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  1. Nope. Just want to win a conference title. Couldn't care less who we beat along the way.
  2. AAC.
  3. Jumped up to 19 in RPI from 42: http://www.ncaa.com/rankings/baseball/d1/rpi
  4. Not surprised. They're desperate.
  5. Trashy Trailer Park all day
  6. Maybe not. Manhattan was 13-18 last year, and currently 5-9.
  7. Odom is a hack. Just follow his twitter and you'll see his hot takes and fan confrontations. The university deserves an actual professional journalist who respects the programs.
  8. Strong's UT contract, Taggart's buyout, and Skip coming off the books definitely help.
  9. Heisman for the long term prestige. That would put Q and USF in elite company.
  10. First time we've experienced this and it's definitely a lot different than when a coach is fired. Players aren't bitter at the school and for the most part are happy for the coach.
  11. USF is a great situation for any candidate. They step into a 10 win team returning a ton of offense. Charlie would be smart to reconsider.
  12. I think the timing is actually for the best. We'll have a loaded offense next year for the new coach which will help ease him in, and add a boost to recruiting. If Willie left after next year the new coach may have struggled in 2018.
  13. I think Oregon overplayed their hand. Is Taggart really a better option than Helfrich?
  14. Agreed. On one hand Dungy advocates for USF and was actively working for them to get a Big12 invite, but on the other he is actively advocating for another program to hire away USF's coach. Never liked Dungy; thought he was a fraud. This further cements my belief.
  15. Why tf is Troy ranked. That is absolutely ridiculous.