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  1. Thundersticks??

    Lol I was one of those people. This is why we can't have nice things.
  2. Wear White?

    They are handing out 4,000 green shirts to the student section this game that say #floridastrong. Safe to say, whiteout is not happening. This is why we can't have nice things. USF doing USF things.
  3. USF at UConn Cancelled

    Besides a single game refund, what other options do you all think would be acceptable for losing a home game?
  4. USF at UConn Cancelled We will play all conference games, but they are cutting out UMass.
  5. For you OCS fans.

    This was part of Judy's fall speech today, talking about the one they just announced about a month ago.
  6. Preeminence

    I think Rick Scott vetoed the bill with the changes if I'm not mistaken.
  7. Random Question- 2017-2018 Coaches Polo?

    I talked to the Bookstore today to figure out why we are the only Under Armour school not to have the 2017 coaches sideline polos for sale. Their response was "the order is on delay from UA, however they should have them in stock before the first home game." Figures our order would be screwed up.
  8. Random Question- 2017-2018 Coaches Polo?

    I've tried looking for it as well. A lot of the other Under Armour schools have released it including our AAC friends Navy and Cincy. I checked the USF bookstore and no such luck. The only thing that gives me up hope is during the fan fest, one of the people wearing USF gear during the fan fest apparel showcase was wearing a 2017 sideline t-shirt, so hopefully that means we are getting the sideline polo as well.
  9. Charlie Strong to go on First Take

    Same with me. Every time I start reading an article on my phone, it redirects to a spam website. Been happening for months.
  10. Bahahahahaha. Why am I not surprised. How the hell do they pick a Tallahassee team with about 3 schools what are closer?
  11. I was looking at the new Schutt F7 helmet designs on their website ( ) when I got to the bottom and saw these pics. I'm assuming that they are just using our logo for a proof of concept, no way we wear blue helmets. Right?.....Right?
  12. For you OCS fans.

    You forgot the best part. No bleachers.
  13. Yep, still in the off season.
  14. Non-sports: USF Call to All good points in this. It's a shame we only have hours to get the word out to voters.
  15. National Signing Day '17

    maybe someone from here?