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  1. Rules Question

    I live in CT and with our game being this past Thursday I decided to drive up and watch the Yale-Cornell game at the Yale Bowl. My question is, they were kicking off from the 40. At first I thought there was a penalty where they pushed it forward to the 40 yard line, but every kick was from there. Anyone have any idea? Is this an Ivy League thing?
  2. Victim of Expectations

    We had our 2nd string in the 4th quarter.
  3. Victim of Expectations

    As I said, people get too caught up on every play. When you hold any opponent to -4 yards rushing, less than 85 total yards and defense pitches a shutout and the offense puts up 43 points that is total domination. When you put up 680 yards and 47 points against a Big Ten team and hold them to 67 yards rushing with 45 coming on one run and only 1 score coming against #1 D, thats domination.
  4. Victim of Expectations

    Not sure which games you have been watching. After first quarter we completely dominated SJSU for last 3 quarters till 2nd and 3rd team were in. How was Illinois and Temple not domination? Still room for improvement, yes, but we have been taking care of business.
  5. What does Gilbert have in common with Woodie?

    Are they picking anyone else or just not discussing peach bowl or any bowl?
  6. What does Gilbert have in common with Woodie?

    I don't see it that way. you are living and dying with every play. SDSU isn't putting 40 points a game up consistently. They have as many, if not more penalties. At the time Stanford looks like a good win, but let's see how the season turns out. How is it that we put up 21 points by halftime and we are off to a slow start, yet other teams put up 10 and it is just a normal game? Other than you saying we are further away, I don't see where we are.
  7. Victim of Expectations

    I think people became too enamoured with highlight reel dynamic scoring plays of our offense the last couple of years and our thinking that the new methodical offense is not working. Stats are similar so it is working, but it is different. There are still problems no doubt, but we are still averaging over 40 points. I believe sometimes fans are watching every play too closely and thinking because we are no longer the quick strike offense its not working. That's wrong. I don't see teams that we competing with for the New Year Day spot to be playing better than us to deserve that spot. Why aren't they putting up 40 pts consistently? Why isn't their defenses playing stifling defense like we are? Despite our flaws we are doing both. Reporters don't rank us because of penalties? Take a look at SDSU penalties. A lot of football yet to be played. I think we are still hitting our stride. I see no reason to see any other G5 team to be more deserving than us at this point.
  8. Lack of Offensive Rhythm

    The problem I see in the passing game is there really doesn't seem to be a purpose to the passing game other than to send a message that the deep ball is available. At least that's what was shown last night. Looked like Gilbert called it only to try to get the safeties to back out of the box. In other words, in my opinion, he hasn't really used the passing game to move the ball. Most of the throws (the ones I remember anyway) all seemed to be long passes down the sidelines. Pretty much low percentage throws. We seem to be moving the ball on the ground, but we are still leaving points on the field. Can't complain about the big gain in time of possession. Keeps our guys on defense fresh for later in the season.
  9. Week 4 Games to Watch

    Why not. SDSU jumped 30 spots based on beating a mediocre Stanford team.
  10. What does Gilbert have in common with Woodie?

    I dunno, the stats through 4 games are fairly similar. scoring is down a little, but last year we needed to keep scoring because the defense sucked. We had a hard time scoring TDs last night, but if this was last year, our performance would have been average. Last night we averaged 5 yards a carry with 2 runners over 100, total of 316 on the ground. Biggest difference is last year we were scoring in dynamic fashion. This year we are working the ball down the field and controlling the game. Time of Possession is up over 10 minutes a game. We are controlling the games both on offense and defense this year. In a way, I am happy that we haven't needed Q's legs putting him at risk to win games. I think people are getting too caught up in the flash of last year vs the more grinding punishing offense of this year. If the offense wasn't producing and getting stuffed I would agree that Gilbert is killing the offense, but pretty hard to complain with putting up 42, 31, 47, 43 points per game. If I have any concern it would be the passing game, but it hasn't really been an issue in keeping the game close yet so as long as we are winning as a team I don't see any problems.
  11. It just hit me

    To the left, still between the tackles. What I am saying is we are not exploiting the edge. The are running behind Mayes. I believe this offense is still as good, if not better than last year. Through 4 games total yards are fairly similar. Maybe a difference of 25 yards. I don't compare scoring because different philosophy about scoring later in the game this year vs last. Flowers had rough games last year and the team had some slow starts last year as well. We were down by 17 early vs Syracuse. It is a team game. We are a better team this year. Also, I believe our T.O.P. is up. I think this bodes well at the end of the year because I think the defense may be little frrsher than last year late in the season.
  12. Another puzzling first half

    I think were too spoiled with quick scores last year. What other team's fans will be upset with 2 runners over 100 yards, over 400 yards total and 43 points.
  13. It just hit me

    That Alaka kid catches everything. Salomon has shown me nothing at all yet. We need more quick hitters to Mccants in the slot. He is tough to bring down.
  14. It just hit me

    This offense is just different. Funny how we are complaining about only having 43 points. Absolutely should have been at least 60. I kind of think what Strong is saying about taking what the defense is giving us is BS. Temple D was bottling uo the middle and we kept running there. Q is much better deep on a post and we never throw deep down the middle. That defense was ripe for a read option not one all night. Gilbert did nothing for Q to loosen up the middle of the field. He doesn't really do much to put Flowers in position to use his strengths. Frustrating, but it seems to be working we are putting points up.
  15. It just hit me

    It's such a difference listening to the USF postgame vs the announcers on ESPN. Listening to Galloway and Booger you would think we have no chance against any other team this year. Reality, over 400 yards total offense. 2 runners over 100 yards. 43-7. Defense pitches the shutout. Temple held to negative yards. 5 for 5 on field goals. The game is not just about offense. So Q had a rough game, but like someone said, it is a team game. Because they beat a name team in Stanford, all of a sudden San Diego State becomes the team to beat? Their wins have not been as dominating as ours. Give me a break. Still plenty of football to play.