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  1. Thundersticks??

    Actually the first time I saw them at a football game, UCF broke them out in Orlando when they hosted USF for the first time. That might just make you dislike them more...
  2. Week 4 Uniforms

    Please USF, just stop it. You don't market the first green out, then you not only not market the white out for the Illinois game, but you also hand out thousands of green t-shirts to students, and then you send out a tweet the day before the game "trying" to get people to wear specific colors for Temple? Looks like 746 people voted - much more (about 700 more) than I thought. I'm gonna assume it was mostly students. And let's see, the options were: A - Endzones Green & Sidelines White B - All gold (good luck finding an all gold shirt out there - slim pickin's) C - Wear your favorite color So I would imagine students would most likely choose A since it would mean they are all in green (which is most likely the only color of the few shirts they can afford). I bet if they had an all-green choice it would have won. By the way, A won by 35 people over C. It would be nice if USF took this more seriously, because I bet this board could seriously swing a vote! I doubted this would work before the season, but told myself I'd be a team player and do it, but not after the handing out of green shirts at a white-out. I'm gonna pull a Charlie Strong and it's the same green from here on out!
  3. Thundersticks??

    Where were thundersticks even mentioned? Did I miss a tweet?
  4. Bulletin Board Material

    I think you got it. That's why it's bulletin board material and not scoreboard material. To me it's motivation to prep better than you may otherwise have. Sure you want them to put everything they can into prepping for every game, but just like full stadiums and screaming fans can get you over the top during a game, this stuff gets you more focused and prepared before the game.
  5. I still think USF aggravated the issue when they stopped discounting the tickets on the East side of the stadium. Every single person I know who had tickets on the East moved to the West a few years ago when they redid the ticket pricing. Who wouldn't?
  6. USF Football Pregame Stampede

    Exactly. Like a lot of others, I am happy with this move only because I believe there will be more people to greet the team as they make their way to the stadium. But I do nothing myself to make this a reality. I can't get the folks I tailgate with to get to the stadium lot any earlier than 2 hours before the game so we usually miss it - I think I've actually attended it one time. They must have been running a little late and I was on my way to the port-o-let!
  7. Thundersticks??

    I can't seem to find any link to it, but would bet money on it. Here's a link about the SEC's policy on artificial noise makers - especially cow bells. And if it was a Ray Jay rule, I don't think it is anymore as they only list "horns" as prohibited items. I would think if they didn't allow cow bells, thundersticks, etc, they would state "artificial noise makers" like others have.
  8. Thundersticks??

    I seem to remember the Big East having a rule against artificial noise makers - not sure about the American.
  9. Illinois vs. SJSU & Stony Brook

    Our special teams are worse, but our defense is better than when we won against South Carolina. Illinois beats both SJSU and Stony Brook.
  10. I've actually, very recently, began to think that thread was a little creepy at times. Dont get me wrong - I can enjoy photos (and videos) of women who are being paid or obviously wanting the public to see them that way, but some of the photos that seem to be college students hugging for a photo or athletes simply in a provocative position are a little distasteful. When it gets bad enough for me, I'll stop clicking on it.

    This - RIP
  12. Tailgating 2017

    Can't believe I actually had to use it 9 days later at a friend's house where we stayed after evacuating St. Pete.
  13. USF at UConn Cancelled

    True - but I said FIU. I agreed with what I thought was the reason USF canceled - family members back home trying to get ready or evacuating. Was just wondering why FIU wouldn't do the same.
  14. USF at UConn Cancelled

    So why is FIU still playing? They're playing in B'ham but that school is in Miami. I would imagine many players' families are dealing with evacuations. I guess they're planning on trying to get back ASAP after the game to fly back into Miami tonight.