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  1. Yep, still in the off season.
  2. good points in this. It's a shame we only have hours to get the word out to voters.
  3. Football

    maybe someone from here?
  4. Football

    We were 66 last year, no?
  5. Football

    How does Navy have 47 commits?
  6. Why is Daewood Davis still on the list. Didn't he decommit a while ago? He signed with Oregon.
  7. What was the tweet?
  8. Is it a recruiting violation to put him on a gasparilla float?
  9. No he was saying the refs have bailed them out of 3 INTs. Saying the refs are the only reason they aren't down by 30+.
  10. We have 9 or 10 in our group going. It will be interesting to see how much the bowl game has changed since we were last there. As long as they are throwing USC fans in that paddy wagon and not USF fans, should be a good time.
  11. Pretty good video on Scott.
  12. I think he is just still bitter about his radio show being cancelled. You know, because the hosts were such stellar people with stellar opinions that everyone in the area wanted to listen to them. /Sarcasm
  13. My friends and I got section 206 going. We started calling people out that were sitting on their hands during 3rd downs, like they were sitting in church. Hopefully it spread to other sections as well.
  14. Interesting read about Butgers joining Big 10 and the aftermath.