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  1. DJ

    DJ does not need carries to get highlights . . . Sports Center routinely runs clips of DJ getting out of bed, because his entire day is a highlight to mere mortal athletes
  2. Finally a 1-2-3 inning - Shane looked much better and finishes the inning himself 1 to 1 after 3
  3. Sitting right behind the dugout - Shane dropped a few F bombs on his way back to the bench
  4. Shane's first pitch is juuuust a bit outside
  5. Well - they just announced the lineups, we are definitely the visitors
  6. Just got to the stadium - ECU is in white pants and USF is in gray pants I am guessing that we are the visitors even though we are the lower seed and have the better record
  7. DJ

    Looks like USF FINALLY caught on to the DJ greatest player ever mojo in fact . . . DJ is so fast, the photographer must have used a freeze frame camera to get this picture.
  8. Montgomery gives one a ride - now only 8 more to go
  9. Well - at least Ragsdale gets out of a bases loaded jam with only walking in 1 run he might have thrown 1 strike that inning
  10. Stunkel makes a beautiful catch to take away a HR
  11. Are you at the game? if so, did many Bulls fans make the trip?
  12. Back to back strikeouts with 2 runners in position - hopefully we have some magic for the 9th
  13. Planning on driving over for the Friday game and then going to Disney
  14. I hope so - we have not had many offensive linemen that have done well in the NFL Frank Davis played a few seasons and Marc Dile scratched out some games with the Bucs - Reiter seems to be hanging in and Jeremiah Warren bounced around a little.
  15. Good to know something is going right - thanks for the updates!