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  1. I traced over a picture of his face with Adobe Illustrator and used the Bucco logo as reference for the colors and pirate parts.
  2. I know -- his performance this season will force them to rename the award.
  3. Next year will be known as the D'Ernest Johnson watch list.
  4. Absolutely; image can be used for personal use as long as you don't try to sell it. I obviously don't own the rights to the likeness of Rocky or Bucco Bruce nor the Buccaneers color scheme.
  5. Well, since they dropped the ball on this one, I threw together one of my own. Introducing ... Bucco Bull!
  6. Caption this...

    Good to see you, Coach Strong. I appreciate you having D'Earnest break down our film; it should help get us over the hump this year.
  7. Deatrick Nichols gettin' some love

    That's because he hasn't decided which NFL team he's going to draft.
  8. San Jose?

    I'd imagine they were the best available team that was willing to do a home and away. From what I understand, the week 0 rationale is that we will be one of the only games on that week so it gives us national exposure from football-starved fans.
  9. CCS is not LJs parent. LJ is an adult. This didn't happen at practice. This wasn't an institutionalized coverup like PSU or Baylor. CCS does not bear any responsibility for this -- this judge should be blaming no one other than the alleged perpetrator. With all due respect, your honor: shove it.
  10. USF press conference 2:30 today

    I figured it was On Campus Feasibilty Study
  11. USF press conference 2:30 today

    For those of you who were expecting an earth-shattering announcement I bring you footage from today's press conference:
  12. Solid CWT Article

    This is playing out like a bad abbot and costello routine.