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  1. Ole Miss Replacement HC

    D'Ernest Johnson is such a legend that the legend of D'Ernest Johnson is not in D'Ernest Johnson territory
  2. Ole Miss Replacement HC

    After Kiffin's travishamockery at Oakland, UT and USC (that is a travesty/sham/mockery all at the same time), I am always amazed that his name continues to come-up as a high-profile HC. After he flames-out at FAU, he will go back to an OC job where he belongs.
  3. Joey Knight on 620 at 12:30 eastern

    I am sure that he will tackle the tough topics, like how Coach Strong is going to close the gap between the announced attendance and the TSA figures
  4. Welcome Turd Ferguson

    Are you still a coach, or did that end when Skippy got fired?
  5. Dwyer USMNT goal

    USF got mentioned on the broadcast as well woukd be great if he makes the World Cup roster
  6. SJ Green

    Did not realize that SJ was still playing - the 2006 game against Pitt, where Grothe got rolled-over, popped-up and then hit SJ for a first down, is one of my all-time favorite highlights (watched it live as well)
  7. Horn sign \m/ article on ESPN

    I have pending litigation to patent the middle finger gesture. imagine the royalties I am going to make at Spectrum Stadium, when USF rolls-up the Knights in November
  8. Didn't Frank Davis wear 68? He would have been '02 - '05
  9. Quinton's 2017 numbers

    My guess is that this would be Quinton's answer as well.
  10. Agree 100% - I believe he was out the next two games (Cinci and UConn - also losses) as well
  11. Facilities vs OCS

    Well - between Beyoncé, Russian hookers and Arabian googles, the OCS conversation is definitely going places it has not gone before. Throw in the en-suite Publix and Joey might want to start reporting on what is quickly becoming the most interesting OCS in the country. Of-course Joey would probably be quick to point-out the poor fill rates on this thread (500+ views vs 18 posts) and how that translates to a lack of commitment and why we will never get into a Power Conference.
  12. Facilities vs OCS

    Ok - that is just below the belt What did Tulsa ever do to you?
  13. Game vs Bethune today, Sunday

    Pretty crazy result - BCC definitely has momentum Even if we had won this afternoon - I am not sure that we would have had the gas to get by UF in the night cap (the game last night was just too much of a roller coaster).
  14. Game vs Bethune today, Sunday

    Now 3-2 BCC in the 6th
  15. Game vs Bethune today, Sunday

    Big third strike by Farley to keep BCC scoreless with the bases loaded going to the top of the 7th with USF down 6-3