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  1. This Game Will Be Won or Lost by....

    If he scrambles, I hope he respects the UCF defense more than he did Tulsa. Can’t have ANY turnovers.
  2. WarOnI4 game week

    Me too. It will be interesting to see how the media reacts.
  3. It’s also the 250th game for the Bulls in case you didn’t know. Louk teeeted that out a few minutes ago.
  4. Here We Go

    The biggest game we’ve ever played will be the last game we play this season.
  5. Boise State ahead of us now

    I hope our team is so p*ssed.
  6. AAC Championship Game TIme

  7. Ucf

    The ONLY thing I would tell people to consider is if you want to get home fast after the game, it can be a little frustrating sitting on the bus waiting for everyone to show up so it can leave the stadium and take you back to your car. If it's a continuous shuttle system, then it won't be as bad, but if it's a "you got this bus number there and you need to get on that bus number on the way back," you will have to wait. Years ago, we did a tailgate/transportation for the UCF game and I remember sitting there thinking how far down I4 I'd already be... But if you're not in a hurry, by all means do it. I try to do all the tailgates put on by USF for away games and you can't beat the atmosphere if you're a smaller group that doesn't want to bring all the tailgating equipment on the road.
  8. What What's really sad is, with it being a Thursday night game, even if you convinced the entire tailgating population in all the parking lots to get inside the stadium by 7:00, it will still look pathetic.
  9. Emilio boots 51 yarder, plus

    11 penalties for 100 yards. We are ranked 130th.
  10. What on earth would either of those teams have to say at this point?!!
  11. Did any of you happen to watch the QF piece on GameDay and notice the aerial shot of RayJay? I'm assuming it was taken either this morning or in the last few days and it shows a pattern of stars and stripes across the student section. I can't tell if they are seat covers or placards but it looks pretty cool. Maybe someone who still has it on can rewind it and post a screen shot of it. It was right at the beginning.
  12. USF today...

    Electrical engineering ‘92. And happened to be on campus yesterday as well with my son as he met with an advisor before he starts going there in the spring. So many buildings it’s hard to find a place to throw a frisbee anymore!