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  1. I understand this is a team patched together at the last second, but my question is our biggest problem right now talent on the court or chemistry? I have seen a few games and each game has pretty much been the same. Score a basket then turnover or wild shot at the play clock buzzer for the next 3 or 4 possessions. Any recruits coming in that can make us anywhere near competitive within next couple of years. Competitive meaning 10 wins with the hope of staying within 6-8 points near the end of most games?
  2. Bulls end season #21 in AP

    In this offense it will be more about OL and RBs. Overall success will be determined by defense. Doubt we start ranked, but i think we compete for league title and up ranked as long as defense truly develops. It was defense and Special Teams that hurt us when it counted.
  3. That blocking call on aikens was a total bs call and it cost them. Watch for some more BS calls to keep Auburn in it.
  4. Gotta say, I had no really rooting interest, but these announcers seem to be treating UCF as the representative of the AAC as an FCS team. The way they are talking about the personnel you would think there were no FBS worthy players. Clearly the announcers don't think the AACis worthy to be competitive here. I am rooting for UCF just to shove it up the announcers and P5's ass.
  5. I thought their receiver took 2 steps upfield before the ball was snapped on their first TD. Anyone else see it?
  6. In 252 Days...

    Bigger question is who plays LB? playing experience everywhere else on the field.
  7. We have the smartest fans in the world

    Can be said about any team's fans in any sport.
  8. Gilbert Deserves Coal in His Stocking Thread

    Still not sure we beat UCF. You still have to account for special teams play and defense. Statistically may be better. In reality, when needed, we couldn't stop an offense with any life to them. Defense and ST needs to improve immensely. Count me disappointed considering the potential, but how can you hate these kids? Situationally, Gilbert scares me with his playcalling.
  9. Post game show mentioned MVS with most career receiving yardage? Career or season?
  10. So, to answer my own question. The defense has not improved on the field. Statistically, maybe, but was based on inferior competition.
  11. Has the d closed out any close game this year?
  12. Ask me after this drive if the defense has improved.
  13. Woodie must be calling defense. Looks like we are 8 yards off every receiver.