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  1. I'd imagine they were the best available team that was willing to do a home and away. From what I understand, the week 0 rationale is that we will be one of the only games on that week so it gives us national exposure from football-starved fans.
  2. CCS is not LJs parent. LJ is an adult. This didn't happen at practice. This wasn't an institutionalized coverup like PSU or Baylor. CCS does not bear any responsibility for this -- this judge should be blaming no one other than the alleged perpetrator. With all due respect, your honor: shove it.
  3. I figured it was On Campus Feasibilty Study
  4. For those of you who were expecting an earth-shattering announcement I bring you footage from today's press conference:
  5. This is playing out like a bad abbot and costello routine.
  6. I'll be there with spirits.

    Where are the tailgating lots?
  8. Do they still have eligibility?
  9. Who are we replacing San Jose State with?
  10. Lawd. I know it's just one game but that's so USF. Tear it up out-of-conference and then face plant when the meaningful games start.
  11. Randy Edsall at UCONN
  12. Meh. It's only 264 pages. Everyone knows your realignment thread needs to be at least 1000 pages to work.