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  1. Building that wall...

    As someone who truly loves any efforts to get our brand out there and more visible on the street, I can't help but wonder why if it's a "Green and Gold" day where the theme is the colors of our school, do they order T-Shirts for the kids that are not our green? The only thing I can think of is maybe they wanted the kids to stand out with a brighter color to keep a better eye on them? Just curious - not a slam. Looks like it was a great event!
  2. QF Enters The Jungle With Jim Rome

    I may not want to know, but back with a furry what? If you're truly a vet here, you know that typos are fair game!!
  3. Never Again

    Agreed. I've actually enjoyed all the articles (about USF and the other schools) recently during the media days - nice build up to the season.
  4. USF & Tailgate Guys announce partnership

    Please let us know what they mean by that. On their web site they say this: We reserve our guests’ parking spaces and meet them at their cars to help haul their stuff to the tailgate. Does the price include a parking space? Wonder about the trip back? Or all your stuff during the game. Can you hang out after a great game and celebrate? I'd ask these myself if I thought there was a chance I'd use these services but just don't see it for me. Plus they'd charge me a lot extra to haul all my tailgating stuff!
  5. Funny thing happened on the way to the gym

    Everything you want to know about "Do you even lift?"
  6. Funny thing happened on the way to the gym

    Ok - so now you're just stalking him!
  7. Fan Fest 2017

    There was a thread earlier in the year regarding the lack of a signing day party this year after several years of having one. One suggested it was a Charlie Strong thing but not sure that was ever confirmed. I was on the fence when it came to attending the event at Ulele's, and wound up skipping it thinking I would attend the fan fest. Seems like more than just last year it has been held in August so hopefully they will send out notification soon, but gosh - you would think that even if they haven't nailed down the details yet they would at least release the date. The Fan Fest would also be a good time for the Tailgate Guys to preview their tailgating services and have a few examples set up.
  8. USF & Tailgate Guys announce partnership

    This is off their website. Where is the fan zone moving to?
  9. Funny thing happened on the way to the gym

    Great story!
  10. I will say I remember it being more awesome in person at the stadium. I'm sure with HD and all the other video editing tools now available they could remake this into something pretty cool again.
  11. AAC Media Day

    Probably not. SEC, ACC, and Big 12 all have their headquarters in towns without their membership schools. Probably best to minimize any perception of bias.
  12. CWS

    Guys, you are still trying to get over the regionals if you're digging up a stat like that to try to validate the season they had. They did have a good season but we need to move on before we think too much and realize that beating the gators may have been the fluke!
  13. You get to pick one

    I choose P5 invitation and acceptance. The national title game, basketball team ranked, and baseball choices could only be one-and-dones as you have them listed. The football program is nowhere near the level where statues should be made of anyone, and I would love nothing more than UCF to keep existing as a program looking up at us.
  14. Bandwagoners

    I think we're on the same page. Last year did bring them and the OP is wondering about them coming back. And I'm saying that many, if not most, of those won't be back at the first home game due to the daytime start and the expected heat that comes with it. If there are less fans at this opener than last year, I have to blame it on the daytime start. And yes - as winning goes up, so does the tolerance for heat.
  15. Bandwagoners

    But we're not talking about real fans here. It's trying to get the ones that don't go to games because of all the other excuses that are out there. The famous 2007 Friday night game against WVU is a great example of a night that brought out a ton of the bandwagon fans. Not sure we would have had that many if it were a day game in early September.