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  1. Ole Miss Replacement HC

    Are people insinuating that Kiffin would bolt after one year at FAU!? I thought that he was a man of character and high class!
  2. Ole Miss Replacement HC

    If they come after him, he gone. Who is up next?
  3. Rashawn Yates DE/OLB '18

    Wow, guy is relentless and has a mean streak in his tape. How is he not a 4 star?
  4. Kingston interviewing in SC

    Based on what I've heard on the S.C. sports talk radio the Gamecock fans aren't too happy about having a "non-big name" coach. They also mentioned that USF has terrible athletic fan support but qualified that with the fact that we have to compete with pro teams and the Gulf.
  5. Future OOC Football Schedule

    It's frustrating that we have potentially our best team ever this year and even if we go undefeated, we will probably not break top 10 due to the weak schedule. Let's load that sucker up and inject some excitement into the program.
  6. Jajuan Cherry - ATH - Okeechobee (2018)

    He's tiny. 5'8" 160 lbs. Kick returner?
  7. Another arrest

    We must be getting good again if we are having so many arrests!
  8. Game vs Bethune today, Sunday

    That loss by the Gators took us out of the tourney....team can't handle adversity this year.
  9. Game vs Bethune today, Sunday

    Cookman is terrible. Getting ousted by them will really put a bad lingering stench on this season. Typical Bulls athletics though...
  10. USF Lands JUCO DT Dereck Boles

    Guy must have a nasty streak if he allegedly (found not guilty) went Mike Tyson on a teammate. We need players with a nasty streak as long as they are not legitimate cannibals.
  11. Did all 2017 football signess make it to schoo?

    Despite all of the negative media covfefe.
  12. NEW AAC Member is most likely...

    Yuck, more basketball only schools...
  13. Bulls practice day 3

    Holtz ran the power and Taggart tried the first few years...didn't work out for either coach.
  14. Naytron Culpepper, 2017 S

    we're at 14. Now we just wait on the last 10 or so.
  15. Miami - September 2 Open Date

    You are correct. Both the Canes and Gators have stated they will not play us again.