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  1. Exciting!

    Imagine if we had one last year?
  2. 10,000

    And all it took was a cup of urine to bring you back buddy
  3. Ole Miss Replacement HC

    Cancer is offended by Aaron Lynch being compared to it
  4. The USF gods must be smiling upon us...

    That's awesome man...
  5. Ole Miss Replacement HC

    Charlie Strong stays greater than 3 years, I'll be shocked, surprised, or any adjective along those lines
  6. Ole Miss Replacement HC

    This smells like a lane Kiffin or Les Miles job
  7. USF & Tailgate Guys announce partnership

    Alumni tailgate or any event put on by them are a waste of money. It targets the 55+ crowd. No disrespect to the 55+ club but it limits a large part of the alumni base
  8. 10,000

    Like the judge didn't order that as a part of my divorce
  9. Welcome BrewerDrew

  10. 10,000

    Do I get like a collectors cup?
  11. Golf has been holding it down for a while now
  12. That would have been in bad taste if Marshall had done that
  13. Former UCF Player Sues School

  14. Non Con P5

    Yikes SEC