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  1. Are We Bulls Fans Spoiled?

    Yup and those are the same 10's of 1000's that aren't supporting our football program. I love USF and our academic reputation has certainly grown since 2005 when I enrolled, but back then it was academically a backup school for those who wanted to go to UF and FSU. I would rather have an enrollment of 1000 who bleed green and gold for everything academic and athletic, than the 40,000 we currently have because 90% of them don't give a **** about USF academically or athletically and just want a degree.
  2. Are We Bulls Fans Spoiled?

    Academics may steer the ship, but athletics is what puts wind in the sails. A degree is a degree can go get one from anywhere, people choose to go to schools off of "culture and fit" and a large part of that is athletics.
  3. Special Ticket Offers for USF Football

    Slight update to the ticket offer for Cinci. Looks like we are selling well in section 126 and have added section 134 (East side 40 yard line) for $30 for alumni as well.
  4. NCAA Statistics

    Here are some nice stats about USF from http://www.ncaa.com/stats/football/fbs/current/team. I know I know we haven't played anybody, but still nice to see. And this is what you are meant to do against bad competition. Top 20 in both total offense and total defense. Top 5 in both rush offense and rush defense. Top 10 in scoring offense. #1 in passes intercepted with 14 ints. 2nd place only has 9. #3 in pass efficiency defense. Tied #22 in sacks. #2 in turnover margin. #1 is UCF.....based on average per game....stupid sands fumble... Most important is tied for first in win percentage!
  5. Only 1 Team That Can Beat Us This Year

    A couple of penalties and 4th down plays and the score would have been 61-3. 1st td was after roughing the punter. 2nd TD was after their miracle 4th and 10 conversion, where Qb was almost sacked by Reaves and then Hoggins missed twice on the wr. 3rd Td was right before the half (really only 3rd down but seemed like 4th because of awful clock management by ECU) and that joke of a play was pure luck as we had guys in position. And their 4th TD was the QB dive over the line on 4th and 1.
  6. Ticket prices

    This is exactly my fear. I think we could have made every seat free on Thursday night and still not drawn 30k. Let's be honest. We can nitpick certain prices of different sections but it's not making the extreme difference we are looking for. Maybe optimising prices and marketing helps us draw an extra 5-10%. The real issue is people just don't want to go to games and will find whatever excuse they want.
  7. Bulletin Board Material

    Their fans seem pretty surprised and pissed about it to. But new offensive scheme leaves him off the field for the most part.
  8. Bulletin Board Material

    The fullback is still there. They just don't use him anymore.
  9. USF vs Temple Game Line

    Temple is not the same team as last year. I mean that from a talent perspective as well as team philosophy/game plan. On offense they are running a lot more spread 4 wrs with RPO, speed option, etc. QB looks fairly mobile as well, but not that accurate on the pass. They probably only ran their usual I-formation off tackle power run about 5 times against UMass. On defense they seem to be running a very undersized 3-4. Blitzes coming from everywhere, could confuse us, but if given time Q will pick their secondary apart. They looked awful against UMass and should have lost that game. UMass dropped 3 easy tds, settled for fgs, and missed all 3. Maybe Temple is just trying to put some different things on tape and will revert back to power run ball control offense, but it doesn't seem like it.
  10. Playcalling

    There is no need to call an audible when you are calling the play after the defense has lined up. Which is the whole point of an audible.
  11. Playcalling

    What are you talking about? We do pretty much the exact same thing EVERY play. Setup in a formation, see what look the defense gives us, then look over to the sideline for a playcall.
  12. USF at UConn Cancelled

    And if Navy is in the championship do they cancel the Army Navy game? Also would delay the bowl selection process until then which is what they were worried about with Navy last year, so doubt ESPN would go for it. Don't mean to keep ******** on your ideas, but like was said earlier it is a complicated process.
  13. USF at UConn Cancelled

    I was not in favor of cancelling the game originally or saying that this rescheduling is fair. But simply by math/logic this is the easiest way for the league as a whole to reschedule. I imagine it will come down to how much power/sway the league has with it's individual member schools. My guess is Cinci/others say no for exactly the reasoning you describe. See how much "help" they get from the refs (at the direction of the league office) during their conference games during the season though. /endsarcasmfont
  14. USF at UConn Cancelled

    Because that is after the conference championship game.
  15. USF at UConn Cancelled

    I hear you, but that is as small of a number I could get it to without cancelling games. Joey Knight and UCONN AD both say that AAC is trying to reschedule. Unless they are planning on having someone play twice in 1 week this is the least painful way. Cinci is really the only neutral party who would have anything to complain about as they would have to move two home games and not really get anything out of it. Memphis, USF, UCF, and UCONN all get a game back so they can't complain. Temple only has to flip two road games and move their bye week up. No impact to their home schedule (revenue) so they can't really complain.