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  1. Watch Parties for Temple

    Anybody know of an Orlando area watch party. Go Bulls!
  2. I am at the Orlando Monarchs, a collegiate summer league, game. OF Austin Lueck of USF plays for the Monarchs. Catcher Blake Sydeski of USF plays for the Deland Suns. "It's a beautiful night for baseball."
  3. How about it Orlando Bulls fans? Where shall we meet to watch in the Orlando area? Last year the alumni association met at the Winter Park Ale House.
  4. OFFICIAL USF - UF Watch Party Thread

    Ready to represent in Orlando. Doesn't look like there is an Orlando Alumni Association watch party tomorrow, so where shall we Orlando Bulls congregate? Anyone?...Beuller?
  5. I needed a laugh

    Welcome to the board futurebullsmom!
  6. 4th Annual TheBullspen.com Bowl Party

    My wife and I will be attending. Will RSVP tomorrow after she confirms getting Saturday morning off work so we can come over from Orlando on Friday night. How can one put a price on all the Bulls love that will be in the room.
  7. Orlando watch party?

    Apis, I was hoping to confirm that the Ale House was the place. However my wife and I may not be able to make it today. We have a family obligation in Lake County later this morning and don't know if we'll be back in time. Hope to see you later. Go Bulls!
  8. Watch Parties for NC State:

    The Mrs. and I had a great time with those that showed at the Winter Park Ale House. Good company. Was nice meeting Apis Bull, Ryenoe and his fiancee. Here's to a larger turn out this week. We won't be there as we will be at the NC State game.
  9. Agreed, that was priceless. What a cool kid. I was at the game in the Bulls section. When he came over to our section behind the end zone Grant's mother seemed a bit concerned for her boy. He was telling her he was OK. Very touching. Proud to have been there.
  10. Battle on I-4 against cancer!

    Got Kdawgy's email. RDV is right in my backyard. Nice place. I'll be there wearing my Green & Gold and supporting a good cause.
  11. I realize it's Football season but...

    Win or lose, the basketball games are fun. The kids play their hearts out. The student sections are raucous. The Pep band completes the atmosphere. The Sun Dome is a great venue. Not a bad seat in the house. With all the buzz from football season and the new coach, I bet the crowds are larger than last year. With a few wins it would not suprise me to see a significant attendance spike. I think the football season has shown there is a significant Bulls fan base waiting in the wings. Maybe soon basketball will be the next hot ticket.
  12. Standing Up/Sitting Down..

    I didn't see any sections sitting. That whole stadium stood virtually the entire game. I'm one of the geezers at the back of section 118. Normally I'm able to nap during the game. But starting with the UNC game things became serious. Last Friday we were proud to stand the whole game. The 80 year old next to me was ready to take on some drunk West Virginia fan who "accidentally" spilled beer on us. We grey beards are still 20 something at heart.
  13. Orlando Football Watch Party: USF @ FAU

    The Mrs. and I will be there. The watch party for the Auburn game was a great time. It was nice to meet Kdawgy, the other Kevin (sorry I forgot your handle) and the other alumni. Go Bulls!