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  1. Early signing period

  2. Post dedicated to giving props to Brian Jean-Marie

    Defense was vastly improved this year, however... Id love to see the average offensive ranking of the teams we played this year. 75 maybe? Get rid of the ucf and it drops to what, 90? Total improvement, but not blown away by any means.
  3. Early signing period

    I for one am a huge fan of the early signing period.. I think there are probably at least 3 recruits who may not have lasted until Feb. I’ve seen Landry sports and 24-7 note that it’s a failure. Maybe only to the bigger schools who come in at the end and won’t get than luxury. Curious on everybodies thoughts
  4. QF #10 rated RB in 2018 Draft

    Would love to be wrong, but scouts are looking at the measurables (to include speed). Tough to change positions and succeed in the nfl without MEASURABLES that blow people away. You can dislike it all you want, but to pretend Q is going to change to a new position and stick is close to ignorant when a real good rb like Hall or a real good wr like Adams have been unable to stick. And in regards to height, Q isn’t 6’ tall.
  5. QF #10 rated RB in 2018 Draft

    Blah blah blah... you and your facts. NFL gets a wooly in their pocket about measurables. And those, or the lack of hurt his chances.
  6. QF #10 rated RB in 2018 Draft

    Come on... he’s an awesome college qb. Best case scenario is BJ Daniels. Love Q, but he doesn’t belong in the same sentence as Fitz.
  7. QF #10 rated RB in 2018 Draft

    Lol... baller college QB. He’s not an NFL qb, I think we can agree on that. Is he good enough to make it as a wr when Rodney Adams wasn’t? Love love Q, but I’m not seeing it.
  8. QF #10 rated RB in 2018 Draft

    Not a qb at the next level and not convinced he has the speed for anything else.
  9. Happy Anniversary CCS

    My thoughts are that if he does well enough to get picked for another opening, he/we will have had a darn good 2018. I don’t see it happening.
  10. Adidas is official

    I hope we never see the so flo unis again... more appropriate for the Jamaican bobsled team.
  11. Oregon has some nerve to be mad

    If I recall, taggart didn’t swing any recruits from wku to usf. I specifically recall at least 3 dropping us and following him west.
  12. Adidas is official

    Looks like the total yearly amount ends up being about the same, with a chance to earn more.
  13. Adidas is official

    Real curious about the #s