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  1. Okay, that may have been the best line of 2017 and no one on here acknowledges it. #Sad to you MMW
  2. Great, they got the back of my bald head in the photo on the gallery page down at the bottom.
  3. I have no idea about his bench coaching abilities. Pretty sure all the players on the GT team that is still alive in the NIT Final Four are his including the Fr. At least that is what he told us before the presser yesterday. And an interesting thing I heard, not from him, is that the AD that fired him at GT was a Xavier guy who was at Xavier while he was at Dayton.
  4. Not at the live portion. Think he met up with them afterward.
  5. Trip, okay, I was trying to meet the guy half way but he just is a d4ck. As most know Jose and Geno are friends and I was indicating that he may have picked up some similar habits. In an interview this year Geno said he likes to see his players work through issues (not that they've had many) and Jose has said the same thing. Still not sure where I compared the two. And, for the record, I don't think Jose and I are buddies.
  6. Maybe your intent is to question - I question his use of timeouts - but you come off as bashing. Maybe you just can't read inflection or tone of voice in posts. In conversations with him he likes the players to figure things out on the court as opposed to calling timeouts. Sounds like the Geno school of thinking when it comes to that.
  7. We sit right behind the plate. Jonathon Kosco's dad still comes to the games. He looks over to me for yay or nay on calls he thinks are wrong. Early in the game I thought the ump was pretty good. Some pitches that looked pretty good to me I'm guessing he thought were low and called them balls. As the game went on he started calling the same pitches strikes. You want consistency from these guys.
  8. Manderson? Jake Bodway? Bo Zeigler? and some guys we've not heard of.
  9. Thanks. Lots of great stories out there. A friend of ours, the head of a special needs school in Winston Salem, told us you will just get to know a new normal.
  10. Only for the last 34 years. Our friends refer to her as Saint Mrs Bourbon.
  11. Mike Bibby? Reuben Guerrero?
  12. Totally understand. I think of JPP as a Bull.
  13. Guys that play for Calipari for one and done are known as KY players.
  14. While it is exciting let's dial it back a notch. Our hitters looked pretty lost vs their starter. Don't know who that kid was but pitching on Tuesday night was in the low 90's the first 3 innings with his fastball and had some cutter or slider that was baffling the guys. Things got better once we got into their bullpen.