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  1. 5* DT Marvin Wilson
  2. San Diego State. That game irks me to this day.
  3. Charlie Strong

    Made me chuckle over my morning coffee (with Kahlua). Thanks.
  4. #NeverSchiano

    He can have the Rutgers job when it comes open this time next year.
  5. Sign Ideas for #BeatUCF

    Scott Frost Sells Doll Clothes on Etsy!
  6. CWT post game

    My son's 13U team could gash this defense for 200+ rushing yards.
  7. White has small arms

    Huge guns = awsome quarterback.
  8. No more all green uniforms

    Time to update the ncaa rulebook.
  9. Stockpiling RBs

    Dang man - every post I have read today from you is sooooo negative. Go out and have a Happy New Years and cheer up. He nailed it though. We have no idea how to use our running backs.
  10. More Uniform Changes ? HELMET !

    TyBull posted a pic of a camo helmet in this thread and I thought I would show what uniforms with camo helmets looked like so it is relevant. I never said we should use use camo in our uniforms. Have a great weekend fashion police.
  11. More Uniform Changes ? HELMET !

    A couple of pictures from the Army vs Navy game last year with Army in their camo uniforms.
  12. Motivational Poster

    Here's a link, make your own.