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  1. Thats exactly what it is... #amateurhour
  2. lets hope not... #gobulls
  3. Y'all can watch me on TV!!! GO BULLS!!!
  4. We need FGCU's coach NOW. ASAP Pull the trigger Harlan! #gobulls
  5. I'll be there! Starting grad school in New Mexico so it'll be a quick flight from there. smazza, know a place with Mai Tai's? #gobulls
  6. GO BULLLS!!!
  7. Football

    #seriously GO BULLS!!!
  8. Such a good game!!! ONE HIT the number 5 team in the land. GO BULLS!!!
  9. I prefer this birth... #GoBulls
  10. We need the next Lee Rose. Any Big Ten coaches hate the cold weather? Anyone?! #gobulls
  11. Yes. Two words... Brett Kean. Think this kid is Grothe 2.0 GO BULLS!!!
  12. You know...the more I hear, the more I have to lean on the side of the HHS coach. But honestly, what's done is done. That's how Taggart did it and we're better; HOWEVER, imagine IF Taggart would have catered to old school coaches in the direct AREA and COUNTY around USF? Making them, their team and parents FANS of the local college program and the great man that was leading it. Maaaaaybe more butts in seats? More local interest in the local college product? I dunno...networking is key in life. Period. So I LOVE everything I hear about CCS. It's a GOOD TIME to be a USF BULL!!! GO BULLS!!!
  13. Ummmmm...Uab played for the pope too. Soooooo...ya. Southern Cal's marching band travels to every away game. Th pope watches movies and music videos they're on. These are the types of experiences our band should have. Travel to away games and show up EN MASSE to a bowl game vs an SEC team. My $0.02 Playing for "the pope" is cool...I'm catholic too. But...cmon man. GO BULLS!!!
  14. While I do agree with you over the mountain/molehill, being in this with the likes of marshall? and UAb? Not too prestigious... #gobulls
  15. Football

    bahahahhaah...that was great! Great character there. lol GO BULLS!!!