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  1. USF, SC, or (6-4)

    Our schedules. We are still scheduling two or three non P5 a year. We can't really do that with the current P5/G5 rift. We need at least 3 P5 games a year to get any respect.
  2. USF, SC, or (6-4)

    I think what we are seeing is that the CFP committee cares more about who you beat then the number of losses that you have. 6-4 with two big wins is better than 9-1 against creampuffs. We should take note and schedule very tough OCC games.
  3. Senior Day Attendance

    When your attendance for a 9-1 team, at one of the largest Universities in the country, looks like a bad FCS team's attendance, it is a story. That is the only thing I kept hearing from my friends who were watching the game with me..."where are all the fans!?" We might get exposure from the weeknight games, but it is bad exposure in my mind.
  4. UCF is going to beat us down

    The better team with worse coaching i'm afraid.
  5. I'm kind of hoping a team takes Strong and we get the money from the buyout...
  6. Senior Day Attendance

    63-68 is probably too cold for some of our fans. Temperatures need to be around 73-74 with low humidity, no clouds, playing on Saturday night, team wearing cool new uniforms, and against a ranked opponent to draw crowds.
  7. Senior Day Attendance

    I'm guessing 15,000 - 18,000. Thursday night + USF = FCS crowd unfortunately.
  8. Most recent bowl projections

    ...but...but, we could potentially add the Badboy mowers trophy next to our Magicjack bowl trophy in the case!
  9. Most recent bowl projections

    Hey guys, here are the most recent bowl projections. It appears that everyone is nearly unanimous that a two loss Bulls team will end up at the Bad Boy Mowers Bowl in St. Pete against F_U. Obviously, I want to go to the Peach Bowl, but a game against F_U would be a good chance to get an in-state win and good for recruiting. https://247sports.com/college/south-florida/Bolt/Bulls-247-takes-a-look-at-which-bowl-games-the-USF-Bulls-are-projected-to-appear-in-110187814
  10. College Football Playoff Cartel

    I would argue that the half empty stadiums are greatly a product of the P5/G5 perception. We had nearly double the average attendance when we were in the Big East as compared to now. Was our product that much better back then!? I would argue that it was worse...the difference has to do with perception of conference. The teams that left were not much better or possibly even worse than the replacement teams.
  11. College Football Playoff Cartel

    The root of all (P5) evil.
  12. College Football Playoff Cartel

    Haha, I bet that I could name the full sun belt without looking it up. I've been watching college athletics my whole life and have actually attended a few sun belt games in recent years. However, I think that you missed my point. If you put two AAC teams in Tenessee and Florida jerseys and in a packed stadium and had them play each other, a casual observer would probably not be able to tell the difference in the product on the field and would buy that this was a top flight match up. Most of the issues we are facing concerns perception and marketing (not all I will give you). However, we need to not accept second class citizen status just because we are being marketed that way by the company (P5 and networks) with more money.
  13. College Football Playoff Cartel

    G5 schools have to keep cycling through good coaches until we find a bad one.
  14. College Football Playoff Cartel

    ...but...but we have a minimal chance to play in the Peach Bowl!!! Isn't that enough!? ::sarcasm:: Lol I would love to see the G5 representative bring a fake national championship trophy to the Peach Bowl and lift it if they win. Troll them hard. :P.
  15. College Football Playoff Cartel

    I'm boycotting P5 games. Been doing this all year. The G5 product on the field is just as good in my opinion. Screw them and their greed. No need to accept being second class citizens just because someone else tells us that we are.