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  1. Classic Football Game Videos

    i graduated in april '97, moved out west in june same year. the pitt game was the first usf football game i was able to watch on tv, and first game i ever saw. amazing. my sister was visiting at the time, she got stuck staying longer than planned due to the shutdown of air travel that week.
  2. some think usf was ...

    .. fsu's best win this season.
  3. At half time my 5 year old son said the final would be 'Navy 45, Bulls 53'. Does he win anything?
  4. Publix Subs Validated

    As someone who worked at Publix through high school and early college, then 'retired' after 5 years, moved across the country, and experienced many other grocery chains, there aren't many that compare to Publix. I can only hope they expand to the great northwest... We do have Zupan's here, which is on par with Publix, but pricier.
  5. No TV for Syracuse Game

    it's actually better than tv. all the games seem to have replay available almost immediately following the game.
  6. They called us USFL as the beginning. We are an entire league now!
  7. That's what she said. was hoping Mack could run an 80 yard dash in 12 seconds to make it 21-3 in the first, but no luck.
  8. with his pants half way up his butt crack...
  9. usf scored 80 in the first ever game.
  10. tuberville assumed the hurling position after that one.
  11. football might out score the basketball team.
  12. I haven't had 'cable' since last before last season started. Have yet to miss a game on TV. College Sports Live, Sling TV, ESPN3, and WatchESPN on a Roku solves this. Cut the cord now. $30/month for all that, and you get sooooo much more in the way of sports.