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  1. very disappointing and sad to read
  2. Marlon Mack to Bucs?

    leveon backup
  3. Must be more to the story...

    willie was an ace recruiter what he did worked and that's basically it
  4. Mack Going Pro

    Selfishly I want him to stay... but... I don't think he can really prove anything more. As a Steelers fan, I'd be fine with taking Mack in 5,6,7 to spell bell every now and then.
  5. Coach Strong's staff at Texas

    Undoubtably a strong take
  6. Welcome suail01

    Wasn't a strong start by suail01
  7. OCS!!!

    40k create demand and scarcity
  8. Jim Leavitt joins Tags at Oregon

    That team is going to be extremely dangerous in 2 years. CWT knows he needs someone who can really run defense and allow him to focus on O. Taggart doesn't have to be worried about the D now.
  9. What hiring Charlie Strong Means for USF

    Couldn't be happier with Charlie!!!
  10. Who will be in their role longer?

    We should probably add Charlie Strong to this poll
  11. Ethics vs. Ca$h

    did he poach someone or just talk to bruce judson? I'd call bruce too
  12. Charlie Strong

    california transplants...? That's why we want to replicate it? You could have at least gone for the fact that it's becoming the mid-west's tech hub.
  13. Apparently USF assistants stay put until after the bowl game. Keep O staff, revamp the Defense.