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  1. Yuck, more basketball only schools...
  2. Holtz ran the power and Taggart tried the first few years...didn't work out for either coach.
  3. we're at 14. Now we just wait on the last 10 or so.
  4. You are correct. Both the Canes and Gators have stated they will not play us again.
  5. 11-2 is unacceptable! We need to achieve greater things. We need to win the SEC title!
  6. Too bad Willie and Woodie won't get to coach Dingle.
  7. When I worked for event services at USF, I got to be a fly on the wall at many conferences. Nobody suspects the food service people.
  8. Willie has turned into our biggest enemy overnight...
  9. In S.C., they are talking about selling out the stadium in B-ham on the radio. They have a giant fanbase that travels well and they are excited to be back in a bowl even if they are not excited about the opponent. Need to represent.
  10. The AAC on the field competes at a level very close to the P5 and by some metrics better than the Big 12, but the problem is that we receive G5 money and less respect. This makes us the perfect poaching ground for coaches and leaves our programs in a constant state of turmoil. Sure, other G6 conferences get raided occasionally when their coaches are successful, but this is getting ridiculous with the AAC. As a conference, we lose our top coaches every year including the 3 best coaches in conference this year. Aresco needs to get us that better TV deal stat or this conference is not sustainable. The fact that our coaches are in such demand constantly should be indicative of the quality of programs we have and we need to get paid accordingly.
  11. We are in a bad situation...we will be losing our best recruits with signing day around the corner.
  12. We are USF fans...we cannot have nice things.
  13. Yeah, I think we lose that game without a coach.
  14. Wishful thinking...if they call, "He GONE!" You will see a streak of light and a dust cloud. New slogan: "Bay made, gettin' paid."
  15. We were desperate for a te in this class after a few whiffs. Hope he can gain some weight. Looks like he has good hands.