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  1. MBB vs Howard

    The more I watch Jiggets, the more I think that our season hinges on how well he plays When he is on, we look like a real b-ball team
  2. MBB vs Howard

    Thrilling commentary from ESPN . . . the "American has some of the best facilities in the country" These guys need to be speaking to their CFB colleagues - it is a wonder we are not P6 already
  3. Bring your rain ponchos to Orlando

    Quite alright - after all, the relative humidity and its affect on a football game in which we ran the ball almost 40 times, is a perfectly logical reason as to why we only scored 10 points and lost This is almost as easy to understand as QBR
  4. Bring your rain ponchos to Orlando

    I thought that we lost that game due to low humidity Keeping coaches excuses straight can be so confusing sometimes
  5. Could practices closed for the media mean...

    Does that mean that Gilbert is going to branch-out onto page 2? i would love to see JK fire some real zingers at CSG, like how many plays do you actually have in your playbook (variations of the HB dive should not be included)
  6. DJ thread for UCF

    DJ is planning on stuffing his thanksgiving turkeys at 3:30 PM on Nov 24
  7. Caption this photo

    Vulcan Mind Meld (Dolph Lundgren Russian Accent) USF must break you!!!
  8. I will concede on Holtz since he did work his way up and did reasonably well at UConn and ECU prior to coming to USF Kiffen bombed out on several head coaching jobs (Oakland, UT, USC) with no rational explanation as to why ADs kept hiring him, other than the family name.
  9. Never seen this happen before in college football . . . (cough, cough - Lane Kiffen, cough, cough - Skip Holtz)
  10. Here We Go

    One thing is for certain - if we win against UCF (and then presumably Memphis in the CCG), then this will be the biggest three game stretch in program history 3 ranked teams, all in a row Win all that and this WILL be our best season hands down (most ever top 25 wins in a season, first conference championship, first NYD bowl win, highest ranking to finish a season, best record ever)
  11. Perfect - sounds like we all agree that Gilbert should go back to being a high school coach in Texas Who is going to get on the phone and make this happen?
  12. Bright side?

    I HATE defending Gilbert, but there is no denying there were execution issues last night The two plays where Mitchell Wilcox was WIDE open should have gone for touchdowns. Perfect playcall - zero execution
  13. Bright side?

    Bright side - the game is over and TBP can now focus on complaining about how bad we played (hard to pay attention to my phone and the game at the same time)
  14. That had to be the worst 4 play offensive set I have seen in all my years of watching USF football -7 yards on three runs and then a blocked punt!
  15. Was that what happened? caught the very tail end - I always thought the video board was slightly delayed