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  1. Sell out to win AAC CG next year and get butts in seats. Kiffin would be your best option for both of those in the short term. Make no mistake he would definitely be a 1-2 year rental, but I would take it for our first ever championship. We will not get anyone better who would make us more likely to win in their 1st year here. Much different hire than in previous years as this would not be a rebuilding. Whoever we hire would be expected to win immediately. Hate the guy as an individual, but he knows offense and how to recruit, so I can put my personal feelings aside for 1 season.
  2. Staying at the Tutwiler Hampton Inn downtown. I would guess team hotels are most likely the Westin and Sheraton in Uptown as that is where the pep rally the day before the game is. I have stayed at both of those hotels and they are both what you would expect. There is a nice strip of restaurants in uptown just 1 Block from those hotels.
  3. I think you are missing a key point that we actually get 3 bye weeks next year because of moving our 1st game up. There will be one more bye week sometime in the middle of the conference schedule that is currently undetermined.
  4. I would add Wyoming @ New Mexico. If Wyoming wins, they go to the championship game, leaving Boise State out.
  5. Who in your group will not be wearing Bulls gear?!
  6. Also on the fan boy train for this season. And disagree that we will disappoint, but what is wrong with saying Nichols is an NFL talent? I love Marlon Mack, but agree with the writer than Nichols is probably the better NFL player (best USF CB since Mike Jenkins) and don't see how that means he doesn't know about our team. If anything the fact that he named a player other than Marlon Mack shows that he follows us a little more closely than you think.
  7. Do you have a link to these standings or just calculated yourself? I am curious to see how UConn has such a large lead. Also what is up with our Cross Country and Track and Field teams, thought we'd have some athletes to do better in these sports?
  8. I don't think it was about poking the Gators, I think it was if he acts like he is committed to the Gators all that time, he isn't going to have coaches and family members constantly recruiting him still to go play for the Gators and can then just make his official flip at the last second without giving anyone any time to try to harass him and flip him back.
  9. Man you really just crushed my comfort level with the depth of our TE's. I had no idea Nataro had left, good call.
  10. We have Adkinson, Wilcox, and Nataro who I believe were all 3 star recruits behind Dillon. Yes they haven't played and are unknown, but no more so than a true freshman would be. I really wanted a DT as well, but don't press the panic button yet. Hector and Senat will both be only JR's. Bronson a SO. Gonzalez was a highly rated recruit and would have seen playing time last year as a True Freshman if not for injury. Getting Calloway back this year is probably from what I have heard but not guaranteed.
  11. Football

    Against Navy I would really like to see us go to a single high true safety and then go to a 4-3 front and still keep the husky/striker in as well.
  12. Thousands of Corporations around the world still use fax, its really not that outdated of a technology. With scanners and efax it is just as easy as email except it goes to a fax number instead of an email address.
  13. Also confirmed he will be a preferred walk on not scholarship.
  14. Does anyone have a list of who visited this last weekend?
  15. For the size of our class that is pretty impressive. Houston is just killing it though...