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  1. Knight on Bulls Offense

    I read the word 'power' often in that article....
  2. Most anticipated season ever?

    Hard for me to disassociate preseason expectation's from successful seasons at this point. Some of my expectations the Grothe and Daniels years with Leavitt at the helm were very high. Even Holtz first year was pretty exciting. I guess I am not in so much anticipation bc I still view us in rebuilding mode. There were years where I actually believed we could contend for the championship being in the BE. It's such a long shot atm that I just want to see us steadily improve.
  3. SI: Should we believe in South Florida?

    First off let me start by saying its awesome to see some of our bull faithful back on the forum again Regarding FB, there is so much parity even with our weaker schedule, going undefeated for an entire season will be a major accomplishment. Taking at least 1L somewhere along the road this season is realistic in my opinion. I hope of course we go undefeated but man there are a lot of variables with a completely new staff and system. I do think that the talent level is high and the system last year could be improved on both sides of the ball. Here's to a great season my fellow Bulls
  4. https://www.si.com/college-football/2017/08/15/usf-bulls-schedule-undefeated-charlie-strong This confirms my suspicion that Strong brings inherent clout still in the eyes of others outside of the program. Nice read...
  5. I like reading that the D is showing Q things he hasn't seen before...for both parties!
  6. Urgent: Quinton needs our help (Poll)

    I guess I am selfish like that...
  7. Urgent: Quinton needs our help (Poll)

    How do you vote...I am on my mobile. Hopefully not a Twitter poll bc I don't have an account :-/
  8. Coaches Poll

    D will dictate whether this team is a top 10 team or not. Gotta believe the O will rep. Anyone else feel that CCS is helping with the exposure and, in part, the preseason ranking?
  9. Coaches Poll

    Wuz up party people!! Is it football season yet ;-)
  10. I have certainly brought up QBR But I have never said he has a weak arm...I really haven't read anyone say this before. He seems to chuck it on the run or off his back foot quite far. I have said he has shown some bad mechanics, can throw some ugly ducks, and dont think he should have started his sophmore year ahead of Bench those first three games. I think that covers it.
  11. Q had a great season last year and could end up cementing himself as the best QB thus far in USF's brief history.
  12. Have people on the forum actually said he didn't have a strong arm? It's funny because he has touch on the long ball more so than most I have seen at USF. It was the short to intermediate ball that was not so accurate which is supposed to be easier...
  13. I am concerned with trying to run up the gut so often though...our strength is usually speed not power
  14. I wouldn't be...did u see our offense last year? It wasn't the most complicated scheme in CFB.
  15. So is McCarney some how associated with the Bulls again? T. Dungy - "Champions do the ordinary things better than everybody else" So true and applicable in many aspects of life.