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  1. +1, but only if the crate is continuously Rutgers Better yet, USF should take the last Girls of Pitt thread and show that on the Jumbotron as the halftime entertainment
  2. GREEN
  3. Wow - Kofi really has changed since he left USF. Last time I saw him, he was a muscular, Afro-American male. Now he is a blond white chick?
  4. Will be there with my two kids
  5. In order to get some new looks for DJ - CCS will be playing him at every position in the Spring Game . . . all at the same time.
  6. I am guessing that this is the start of the Spring Game DJ thread . . . I am hoping for a USF victory that day
  7. At least he was not rated as a small school back
  8. It was a good weekend - first time that I had seen the team live this season and they did not disappoint. Great pitching all 3 nights - 5 runs in three games is quite nice. Once McClannahan gets some movement on his fastball, he is going to be darn near untouchable.
  9. Here comes the pitching change - 3 to 1 Bulls in the bottom of the sixth
  10. Stats may be down, but is is a pretty day at the stadium A&M has been warming up the same pitcher for the last 3 innings - Grant, he is a side armer
  11. Ugh - 3 to 2 loss in 11 on a poorly executed pickle play
  12. Out at the stadium - looks like it is going to be a beautiful night for baseball
  13. 2nd time this game we have ended an inning striking out looking with men on base