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  1. San Jose?

    The rule still applies to offset travel costs to get to Hawaii
  2. National Signing Day '17

    No scholarship restraints. All MidShipman are on scholarship
  3. Realistic Coaches

    Why do people always bring this coordinator thing up. Two of the four coaches in the CFP this year were never coordinators. Being a head coach is a different set of skills then the X's & O's of offense or defense.
  4. No TV for Syracuse Game

    @PITT 2005 was shown in the Sun Dome. I don't know if it was called ESPN3 yet but that game could only be watched online. Back then you didn't get access with Bright House but on campus they had a different cable provider and could stream it.
  5. USF Offenses over the years

    Wasn't Snyder still the DC in 2011?
  6. Eatmon is now a guard and Pierre doesn't crack the two deep
  7. Housing and food are already suppose to be reported as income when filing your return. Chances are the IRS would still not consider the tuition and books income even if scholarship athletes were designated employees but additional taxes (social security, medicare) would have to be paid on the compensation received. The benefits would probably not be taxed because what professional athlete gets taxed for training at a team facility. But athletes may owe state income tax in states they perform. So players in Florida would owe taxes for road games in other states.
  8. Scholarships are already taxable. Tuition and maybe books are exempt but everything else like housing and food has to be declared when you file.
  9. BCS started in 98 and Tennessee won. FSU won in 99 and Miami in 01.
  10. I don't understand both Miami and FSU have won BCS championships. Meaning they were number one.
  11. Fix You

    If you like that song you may not be gay but you do menstruate.
  12. Andre Davis Catch

    Hands down Huey Whitaker against Bama
  13. Sun Dome Renovation Thread

    I heard Woolard in an interview on Thursday and he did not say anything about renovations to the dome starting any time soon. He did say they were still trying to fund the project. From his tone it sounded like the project was at least another year away. I concluded this because he laid exact times that the soccer stadium and basketball pratice facility would be finished but never mentioned any specifics for when the dome project would start.
  14. Nice win but more impressive is Ecks got the save after starting on the rubber. Is that the proper term because its not a mound or a bump in softball?