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  1. Yep, funny enough it is his more animated mannerisms that make me think he is off.
  2. Yep, if some of those taller guys were adjusting and playing the ball like him, it would really pick up the QB
  3. Anybody a wee bit concerned about Flowers?

    I think with Flowers, if he is really struggling passing, eventually they will have to start running him more to keep the offense moving. And when he does that he tends to loosen up everything.
  4. DJ had a couple nce runs in Q2, we just didn't string them together
  5. Amazing right. I would also suggest that our run game was quite good that second quarter and will be as the game goes on
  6. Would have been if he had made more of an effort
  7. Salomon has to make a better adjustment there
  8. Found a USF player that can catch
  9. I assume all the play calls on the false starts were winners though
  10. I would not say amazing. It would have been an easy one. We didn't need an amazing call there
  11. False starts and delay of game is not debatable. Not sure about the call on Q
  12. Get dj involved in other ways. That's how he has the most value and wrs have issues catching anyway. It's nice to rotate them fresh but also nice to have your best players out there together
  13. This is why I don't get as frustrated as most with the seeming lack of variety in the run game. Our best weapons run the ball and they will break
  14. Deadrin Senat It wasn't particularly nasty but it definitely qualifies him for the ejection. Also I was not seeing Senats point about the hands. Why would you ever explode through the QB with your hands. He must've knew it was late or he would've been tackling him. He's playing too aggressive. Sawtelles call was total BS
  15. The problem with the offense explained

    I have flown a lot. there are always some crying babies and people freaking out about minor turbulence 😀