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  1. A Few USF FB Kickoff Times Announced

    I think that is the most plausible reason. While it's unfortunate that we have to pander to FSU fans, it's the reality we face. The bigger issue is that we need to seriously increase the quality of our schedule. Week 1, Tulsa plays OK State, and Temple plays Notre Dame. We need to consistently secure marquee week 1 match ups like that. The Notre Dame opener in 2011 was a fantastic way to start the season.
  2. A Few USF FB Kickoff Times Announced

    We are the first ESPN3 game of the day. There are 7 games after ours that kickoff between 6 and 8pm (http://www.espn.com/college-football/schedule). I don't buy the "blame ESPN" argument. Athletics had to have a say in this.
  3. A Few USF FB Kickoff Times Announced

    I'm guessing that they are testing a new start time for the annual cupcake game in an effort to boost attendance. No other reason to not have this game at 7pm. It's not on TV, and the weather will still be hot at 4pm (or worse: thunderstorms).
  4. Non-sports: USF Call to All

    When does the vote take place?
  5. UCF extends Scott Frost

    They know he's gone the first year they win 8+ games, so they probably increased the buyout. The problem is: will he ever win 8+ there?
  6. Perhaps Mack Should have Stayed?

    Hopefully the next coach values him because Pagano is gone after this year.
  7. Perhaps Mack Should have Stayed?

    Another one off the board. This is getting bad.
  8. Nope. Just want to win a conference title. Couldn't care less who we beat along the way.
  9. Softball

  10. Baseball polls

    Jumped up to 19 in RPI from 42: http://www.ncaa.com/rankings/baseball/d1/rpi
  11. Trashy Trailer Park all day
  12. Antigua Fired

    Maybe not. Manhattan was 13-18 last year, and currently 5-9.
  13. Tampa Bay Times

    Odom is a hack. Just follow his twitter and you'll see his hot takes and fan confrontations. The university deserves an actual professional journalist who respects the programs.
  14. Strong Contract

    Strong's UT contract, Taggart's buyout, and Skip coming off the books definitely help.