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  1. Football

    Marvin Wilson to FSU.
  2. Football

    Kiffin and Davis are very good recruiters, but it's not about them, it's about the schools. Usf and fau/fiu are just punching in totally different weight classes. Plus, any recruit with half a brain in their head knows Kiffin will only be at fau for a year or 2 anyways.
  3. Football

    Just like there is a massive drop-off in recruiting talent from uf/fsu to usf, that same drop-off is just as big or bigger from usf to fau/fiu. They really aren't our competition...and if they are we may as well fold up shop.
  4. Football

    Doubt it. Florida is completely saturated with top talent year after year, why would he need/want to? Not to mention he already has relationships with Florida high schools.
  5. Wasn't 300-1 was the final score of the wbb/uconn game?
  6. Exactly. I remember that Rutgers lost the following week much more than the week we held the #2 spot.
  7. Has anyone seen or read any feedback from Bama about what they thought about our facilities in general? Just curious.
  8. Curious if they are sticking to their rediculous "no tailgating for a night game in the stadium lots until 5 hours before kickoff" rule for tonight's game, or if they kind of turned a blind eye today, considering the magnitude of the game. All I know is I've had more than my fair share of battles with them over the years on said topic.
  9. Didn't miss a whole lot. Very little usf talk, more talk about his prediction for the game, his thoughts on Sarkisian calling plays instead of Kiffin, blah blah blah.
  10. Exactly. Way too many Gloomy Gusses on here.
  11. Haha... You don't say? This just in, the sky is blue and the grass is green too.
  12. Hannah Storm gave him some love.
  13. Usf cheerleaders leading the intro into First Take, Charlie Strong on sportscenter, and will be on First Take in about 45 minutes. I'll take any and all exposure we can get. Love it.
  14. Good deal. Thanks for taking the initiative on this. Well overdue.
  15. Awesome! How often will you be doing your episodes?