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  1. USF today...

    bs in mech eng in '94, ms in mech eng in '97. i remember the dorms (visited, never lived there, though). i lived in the 'village' while working on my bs, then an apt during my ms.
  2. USF today...

    the landscaping and trees in the center of campus weren't there when i was working on my degrees. it was the wide sidewalks and grass only. there was 'music on the lawn' during the week in the middle of the afternoon, i remember stopping and laying down in the lawn listening to some random band play hendrix for a while.
  3. On another note... You're Welcome

    i may or may not be envious.
  4. 10 Years Ago Today

    i walked over to a bar in palo alto at 9:00 am, was drunk by half time. at the end of the game, before i left, i remember telling a south carolina fan that his wife looked nice, to which he nervously laughed and replied 'thats my daughter'. don't remember much the rest of the day...
  5. exactly what i was thinking. why does espn even put him on tv?
  6. temple just wore down. keep pounding the rock.
  7. San Jose State game

    I'm not there on Friday, however I lived in San Jose for over 10 years. Henry's is great, a bit small, but great IMO.
  8. San Jose State game

    Thanks for sharing.
  9. San Jose State game

    San Jose State game tickets are on sale, however the section/row/seat is assigned later. Is it known where the USF section(s) will be at the game? Are away game sections typically good viewing?
  10. San Jose State game

    Eat in San Jose - Henry's Hi-Life. Close to the campus and stadium.
  11. San Jose State game

    thanks bullschmutz and charrsibb. booked flights yesterday, will be in attendance for the first time since reno.
  12. Classic Football Game Videos

    i graduated in april '97, moved out west in june same year. the pitt game was the first usf football game i was able to watch on tv, and first game i ever saw. amazing. my sister was visiting at the time, she got stuck staying longer than planned due to the shutdown of air travel that week.
  13. San Jose State game

    When are tickets expected to be available? I'm planning to come down from Portland with my son, will be his first football game.