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  1. Little Brother beats Little Brother.
  2. Hopefully, they interview strong in the booth during the game.
  3. Lets start a bullspen podcast.
  4. Grant McCasland HIs Bio
  5. What are you gals/guys having? Turkey Sandwich and coke here.
  6. yup, it happens all the time. 1)Kirby Smart block transferring to Miami. 2)Louisville blocked transfers to arkansas when Petrino was at arkansas 3) Baker Mayfield fiasco
  7. usually the school will block transfers when the previous coach goes to a new school.
  8. Thats nice, Jonesboro has really grown in the past 10 years.
  9. its ok. We can blame this one on obama.
  10. thanks. UF made our defense look good this year.
  11. Thanks, I've even been to the sundome and the library.
  12. arkansas fan
  13. I can't say how excited I am with words about USF hiring Charlie Strong. USF has always been my 2nd favorite team and will continue rooting for them with the hiring of Strong. We are from the same small town. (batesville)