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  1. I love that little guy... he's one of the sweetest kids I've ever known
  2. I bleed greed and gold but if we blew out every team by 30 points, we wouldn't even sniff at the playoffs.... facts are facts... sucks though
  3. There you have it.... I did not know that.., kinda cool and sad
  4. Love Paris; go to the Buddah Bar and ask for the Anglo Bar map. If your server doesn't have it, leave there and head to OZ; it's an Austrailian bar and they will have it for sure. I typically close out the nigh at the Highlands (Scottish Bar) across the river... it's literally in an alley.. great bar
  5. I've waited a long time for one Bull to be a Phin, two in one year may send me into shock
  6. This is awesome
  7. Sad but true Trip