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  1. Have you ever tried gripping a pen with 2 and a half fingers?
  2. Now, now. No need to compare ages. We're all going to end up in the same place eventually
  3. Had to do a double-take at 237. Projects the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to take LB Hardy Nickerson. Didn't realize he had a son playing the same position as him and graduating from college. I feel old. Nickerson Sr. got to coach his son in college while serving under his former NFL coach. Neat.
  4. I'm having a hard time accepting this. Is USF using men's basketball as a money laundering operation?
  5. Has he ever left any players at the airport? If not, I'm sold.
  6. That feeling the best season in school history is setting the bar low
  7. Is the Gulf Coast Offense adaptable to basketball? If so, I nominate Kinnan and Weist.
  8. I guess fCWT has his BMM
  9. Tragic. Corey Bell 01/03/17 - 02/04/17 You join legendary Bulls coaches such as Autry Denson and Robert Weiner whose contribution(s) to the program can certainly never be measured. Literally. Of all the secondary coaches we ever had, you were one of them. In the name of the Jim, the iconic U, and the Green and Gold Spirit, Amen.
  10. He must have gotten 10,000 followers from a different school
  11. Exactly how many McDonalds employees do you think dreamed they were going to achieve that kind of success when they graduated from UCF?
  12. Pretty sure that's Steve Martin, not Ryne Giddins.