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  1. Boom, beat me to it. +1 internet for you sir.
  2. No lie dude literally just watched him fall.
  3. How far will FSU fall? #9 or 10#FSU vs #25 USF?
  4. This thread is the best. I'd love to get CSH in a bowl game. Kick his ass.
  5. So much stupidity in this thread. The Big East routinely had three to even four teams in the top 25, and one or two in the top 10/12. The Bulls play in the FBS, not the Football Championship Subdivision (old 1-AA).
  6. Is it saturday yet? Let's get a conference road win not against SMU and we'll revisit.
  7. We will be receiving dozens of votes, at least. When we defeat Maryland you'll see us there in the 20s.
  8. Keep flaming this guy, everyone. His account isn't even a month old and he went further than questioning Mack's workload to even singling out someone in particular, so he's obviously someone close to D'earnest. He's not wrong at all by the way. Preach, dude.
  9. Haha, this. Surprised we won the Women's NIT championship a few years back. At least we'll always have that.
  10. Chanting ACC? Classless. Realignment is going to be the death knell for so many athletic programs. Narrow-minded fucks. Respect loss for Louisville and will not root for them in any athletic events again.
  11. What channel?
  12. Give Flowers one more chance. Then Robles, Parker, Wilson, Kean. And then White and Bench (holds nose) after and ONLY after that. Idfc. Burn through each and every one until we can find our starter. Enough. Is. Enough.
  13. I predict our uniforms will be on point!