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  1. Agreed. Been around for the Grothe and BJ eras and have to say that QF has taken it to another level. He's the ultimate competitor and we are truly fortunate to have him
  2. European football is a 90 min game, that's usually over in an hour and 3/4s real time. American football is a 60 min game that sometimes hits 4 hours real time. Ridiculous. The greed in the NCAA and NFL is insatiable. I remember watching the NFL in the nineties and don't remember that many games hitting 3 hours. Advertising is out of control these days. Even in-game, the viewer is being bombarded with sponsors of different segments, graphics etc. Love the sport but so difficult to watch on TV these days unless you have a stake in the game.
  3. Carried us out of the muck. Before QF, before Adams, there was Mack. I remember Shaw the year before, thinking he was pretty decent. Then I saw Mack vs WCU and knew we had a guy who was on another level. Thanks Mack and melt some faces in the NFL.
  4. Sorry only 2-2 against the gnats. Had to go.
  5. Great point.
  6. Louisville, WVU are top 10. Pitt with an almighty upset of Clemson last night. Even Cuse with an upset of VA Tech a few weeks ago. Old Big East doesn't look so bad now does it. Makes me think where USF would be if we were selected a few years ago with Taggart at the helm... Then again, there's Buttgers wrecking my argument.. Which I'll happily take. They lost by a combined 185-0 to Michigan and Ohio teams.. L O L.
  7. Glad you noticed this too. Seems like there is so much trickery with that offense that even the refs miss things.
  8. - anyone notice on a few of Navy's plays that their backs moved before the ball was snapped? Happened a few times late in the game, don't know how the refs missed it. - on offense, we are getting the snaps off so fast that the defense isn't getting their substitutions off the field in time. Again happened multiple times Friday and in a few prior games, amazed no laundry.
  9. No shot. Rutgers always holds a special place in the hearts of Bulls fans.
  10. Interesting to me that DJ got more carries. Continues to keep Mack fresh. Mack can do some incredible things but it seems like DJ strikes a little more fear into opposing defenses with his tenacious running style.
  11. Those look phenomenal .
  12. I remember it being terrible under Bres but surely it wasn't this bad.
  13. It reminds me of people knocking BJ and, believe it or not, screaming for Floyd. Madness. Take away QF and see how many wins we have.
  14. Get outta here with that. Grothe had a BIG TIME defense behind him that kept us in close with the big boys.