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  1. DJ

    I saw this one last week - wonder why the words are different.
  2. Didn't Urban Meyers "retire" due to health conditions?
  3. This would actually be the first event. The one that involved the judge's statements would be the second.
  4. It's obvious that the meeting was not her idea but the chief judge's. Hopefully we'll find out more about what was said in the meeting, but if she apologized to him or in any way took anything back from what she said, she needs to do so with a public statement at this point - not in a private meeting. Some will say let it go, but in my book, she doesn't get off this easy. She stays on the list for now.
  5. My letter starts out by saying, "THANK YOU for making the trip to Birmingham to watch the Bulls..."
  6. I'm a season ticket holder and went to the bowl game. I even went to the spring game but was clueless about being able to pick up a commemorative ticket. And I don't believe I've gotten any notification of anything coming.
  7. But of course our local writers disagree.
  8. Hey Judge - please spare us your editorials and just stick with the case in front of you. A whole lot of condemning before he or his coach are found guilty of anything. Please never mention you graduated from USF again.
  9. Hey Judge - please spare us your editorials and just stick with the case in front of you.
  10. Someone post a pic of Lucy pulling the football away please.
  11. I agree. I did six years in the military before getting out and getting my engineering degree. Nothing stopping him from going back to finish his degree after the NFL.
  12. Mack was doing his best to read the tea leaves. Knowing this was going to be the Flowers hype year, I can't blame him for thinking it was very possible that his production would go down. Not sure if the running back class is weaker next year, but then again you always worry about injury.
  13. Who told you the campus store was closed today? I picked up some more car magnets and a t-shirt before the game. Season ticket holders received a $10 off $20 or more purchase that was good through today, but I found they were really giving that deal to just about anyone. I think it may be the place with the most/best gear in the area these days.
  14. Best thing to happen for women's basketball. I just wish I would have stayed with it after halftime. I mean of course UConn was going to come back.
  15. Have these dudes spoken/tweeted out anything in support of the staff or accepting any responsibility? I at least hope they have and I just haven't heard it yet.