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  1. Artis Gilmore - JU - nations tallest team. Last summer I passed by his house outside of Jacksonville - Had to ask the locals who lived in the estate.
  2. I remember being on the plane to Pitt the day before and just before we got off this old guy said "You don't really expect to win do you?"
  3. Anyone have ideas about hotels or motels?
  4. Also, remember as bad as the team looks we are only two plays away from being 4 and 0
  5. Reality - UCF is the second largest school in the US. They "will" be in a BCS conference at some point. We are the eighth largest school. In time we could be the anchors of this conference and never have to worry about realignment again. I kinda like the idea of a road trip to Orlando every other year. Saying that I do see the logic of leaving them out of the BE, but it will only be a matter of time before they get in. Big F deal so we have a couple of years of a recruiting edge. "The times, they are a changin"
  6. College landscape is changing, as you can see. The large metropolitan university's, especially in Florida, weren't around 30 years ago. These schools are to big to ignore. They will be AQ or whatever they will call it at the time someday. I remember years ago when Virginia Tech and East Carolina were interchangeable. Looked what happened to VT when they entered the Big East. They are light years apart and it all has to do with their conference affiliation. Let ECU and UCF in and the same thing could happen to them. Let them in with huge buyouts and we could be a pretty strong conference in a few years.
  7. for me the First Choice is Nova. After that UCF would be OK - We are already competing with the big 3 and UCF for recruits. I can't see what the big deal is.
  8. yeh, but If UCF played UF's schedule they probably wouldn't do any worse.
  9. Suggest we start a series with UCF.... forever! That should be our in state rival. They will be a BCS program at some time. School is way to big not to end up in some conference one day. Now let her fly.......
  10. So... All that aside, will they be televised and if so when and what channel? And no.... I did not google it.
  11. A week night?
  12. So is it official? - August 15 at 1:00 p.m.
  13. Pick the data. Do we really need the coach there? If he can come great! Through a DVD in the TV and order some wings and pitchers. Let's do it.