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  1. Birmingham bowl plans??

    I will be driving over to Birmingham from Atlanta Friday night and back Saturday Afternoon. If anyone is flying in/out Atlanta I should have room for a few more. Looks like there are still decent flights on Southwest, Delta, and Spirit. $200-250 roundtrip.
  2. Transfer targets?

    With sanctions announced today, Ole Miss players are free to transfer without sitting out. I wonder if there are any there we could go after?
  3. Looking towards 2018

    Do you have any source for the move then? The only thing I ever heard about it leaving Solider field was from TDS guys and I'm pretty sure Collin came out and said his source was at least premature if not wrong.
  4. Looking towards 2018

    I thought the move back to Campus ended up being a false report? Still at Soldier field as far as I know.
  5. Ucf

    Only in certain "club" sections.
  6. UCF Tickets

    Seen a lot of discussion around this game being sold out and USF overselling their allotment and having to call and tell some that they don't have tickets even though they got a confirmation. A little nervous, but I am assuming they have already reached out to everyone who will not be receiving tickets. Has anyone received their tickets or does anyone know when we will actually receive tickets? Also fun side note, do you think we would have opened up the upper deck for this game if it were at home and would we have sold out 65k? JK seemed to think on twitter we would have only been able to sell 50k, which is only 5k more than what has sold already.
  7. Bowl ticket reservations

    NewEnglandBull is exactly right. Who is higher in the polls only matter prior to the UCF game. The rankings that come out after the UCF game are NOT USED.
  8. Week 11 Rankings

    If Memphis doesn't lose we will not host CCG. We would have to jump them after beating Tulsa. The rankings that determine CCG host come from before the UCF game not after. If Memphis loses to SMU or ECU then we will host because the rankings won't matter. We would host based on conference record at that point.
  9. Bowl ticket reservations

    Or even just for SMU to beat Memphis (and not win out), because then we would have the tiebreaker with Memphis (conference record) and would host.

    Sounds like just an ankle sprain
  11. AAC Championship Game TIme

    Here is why we are unlikely to host even if we beat UCF and Memphis wins out. We would likely either fall into #1 with Memphis being ranked and us not. Or #2 with both of us ranked but Memphis being higher. Remember these are the rankings from the week before the UCF game not after. The best shot for Memphis to lose is SMU. Lets go Mustangs! Host Team selection criteria: If only one division champion is ranked entering the final week of conference play, it will host if it wins in that week. If that team loses, a composite of four computer rankings is used to determine the host. If both division champions are ranked, the higher-ranked team that won in the final week will host. If, in this scenario, neither wins in the final week, the same computer ranking system is used. If neither division champion is ranked, the aforementioned computer rankings are used. If neither CFP nor computer rankings determine a host, the teams' records against common conference opponents are used. If still tied, overall record determines the host. Finally, a coin toss is held at the conference offices.
  12. AAC Championship Game TIme

    I agree Memphis is most likely, but SMU could still challenge for that West conference title as well.
  13. AAC Championship Game TIme

    He is saying that is most likely, but really just an educated guess at this point until CFP rankings come out.
  14. Doesn't matter

    Agreed I was not trying to take a shot at QF at all. I love him as our QB and think he will be USF's best ever by the end of this season. Was simply trying to make the point that simply because a player converts from another position doesn't mean he wasn't a good QB.
  15. Doesn't matter

    And our QB had a much better game passing than theirs did. Again what is your point? That Houston is a trash team? I gave you an objective third party that said they are the 44th ranked team, but you choose to just skip over that and go back to meaningless conjecture. How about this? Houston is a top 100 team would you agree with that? We should have beat them and didn't. We play that game over again 10 times and we win 9 times out of 10. But we didn't. UConn and Tulsa are both worse teams than Houston (and yes I know Tulsa beat Houston, but I am talking total body of work over the season). We will beat both. Then we will play UCF who is the best team we have faced. We will also be the best team that UCF has faced. It will be a tight game. We may win, we may lose. Personally I think we will run all over UCF, and come up with a great quality hard earned win, which I look forward to witnessing in person.