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  1. Jim Leavitt Back to USF

    I think USFreak has a valid point. I'm a USF fan regardless, but my wife does not follow the team anymore because she thinks Leavitt got screwed. I wouldn't be surprised if there are many others who feel this way.
  2. Pregame on TuneIn radio (link)

    Thanks, that one is working. That's what I plan on doing. I usually have fewer issues listening from the app than directly from
  3. Pregame on TuneIn radio (link)

    TuneIn is telling me there is no live broadcast at this time. Anyone else having this issue?
  4. BJ Daniels

    Very cool seeing him out there!
  5. Before we start the screaming and the blaming

    The defense played great aside from a few drives. I have no complaints on that side of the ball. Offensive play calling was just atrocious and kick coverage was horrible.
  6. Should Bench play IF we fall behind early?

    Ah, if this could only be predicted. Personally I think QF scrambling for a few yards when the pocket collapses is less embarrassing than SB having to go fetal. QF went fetal a few times in the Maryland game. I wasn't seeing the mobility until the D backed off. Not saying SB wouldn't... In the offseason, I thought QF's mobility would be similar to BJ's. From what I've seen so far, it's not even close.
  7. USF returns 9000 tickets to FSU

    Just to pile on, I also live out of town and every time I've tried to buy away game tickets (for both football and basketball), I've been turned away. I don't even try any more and go straight to StubHub.
  8. Pretty hard to pick against Stephen Nicholas here.
  9. 2014 Away Football Games

    I'll be going to SMU as well.
  10. Any TBP members in Texas?

    I'm also in San Antonio. Just moved here a few months ago.
  11. MSU game delayed

    Starting to rain. Looks like it should move through quickly.
  12. MSU game delayed

    Here at the stadium, weather does not look bad at all.
  13. I thought the same thing. Watching the game on tv, our d-line especially looked tiny.
  14. Lost on the first drive

    Not trying to defend the playcalling, but I was at the game and early on it was extremely windy (I was still surprised they didn't even try to pass). As the game went on, the winds died down considerably. Still, no way we should lose to Ball State. The playcalling on both sides of the ball has been atrocious.
  15. Bulls Bring Their Fans

    C'mon, it's not that bad. Did you get a chance to check out the Air Force Museum? We actually had really good weather, too. Could've been much worse. That's true, the weather was beautiful. I also liked the athletic district area. We had a horrible time at the surrounding accomodations though. The Hotel sucked (Marriott right by the arena) and the restaurants we went to sucked. The arena also seemed to have no air conditioning, I was melting. The arena was hotter than hell. It seems to be fairly common in northern cities to turn off/disconnect the air conditioning systems during the winter months, esp in older buildings. It has been unseasonably warm recently in OH and they probably haven't turned the a/c back on yet.