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  1. Thank You Stony Brook

    The only other 9-1 team is Memphis, so if we're not the worst, we're the best.
  2. Go To Meme Thread for USF vs UCF

    There's your first problem
  3. USF/UCF Common Opp

    I dunno -- I think Houston was pretty significant...
  4. Media Predictions for USF/UCF

    I must be missing something -- why would he be anticipating that? Is Willie Taggart going to interrupt the game WWE style by running through the tunnel, hit Sterling Gilbert over the head with a steel chair, give CCS a Stone Cold Stunner, and take over playcalling duties? Because that's what would need to happen for us to see the GCO on Friday...
  5. Way Off Topic..
  6. UCF is going to beat us down

    Considering that Friday is the day that we get to see CSGs secret playbook, I think we're going to destroy them.
  7. OC Gilbert: 6 points in the last 50 minutes

    He's saving the playbook for next season.
  8. These announcers suck. Within the span of one play they say McCants blew a route (even though Tulsa had the ball) and called us Florida.
  9. P6

    In our inaugural season, we averaged 34,000 spectators per game (vs 33,000 this year); we played Kentucky Wesleyan, Drake, Morehead State, Southern Illinois, Charleston Southern, Georgia Southern, and Davidson. Looks like our fanbase peaked in 1997 -- all downhill from there.
  10. Strong is salivating over UConns offense.
  11. Obligatory DJ Feed - UConn

    Pictured below, D'Ernest Johnson in Sterling Gilbert's "three yards and a cloud of dust" offense.
  12. Secret Scrimmage MBB

    Wish they would have kept it a secret.
  13. USF had this coming all season.

    Tell them to get back to work; those toilets aren't going to scrub themselves.