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  1. Name recognition should have been what I put. I agree with you
  2. Ambien is the devil
  3. I gave up the Bulls Club once they changed their policy and wouldn't let me start a fund like I have at the school of medicine.
  4. 22,000 butts in seats here we come.. I like the TV exposure, but a Thursday night game against a **** team doesn't exactly bring out the casual fan who has to get up the next day and go to work... would love to be wrong
  5. He really does not seem connected to USF yet. I'm not blaming him as much as I am everyone talking about Texas and Louisville so much with him. Hopefully he starts to redirect those questions and talking about the team he is with today and make that the focus of the interview.
  6. Hope he bulks up... like the JUCO signings
  7. What's a radio?
  8. I've got 5 on my 5 y/o
  9. What is it?
  10. I thought this was a thread for a new adults only site for mute
  11. State funded and I cannot disagree with this.
  12. Sounds about right
  13. He can make it happen. I'm interested to see how his new throwing motions shortens the release.... if he can become efficient on the crossing routes, he's going to be lethal. He throws a great deep ball and can hit the seems pretty well, but he short hopped a lot of passes on the outside last year and was hit or miss on the crossing routes. I'd like to see him run a little less this year. We haven't had a lot of luck with senior QB's
  14. I loved how Joe Robbie stadium utilized the Marlins locker room space, so maybe that could be an option down the road for Ray Jay. The Ford sideline club allowed you inside an area with food, A/C, and a glass wall that you could watch the cheerleaders warm up... I haven't been to the new stadium yet to see how all of that has changed...