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  1. Yeah but we threw it to DJ and the TE and ran jet sweeps so all is well right
  2. Our defense last year was great at getting the ball back. Unfortunately it was via kickoff
  3. It's actually silly isn't it? On the one hand we should install the offense to fit the players. On the other hand we should be running the same offense as last year, even though we have different players and two of the guys who left were as good as we've had at their positions.
  4. My mistake. But he was always behind Tice on Taggarts depth charts.
  5. Tice has always been ahead of Johnson on the depth chart when healthy the whole time Taggart was here beginning with getting the reps and a start as a true freshman while DJ redshirted and he was the starter until Mack blew up(game 1). DJ is a great playmaker and his own player but I dont agree that things would be different under Taggart.
  6. If Taggart had stayed, would we be 8-0?

    Taggart is not an offensive genius, he is a recruiting genius and from what I've seen a better gameday motivator than Strong, who has put a flat team out every week except against Temple. If Taggart recruited Mack to stay maybe. Last year's offense doesn't work as well without Adams and Mack don't care what the message board universe says. Mack is looking great in the NFL. That's rare talent. DJ and Tice are good, not great.
  7. RB Receiving Stats

    That stat is receptions by players whose primary position is running back. It's not just that we don't throw to the guys out of the backfield, last year DJ and Mack often lined up as WRs or motioned there pre snap. It's utilization of talent and not just scheme. I'm wondering when we formally accept that Tice is the #1 RB and use DJs versatility...I'm not expecting it, that's just now what this offense does.
  8. Gilbert still doesn't get it

    It's the longest streak ever, it is always in danger. No team is a given to score 30 points a game. That is why it is an impressive accomplishment.
  9. Really depends on the long term outlook. He can go to ole Miss, sign a five year $22 million dollar deal, get his ass handed to him for five years and then what? He'd be a two time failure and in his mid 60's and might get another gig at a G5. If he passes on that and stays here he may make $40 million over ten years. Or leave for an actual good opportunity in a couple more years. I'm not so sure the math works out at every P5 school.
  10. The whole staff is not sponsored, only the four guys that came over with contracts from Texas, and truly it is USF that is sponsored. Those buyouts are with Texas not USF. It will remain the same wherever they go and anyone could take advantage of that albeit only for one year at this point. The balloon is only going to allow USF to be competitive with the coaching salaries in 2018-2021. Once it is all done we have 3.4 million to distribute, and that is still 1.1 million(today) less than the destinations CCS would be looking at, while those schools salary pools will likely continue to grow and be even larger in 2019-2021 when we actually reach that 3.4 million. The increases in the pool next year will primarily be distributed to BJM and Williams who were only on contract with Texas for 2017 and received the bulk of their compensation from that. The following year it will be Gilbert and Mattox. Even then, these guys are not going to be making more than they could elsewhere, just more than USF has paid before. The contract was great for USF, and neutral for the coaches. It's nothing that would keep them here.
  11. Yep, funny enough it is his more animated mannerisms that make me think he is off.
  12. Yep, if some of those taller guys were adjusting and playing the ball like him, it would really pick up the QB
  13. Anybody a wee bit concerned about Flowers?

    I think with Flowers, if he is really struggling passing, eventually they will have to start running him more to keep the offense moving. And when he does that he tends to loosen up everything.
  14. DJ had a couple nce runs in Q2, we just didn't string them together
  15. Amazing right. I would also suggest that our run game was quite good that second quarter and will be as the game goes on