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  1. If non aggressive people shot people over traffic incidents we'd be burying half of Florida in a week.
  2. New Offense

    Don't forget the blocking wasn't good on that play either. No doubt we would all rather have had QF in there though.
  3. New Offense

    What was the situation Kean came in cold on, 3rd and forever from the 1? Basically impossible. QF wasn't doing anything there and Kean **** sure wasn't
  4. Nigel Harris Update

    According to that article Nigel is only 200 lbs?
  5. Must be more to the story...

    Correct. It was a story about one time a HS coach didn't have the players best interest in mind. It's one story. It could easily be countered with one story of the time a college coach didn't care about a player. Therefore, it really has no significance in the bigger discussion of who has the players best interest in mind and whether this is about ego or genuine concern for the players best interest.
  6. Must be more to the story...

    And I'm sure no one could ever find an anecdote of a college coach who didn't have the players best interest in mind.
  7. Must be more to the story...

    To add insult to injury, some of these coaches have been living that #BayMade life for 30+ years. To have a guy ride into town, throw that around, smile for the cameras, and never make an effort towards building real relationships with the HS coaches who have been trying to "make" something for these Bay kids since xCWT was one of them, that would probably piss me off too.
  8. Must be more to the story...

    I don't really think it is about ego, at least with a guy like Garcia. I'm sure he has seen more than a couple of his guys, and lots of others, get caught up and used up by shady college coaches over the years and I would give him the benefit of the doubt that his involvement is only in the players best interest. To some of the coaches he is speaking for, yes it is probably ego. Of course it should be about the players, but the players are young males and often do not have strong internal or external guidance on good decision making and that is a role that many public HS coaches take on. All it would take is a couple conversations on Taggart's part to build that trust. It'll all blow over by the weekend anyway.
  9. Must be more to the story...

    My guess would be Taggart built his relationships with the players he needed and had no concern with really knowing the coaches or the area besides what he needed. Isn't Garcia kind of old school? Time was you couldn't get in contact with these recruits and you couldn't get a hold of film without going through the HS coaches. That used to be the process. Strong is probably more traditional in that regard.
  10. David Reaves Arrested

    That really defies statistics given that arrests are way way higher than deaths. I would guess you know a lot of people charged with a DUI, you just don't know about them.
  11. David Reaves Arrested

    You'll need to redo your math, cause about a 1/3 of DUIs are repeat offenders, and of those a lot aren't just on their 2nd.
  12. Asst Coaching changes

    JPP had a good game. But Craig Marshall and Aaron Harris made some big plays too. When you have NFL draft picks like Selvie , McClain, and JPP and then the "other guys" step up, it's usually gonna be a long day for an offensive line / QB
  13. To go full Holtz you need to produce several years of subpar recruiting and never sign a promising QB, it is not a feat that can be achieved in one year.
  14. OCS!!!

    Yes, we should drop 100+ million in a project so three businesses will make a few tens of thousands of dollars.
  15. Darren Hiller

    He did a pretty good job but Mattox and Gilbert are tight. Just not room for everyone. I was kind of expecting our guys to end up at UConn . with multiple openings in the AAC I expect we will be going against Weist somewhere too