him to stick around so I can try them.
  3. Free USF Game worn jersey for renewing tickets

    I don't know about this. That sure looks like an FSU colored wall.
  4. What Do You Guys Do After Football Season?

    Didn't he whiff totally on one?
  5. What Do You Guys Do After Football Season?

    The only Olympic event I've seen this year. Almost gave it away in the 9th (sounds like USF baseball).
  6. Two Tickets to WBB vs. Houston 2/21 7pm

    Brad, I hadn't read your initial post and was going to post warning people. There are plenty of open seats so you won't actually have to sit next to me.
  7. I can't remember a time when we ever did that. We've been around since '03. Remember Andre Hall getting stopped more and more as the season went along and teams game planned for him. We'll need a passing game to keep teams honest since I don't see any QB making lemonade out of lemons like Q did.
  8. Pretty sure he pitched in a game v UNC, maybe came in to relieve Shane and gave up a 3 run bomb???
  9. Football Complex (IPF) News

    Back when we were in the BE, we sold alcohol as did L'ville. Know Rutgers did not.
  10. 38 years

    They obviously didn't win them at USF so why aren't you on their message boards? Or maybe you are. Which teams did they win with?
  11. Hey Brad. Just a suggestion. Unless you are getting multiple requests for each game, why don't you just a pin a topic at the top and tell people to ask for a game and then limit that member to once, twice or three times a season depending on how many people are asking. Might save you some time instead of posting each game individually.
  12. Q autograph helmets

    I had picked up a BJ Daniels autographed helmet at an auction. At one of the preseason events at the Dome I picked up signatures from the current QBs at the time (Bench,White & Flowers) and Matt G was around and signed it as well.
  13. 38 years

    She's hurt and probably done for the season. She hasn't played significant minutes all year.
  14. This team is only as good or bad as the next shooting hot streak or cold spell.
  15. SunTrust Gator Invitational

    Same here. Get well soon - both of you. This getting older stuff is not for the faint of heart.