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  1. We will be AAC champions. Another 3, maybe 4 players will get drafted next year (Flowers, Nichols, Valdes-Scantling, Ruff).
  2. Unknown on the practice start date. Impact true freshman, I'll have to go with Bell. Its seems like the majority of our commits fall into positions of depth with the exception of the 2 DTs you mentioned. The impact will have to come from special teams so Bell or possibly Smart are those players. Really happy most of our 2017 commits will get the red shirt.
  3. Our NEW Basketball HC is....

  4. 4 years $21 million. Not official until 4pm but great to hear.
  5. Marlon Mack to Bucs?

    2nd run 4.51
  6. Football schedule announcement at...

    Btw - who has already booked their hotel for Tulane? I'm on booking.com and saw there has been a spike for reservations on The Whitney Hotel and Pelham Hotel. Went from 3 to 23 bookings real quick.
  7. Football schedule announcement at...

    We will be favored in every game next year. The biggest hurdle is home vs Tulsa and even then we will be coming off a bye.
  8. Welcome Answeredhere

    Welcome and thanks for the insight on the Hilton Head WR.
  9. Five-star defensive tackle Marvin Wilson didn’t make a scheduled official visit to South Florida over the weekend due to Charlie Strong wanting to back up his visit to Jan. 27. Pulled from latest ESPN Insider article.
  10. USF love all over the Mothership networks this morning

    Flowers and Strong both made an appearance on XM Channel 84. Strong brought up the need for an OCS, nothing large, but just the need to have a true home comment.
  11. 9 in the box and we can't stop them. Sigh
  12. Not even close to targeting. 19 ran right at Cherry.
  13. Any Pasco County Bulls

    Do you believe that a good mosquito is a dead mosquito? If so, you have my vote.
  14. USF SoFlo Shirts

    L is sold out. Appreciate the heads up though.
  15. Someone is really mad

    Same half ass effort and just an undisciplined team as a whole. Sucks that we have another year to watch this uninspired ****.