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  1. AP Poll #16 USF

    The rankings that matter will be out soon...all these other rankings don't matter as much anymore. There was a time when they were important...
  2. AP Poll #16 USF

    Now who cares...
  3. AP Poll #16 USF

    I know you know this @Apis Bull, more for others... "BCS Calculation. The teams were ranked each week in the Bowl Championship Series Standings by their BCS Average, which gave equal weight to the BCS Standings three components; the USA Today Coaches Poll, the Harris Interactive College Football Poll and an average of six computer rankings." Which was important in 2013!!
  4. 43,708

    Something I think might be worth mentioning is that would most likely be 40k+ bulls fans!
  5. Vote for CCS at ESPN

    Voted. Still 52% strong....woth no one close to him...
  6. So about QF...

  7. Memphis/UCF

    Man UCF backs look small but fast...
  8. So about QF...

    Did anyone notice Chris O. Throwing the ball. Talk about a compact throwing motion!
  9. So about QF...

    I think this offense has the potential to be way better than the GCO. It has more wrinkles. The offense we ran before would line up like in 5 formations and have different options. We have more looks this season. I will be interested what we look like against a good team though. The type of running we are doing is smash mouth. Won't be able to out muscle most top 25 teams..
  10. So about QF...

    Yep...CCS said they made an adjustment at the half and stopped it.
  11. So about QF...

    I only caught the second half but his throwing looked sharp! Way to go Q!!
  12. Flowers' Career Numbers

    Wow...he is going to blow that out of the water!
  13. ESPN: 2017 bold predictions

    I was advising people to chill in the chat... lots of change and first game etc etc etc
  14. Hulu to Carry CBS Sports Network

    Omg yes! I was trying to watch via web browsers on my relatively powerful PC and I could not watch it! It was a horrible stream buffering and freezing. I ended up downloading the hulu app on my andriod phone and casting it to my Roku and that worked fine.