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  1. Stony Brook

    If I remember correctly, Skip did not have a lot of great offensive players left to work with. Ford getting kicked off was just one problem. I think Jamar Tayor, who was as big, if not a greater loss than Ford was kicked off for grades or something like that before Skip got here. With Mitchell leaving for the NFL then Love got hurt early in the season leaving Bogan and Griffen as the only experienced receiver then Griffen got hurt too. Biggest problem I fund with that offense was taking the ball out of BJ's hands and trying to force him to be a pocket passer. I always believed that Skip did not understand how to use the level of athletes that he had inherited. I don't think he really ever understood what BJ could do with the ball in his hands. In his defense, he may also have been protective of BJ because we had no legit backup at that point (was the backup Grumby that year). That was the year he dubbed our offense (or receivers) as the misfit toys. That was not the thing that did Skip in. I don't think he was ever able to recruit Big East level players. Most of the players he did manage to get on campus usually had offers from CUSA and lower. That hurt him the following years. Then he had the problem of hiring some really poor DCs.
  2. Best team ever

    A big part of that will be the need to become more aggressive rather than sit back and try to tackle. We can't rush 2 or 3 guys and let the QBs just sit back and pick us apart. We also need to improve tackling. I don't know the number, but I believe we had a huge drop in TFL. Under Allen, the year before, they had earned the Bullshark moniker for attacking. Under Woodie, not so much.
  3. Best team ever

    My opinion is this will be a better all around team. I never like to compare a team of one era to another. My opinion on Adams is that he was just a good runner and we were smart enough to run an offense that took advantage of his outside speed. I think we lose very little in offensive productivity this year, it will just be different. Instead of spreading the field horizontally I think we spread it vertically. I believe we will see a lot more downfield completions and that will then give Flowers even more open field space with green in front of him. I really am not concerned about losing Mack. Tice and Johnson are both proven backs. Even if rushing yards from the backs comes from 2 guys instead of just 1 I see little dropoff in total productivity. I can only expect the defense to be improved. I see more pressure from the DL which allows less pressure on the secondary because they have to cover guys for so long. The thing I have been most impressed with Flowers is his ability to not mistakes. He makes very few dumb passes and if you look at the majority of interceptions have been in meaningless situations. He very rarely, if ever, makes a dumb turnover at bad times. As far as the schedule and becoming a top ten team, I have said this before on here, my opinion is we need to take the same approach, in every game, that UCONN Girls basketball does. If we blow teams out by 50 and 60 points the style points should give us enough attention to keep us recognized as a better team. Hopefully, Strong has that mentality and don't play a gentlemanly game. With this schedule, the goal has to not be just win, but to win decisively and dominantly. If Alabama beats the lesser team 70-3 with no shame, we have to take that same mentality in every game and prove to the powers that be that we are worthy of a top ranking, otherwise we are just going to be considered a good team in a bad league. I feel this the only way to take the next step.
  4. Mitchell Wilcox, Top receiver in AAC

    Totally stacked at WR. Scantling Valdez poised for a big year. McCants, Dukes. DJ out of the backfield. I always thought Adams was more a great runner than a receiver most of plays started at or behing the LOS. Our group of receivers look to have more downfield ability this year It will be a major let down if there is a significant dropoff on offense. We are stacked at every skill position.
  5. Leaving either of our TE's or both of them, for that matter shows how lazy the research in this article. Both are poised for big years. As good as Adams was, a lot of his yards were dynamic running plays or the little touch pass that in effect was a running play, but credited as a pass. We have several guys that can provide downfield pass catching catching ability now. After spring ball, the coaches talked about us spreading the field vertically in this offense rather than horizontally as in the past. I also have a feeling that a couple of our DBs could breakout this year. With a little more aggressiveness and pressure from the front line, the DBs may have a chance to become more of playmakers rather having to chase receivers while the QB sits back with all the time in the world.
  6. The past year or so our offense spread the defense horizontally and we were able to out run them. If this offense starts hitting plays downfield and really stretches the field, Flowers and the backs are going to have a lot of one on situations with lineman and linebackers or DBs in the open field. I like Flowers' odds in those situations.
  7. 5 Star Wing Silvia Serrat (Spain) Signs

    So we have 2 new 5 stars, Nagy who was a 5 star, Laksa a 4 star, Rader coming in as a transfer, was her former conference Freshman of the year, Ferriera hopefully coming back, Henshaw, the reigning frshman of the year plus Jespersen and Flores. A lot of talent on paper. Doubt we get over the conference hump vs UCONN, but could be able to go deeper than we ever have in the NCAA tourney.
  8. USF's passing game going vertical

    The more stretched out and spread out the field is it opens up even more room for Flowers to run. There is a good chance the offense can be even more explosive.
  9. Best thing that could have happened to the team in the off season. Should put a real chip on their shoulders going into summer and the beginning of the season. Will also keep them from reading their own press clippings and getting too full of themselves.
  10. Our NEW Basketball HC is....

    I'm thinking Gregory is the best you were going to get. Because this program has been so bad for so long I don't see any up and coming coach taking over such a severe mess. If they are truly an up and comer, the turn around is going to take too long (in terms of coaching longevity) to keep the career on the upswing. The only other type of coach you had a chance at would have been a guy looking for his retirement gig. Someone very late in his career just looking for a paycheck in the sun. At first I did not like the 6 year deal, but I think it was a good move. Considering how few guys we have coming back I hope we don't start going after JUCO kids trying for a quick fix. I wanna see all freshman coming in and avoid building for a 2 year fix then another 3 to 4 year drought. We have a chance to reset the program now. Let's do it the right way finally. I say throw out whatever happens for next 2 years and check back where we are in 3 years.
  11. I saw a couple of problems that led to the loss. Clearly fatigue was a big problem. I commented during the game that we were losing every hustle play. Loose balls, not being able to get to their spots on defense, etc. they were completely gassed in the 2nd half. We can blame the low percentage shooting in the 2nd half, but that was their game this year. Laksa, for the most part is a sharpshooter. Pujol was on fire in the first half. She completely disappered in the 2nd half. Most of her shots were outside. It was discussed several times this year that we lacked physicality. If we had a little more of an inside presence the scoring percentage goes up and we win going away. We also don't have anyone that can penetrate and make their own shots. These were the same issues that hurt us in our losses all year (excluding UCONN). I see this past year as more of a transition year than rebuilding year There was more of a team game rather than tge Courtney Williams show of the last few years. Next year there is a good mix of experienced a young players coming back. Ferreira hopefully returns healthy. We have the last 2 conference Freshman of the year. I like Flores at point. Laksa still has 2 years to go. We have a 5 star recruit that got some game experience under her belt and if I recall a couple of highly thought of transfers coming eligible. Future looks bright for this team.
  12. 5 star freshman that played sparingly all year. Probably should not have been in. Good year. Horrible, horrible loss (any loss is horrible when up by 13 at half) what happened to Pujol in 2nd half she disappeared. Future is extremely bright Ferreira hopefully back healthy next year. a couple of good recruits coming and most of the core coming back Plus Nagy hopefully becomes a contributor
  13. Mizzou winning almost every hustle play. Girls are looking either out of gas or playing lazy. Gonna be tough to pull it out.
  14. 11 seed while Temple gets a 6th seed. Glad we are not in UCONN's Bracket, but I don't get what the committee is looking at.
  15. Changing Stony Brook now ain't gonna happen. The only chance at playoff consideration, with this schedule, is to do what UCONN girls basketball does. Go out and win every game 48-0, 60, 3 or something like that. Even then that might not even get us into the top 6 spots, let alone top 4.