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  1. 38 years

    she is hurt and has been hurt for weeks now.
  2. 38 years

    i have said this more than once at the games.
  3. WBB vs. #13 Ohio State Sunday

    agree- even students who are on campus and do not attend
  4. He told us they paid more than the cost of his tickets
  5. The guy behind us in Section 102 sold his to UConn fans for over 300
  6. This looks like a UConn home game. The season ticket holders that sold their tickets disgust me
  7. So Who's Going to B-Ham?

    my spouse and I are going and staying at the Sheraton Our 2 sons and 3 friends are going and staying at the Sheraton
  8. Birmingham bowl plans??

    My son and 4 friends are going. My spouse and I are going. Go Bulls!
  9. USF Women Bball vs Oklahoma

    its all over!
  10. USF Women Bball vs Oklahoma

    all the BS fouls don't help
  11. USF Women Bball vs Oklahoma

    nothing but offensive fouls are being called on the Bulls
  12. Team Hotel: Birmingham

    what rate did you get?
  13. Team Hotel: Birmingham

    the Bulls Club rep told me the team hotel is the Sheraton and the Alumni had a package for the Westin.