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  1. First Loss of 2017 ?

    George in the bowl game. Mark it.
  2. Posterchild for what we don't want: Houston 2016

    Houston obviously returns a lot of talent, but losing their QB and Herman will really hurt them this year.
  3. Kayvon Webster Interview with the Rams

    Goosebumps... was there as well!
  4. Game vs the Gators today

    Wondering if both teams go to the bullpen. Tough to sit that long after warming up and then pitching 2+ innings.
  5. USF realignment "Rumors" "tweets" "etc"

    The ACC will invite FIU before they invite Navy.
  6. USF realignment "Rumors" "tweets" "etc"

    Yeah, we'll be picked up by the B12 remnants way before OSU, TTech, WVU, etc come crawling to the aac.
  7. Here's what's cookn' in the AAC

    I'm not worried about the pinch from TV because we really aren't getting anything. The pinch happened when we signed the current contract.
  8. USF press conference 2:30 today

    But Vinik is involved now. Therefore it has to be good.
  9. USF press conference 2:30 today

    Down-vote for getting my hopes up...
  10. McMurphy fired

    You're a bad man!
  11. National Signing Day '17

    Just gonna point out that JTrue has been a 5* commenter this morning. Carry on...
  12. CWT already making an impact

  13. 2016 vs. 2007, which is the better football year?

    2007 team.. Think this team would have had more than four losses in 2007.
  14. Johnson/Tice

    While he had a lovely game against NIU, I'm not going to extrapolate that over an entire season.
  15. Johnson/Tice

    Really not understanding why so many people have a willy in their pocket over Tice. Good for grinding out yards with a lead, but I can't see him being any more than 3rd string