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  1. Football

    Just gonna point out that JTrue has been a 5* commenter this morning. Carry on...
  2. #whoops
  3. 2007 team.. Think this team would have had more than four losses in 2007.
  4. While he had a lovely game against NIU, I'm not going to extrapolate that over an entire season.
  5. Really not understanding why so many people have a willy in their pocket over Tice. Good for grinding out yards with a lead, but I can't see him being any more than 3rd string
  6. Roll with the combo of Sands/DJ. Use tice once we get up in the 4th quarter.. Regardless, this is a pretty big loss to the O. Bigger than Adams, IMO.
  7. Just don't see how one more 1000 season improves his stock. There could be less competition next year at RB, and he could also bust his knee... And fwiw, Johnson isn't a 20-25 carries a game RB and Tice is slow for the offense we are running.
  8. Actually took a look at that.. Tulsa loses quite a bit (most importantly, the QB)..
  9. He'll clock in with 4.40 speed.. watch some of the other WRs run those jet sweeps and get caught easily.
  10. So you're saying USC should have gotten in then!!! Take away those 3 losses and they are badasses!
  11. Penn St lost to Pitt and got waxed by Michigan. OSU had a close loss to Penn St. OSU looked like crap, but it was the right decision.
  12. Shouldn't have lost to Pitt.
  13. Carlton Mitchell was better than Bogan.
  14. A very sincere happy New Years to my fellow Bulls! Wish you all the best for 2017!
  15. I hope we keep Woodie. Don't want him as a D-Coord, but he's a good recruiter.