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  1. No sense in trying to speculate who we hire. The bigs names have been rehashed over and over here. My question is how quickly do we make the hire? Harlan has had 3 months to work the landscape. Do we have to wait till the season over? The various conference championships are over or deep into the NCAA Tournament? Basketball, I think, is not like Football, where the coaches will bolt despite post season play.
  2. By elite status I am talking about a team that has a realistic chance of going to a championship round on a regular basis (meaning top 10 or elite 8 in soccer, ladies BB, etc or going late into a college or softball World Series with those results eventually as expectations, not considered a once every 20 year good run. I guess the closest we have to that is Men's soccer. We have nice softball teams, WBB teams , Soccer teams. Better than a lot, but not great. Let's be honest, our WBB team is a decent program, but we have benefitted from Louisville, ND and Rutgers leaving. Our record would be much different if we had to play those teams twice a year every year again We would go back to a middle of the conference team. Sort of the same with soccer. What does it take in any sport to go over the top to that next level?
  3. In many, if not most of our sports (biggest sore spot is MBB), we seem to be able to crack the 18-25 spot nationally, but really aren't able to push past that and get to a truly elite status in any sport. Is this a function of our conference? Lack of funding (again, maybe because of our conference)? Is this the best we can realistically achieve in any and all of our sports? Is this what many had been concerned about when we lost the "P5" or Big East level of money? Meaning, we are truly the "tallest midget" so to speak. I am not complaining, I am happy we field entertaining, competitive programs. I just thought this would an interesting topic for discussion. I really would like to see at least one of our programs take that next step to become truly relevant on the national level.
  4. Good win. Gotta give credit where it is due. They hung tough down the stretch
  5. Anything above .333 record with this program should be considered miraculous. Unfortunately that's not really an exaggeration.
  6. We can just use the same headline and insert the opponents name at the end. This is quite a mess that Harlan has on his hands. I think even a worse situation than McCullum created. I feel bad for Bartow because he is just doing what he can. Harlan is going to need to make a splash hire to begin to build any kind of interest in the program at this point.
  7. Win by 10. They need to stop sleepwalking through some quarters. Should never have trailed late in 3rd quarter vs this team
  8. When she gets going Laksa can be ridiculous. She just hit a 3 almost falling down.
  9. That's more like it Laksa turned it up and Jespersen is on fire now too.
  10. Down by 6 late in 3rd quarter to a team that is 1-9 in conference. Ladies look uninspired. Looks like the rest of the league figured out that the key to beating us is getting physical. Need to turn it up a few notches down the stretch of the season.
  11. How many games left. This is unwatchable.
  12. Well, if this is true then the good news for us is that since Taggart is 3500 miles away he won't have such an easy time building the relationships with the players, whereas a relationship with the coaches would have allowed the coaches to be happy to send the recruits his way. Either way Taggart's methods worked for him and as a school and program we benefited. Strong is here and hopefully, as expected, we continue to recruit the area well and even better.
  13. Walk ons don't get scholarships
  14. Does the number available include schollies available from the departures of Cherry and Woulard?