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  1. Who told you the campus store was closed today? I picked up some more car magnets and a t-shirt before the game. Season ticket holders received a $10 off $20 or more purchase that was good through today, but I found they were really giving that deal to just about anyone. I think it may be the place with the most/best gear in the area these days.
  2. Best thing to happen for women's basketball. I just wish I would have stayed with it after halftime. I mean of course UConn was going to come back.
  3. Have these dudes spoken/tweeted out anything in support of the staff or accepting any responsibility? I at least hope they have and I just haven't heard it yet.
  4. You sure about that?? All of the Per Seat Donation Amounts stayed the same from last year. 208 Per Seat Ticket Amount went from $470 to $510 (before Alumni discount). That looks like a 12.5% increase which matches the increase I saw on my invoice for Section 209 (same cost category as 208). Again, you sure about that? Section 122 Per Seat Ticket Amount was $150 last year. This year they are listed at $165 - a $15/seat increase (10%). Again, the Per Seat Donation Amount remains at $25 from last year. Here's the new 2017 pricing chart I'm looking at:
  5. The closest thing I have is "The First Stampede" - The Story of the Inaugural Football Season that I converted from VHS to DVD. Lots of highlights from the first game as well as others in the season. I also have the USF Football 10 Year Anniversary DVD.
  6. Football

    I've been in meetings with my phone on my lap refreshing constantly. Hate to see what others think I'm doing...
  7. Football

    Can you point me to where this info is? I was curious in how we were shaping up against the AAC. Sorry, but still trying to be a 2.5* fan and 2.5* employee today and don't have time to try to hunt that down. Thanks.
  8. Football

    Coach Strong on ESPN2 at 12:15 per a tweet from USF.
  9. Football

    Apologies - I did not read your post correctly. I thought you were referring to debt-to-equity ratios when you mentioned debit to asset entries. Reading it again, it's clear that I need to just stay within my engineering degree and let others discuss finance!
  10. Football

    That would be debt - not debit.
  11. Dude becomes a member and finds a post that is 12 years old? I'm intrigued. I'm really wanting to know what happened to Hakim as well now.
  12. Some said the same thing about Holtz...
  13. It's simple - we want them fired so that we feel adequate punishment has been handed out (and hopefully will warn others to think twice), but because we believe in second chances, we allow them to be hired elsewhere.
  14. He was stopped a little after 2. Wasn't until after 5 he was charged. And "professionals" can demonstrate quite unusual behavior when they're drunk!