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  1. maybe not if they still feature QF
  2. I will have a hard time making 2 Thursday night and a Friday night game. I work in st Pete and its difficult to get there and my boss is not about to give me 2 thursdays and a Friday off in a month

    no, I was busy traveling to Tallahassee to support the team.

    This is the worst officiated game I have ever witnessed
  5. done!
  6. well said. these announcers are disgusting to me.
  7. Yes for many years now as footballl
  8. we have not had any problems except UConn
  9. I think they bring all of the old UConn fans from every ALF in the Tampa Bay Area and any in the nursing homes that can walk. the are so freaking obnoxious and we are always surrounded by them.
  10. We will be there loud and proud
  11. how many Bulls will be there?? 2 of us will
  12. Congratulations Matt. She is beautiful
  13. LOL, not my type, I am a woman sorry
  14. Temple is grabbing jerseys and holding like mad