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  1. Tailgating 2017

    Place is empty.
  2. USF MBB NCAA Sanctions Update

    If they felt bad enough for us they could have given us an extra scholarship.
  3. Bulletin Board Material

    But, but, he changed the offense.
  4. Thundersticks??

    Thought it was Ray Jay's rule???
  5. I guarantee if we had an OCS fans would NOT leave early

    That would probably involve moving all the announcers and media to the other side. Can't have an announcer calling a play from one vantage point while the cameras are showing the opposite. Probably will never happen although it would make it look much better.
  6. P6

    Because everyone wants to watch USF Men's Basketball. Do you toss Kansas because football isn't so good yet they have great hoops? I'm sure there are some teams that aren't very good in either sport but Kansas just jumped into my mostly empty head.
  7. USF vs Temple Game Line

    Was that one of them there Freudian things?
  8. Illinois Attendance

    Along that line, we sat with the soccer coach's wife last night and she was amazed at how quiet Corbett was. Told her that that is the USF way. Very few stand at football and basketball games, make noise and generally 'get into' the games. I have no explanation for it.
  9. USF vs Temple Game Line

    Done with betting USF games. I thought for sure we wouldn't cover vs the Illini and bet more than I normally. Watched the 1st two games and figured Illinois had to be better than Stony Brook. Only bet a couple of times a year when I feel confident. So much for that. Done.
  10. San Diego State

    Isn't the early signing period in December now? Or didn't that go into effect?
  11. Maybe for Temple we can do pix of Bill Cosby?
  12. Finally getting to the 'pen after having a couple of busy days. Read through this whole thread. How freaking entertaining you guys are. Thanks. The one thing that stands out to me from the game, besides our kicking woes, is that Stony Brook would shut out Illinois.
  13. Missed call? LaTech vs. Mississippi State

    I still like the guy and think he did what was asked scholastically. But he didn't win here.
  14. Missed call? LaTech vs. Mississippi State

    We really don't need to rehash this all over again do we? But in case you do here is the Readers Digest version: He didn't recruit, he played too much golf, he didn't recruit, he hired poor defensive coordinators, he didn't recruit, he didn't manage the clock well and he didn't recruit. That should cover it but I'm sure someone will find more.