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  1. I have certainly brought up QBR But I have never said he has a weak arm...I really haven't read anyone say this before. He seems to chuck it on the run or off his back foot quite far. I have said he has shown some bad mechanics, can throw some ugly ducks, and dont think he should have started his sophmore year ahead of Bench those first three games. I think that covers it.
  2. Q had a great season last year and could end up cementing himself as the best QB thus far in USF's brief history.
  3. Have people on the forum actually said he didn't have a strong arm? It's funny because he has touch on the long ball more so than most I have seen at USF. It was the short to intermediate ball that was not so accurate which is supposed to be easier...
  4. I am concerned with trying to run up the gut so often though...our strength is usually speed not power
  5. I wouldn't be...did u see our offense last year? It wasn't the most complicated scheme in CFB.
  6. So is McCarney some how associated with the Bulls again? T. Dungy - "Champions do the ordinary things better than everybody else" So true and applicable in many aspects of life.
  7. GoUSFBulls.com

    Super stocked I will get to see the game. I am sure fellow Bulls outside of Tampa will be equally as excited. It just makes sense for the number of alumni the university graduates to make this available and grow the fan base.
  8. Winning all your games is hard. Too much parity. Even teams with there pick of talent still have that "unexpected" loss. Here's hoping to a perfect season though...
  9. Yeah. I didn't think the current site made a local copy of external images but sounds like it should be fine :-)
  10. Sounds good Brad. I am a little confused though, are you saying that any externally linked images will also need to be https?
  11. He did good. I never would have guessed Mack was 3 lbs heavier than D. Cook or that Cook would run the 40 faster. I most likely would have switched those two stats. Mack is just about in that elite category with Cook. Maybe one more year and he could have been even better as far as the combine is concerned. But now he gets paid to become better.
  12. Oof, that is gutwrenching. Hope the change of scenery helps for him. Made me a bit teary...I don't know how I would react in a similar situation. Definitely would put life in perspective. Wish him and his family the best.
  13. See link above for CCS D from a little while ago. I don't expect Strong to change the D he runs based on our personal but I could be wrong. At any rate I think he runs a disguised 4-3 from a 3-3-5 look. Interesting read and we definitely won't be vanilla on D next year.