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  1. Thought this warranted its own thread. Flight options as of December 4th: Flight options direct from Tampa: Southwest, limited and pricey leaving Wednesday and coming back Friday. If you're flexible on dates and want to extend your trip: leave Tuesday and come back Saturday. This is a bit long for my taste: Flight options direct from Orlando: Southwest, a couple options with good prices leaving Wednesday and coming back Friday. What are the expectations for a bus from Tampa? How much would this likely cost?
  2. The regular season ends when DJ says it ends!
  3. I have two tickets available for the homecoming game against ECU on Saturday, October 8th. Tickets are on the home side, section 215 in row W. It's right underneath the overhang. For the FSU game we were about 2/3rds the way through the first quarter and then had shade for the remainder of the game. Asking for $20/ticket. Thank you!
  4. Same here. Blocked after 2 minuTES
  5. I believe one can still buy three game packages. A great way to bring down your price per game. Hopefully this will boost attendance for other games as well.
  6. Mine "initializes" but then no sound or video. Guess I'll just have to keep working Keep those of us who can't view it updated please!
  7. Still blank or are you seeing live footage?
  8. Another thank you to @Bausfkidafter attending the game last night. It was a truly entertaining experience and with the amazing seats you feel like you are part of the action. If he has any remaining seats, it looks like there are weekday home games on Wednesday, February 3rd (against Cincinnati) and Tuesday, February 9th (against Tulane), definitely take advantage and do what you can to attend the games and support the ladies. Very fast paced action and they are highly talented. Of course Courtney Williams and Kitija Laksa are amazing to watch, but the whole team is great.
  9. Congrats WKU. Glad we made it exciting for a little bit.
  10. Just need to turn the ball over and the game will be complete.
  11. Might as well have gone for it on fourth
  12. Any ideas how much lead time before the game you would have to donate tickets? I'm in for at least two tickets, but won't know my availability to attend the game until approximately a week or so before the game.
  13. Just curious what rental agency you went through (presume a fairly easy and straight forward process without a low of fees?).