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  1. I havent been this wound up or nervous since maybe FSU or ND
  2. marquez valdes-scantling is overated

    Bronson is back next year. Salomon can do everything Scantling can do, but he is a better pass catcher. I like him, but way too many drops.
  3. Great First Half!

    Good first half not great. One thing I am thinking, we are winning T.O.P. We saw 2 UCF lineman go down with cramps or being tired. If Glibert's offense is supposed to be predicated on wearing the defense down, if we keep up what we are doing, I will be convinced of the methodology and game plan,. #11 keeps dropping passes. Seconf half I wanna see Q finish those runs instead of sliding now. He could have acclerated for another ten yards on the last run where he slid. Time to ball all out by everyone second half. Sure hope the coaching staff doesn't do anything stupid here. Great adjustment coach BJ. Keep playing chess and winning in second half.
  4. This offensive clordinator really is horrible. It took me to the last 3 games to realize it, but this is a High School offense that needs superior athletes to work. When the D blitzes drop the ball to a TE or RB. no adjusting. The worst.
  5. Coaching staff messed up 2 out of 3 units this year.
  6. Announcer just said UCF has a very smooth and versatile back. Can run and dynamic out of the backfield. Didn't we used to have someone like that? Isn't he still on the roster?
  7. I think Strong still believes we can't score too fast.
  8. How is other defenses can prep for Q, but we can't for other offenses.
  9. Why is Barr running kicks back. He hasn't all year, he cant catch and he is carrying ball in wrong hand. He sill get strippef
  10. Strong doesn't have the defense ready for their offense. This is essentially the same team we beat big last year. They continued to develop our coaching staff regressed the offense, destoyed special teams. Anyone know Strong's record in important games. I'm not impressed
  11. Was thinking same play we ran at UCONN.
  12. Personal Foul - Garbage Call?

    Whistle blew. Play over
  13. My opinion is a loss makes it disappointing season. A win and TBP thinks Strong os great. A loss and we will want to run him out of town. Proud of our kids, I think we see a complete game Go Bulls
  14. When is the last time USF has played...

    Florida Four was in the 1980's and was a pretty big deal. At the time USF was the best BB team in the state. The tournament was the subject of a SI cover story. The 4 teams involved were USF, UF, FSU and Jacksonville. T
  15. CCS hates it here

    Who lost confidence in Strong faster? UT or our fanbase?