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  1. JPP To Bucs

    Welcome home JPP!!
  2. Illinois game 2018

    Will be there 9/12 - 9/16. Flying United in to O’Hare on the 12th and staying at the Fairfield Inn/Downtown. Very much looking forward to this roadie. Go Bulls! Jchem and I are also thinking of making the Houston roadie.
  3. Can Battle or McCloud Challenge?

    Really looking forward to the Oladokun/Kean battle. For the first time in a long time we have a roster with depth at most all positions.
  4. Staff continuity is huge. Let’s finally see if CCS can put together a really successful season without a QB named Bridgewater or Flowers.
  5. Free USF Game worn jersey for renewing tickets

    Road jersey for Jacquian Williams. Quite a few highlights for #57 while wearing the green and gold but my favorite was the monster game he had in the victory against UM on the road in 2010. He may have worn this exact jersey.
  6. Free USF Game worn jersey for renewing tickets

    Emailed John about the refund and it was credited towards the first payment and I got a jersey. WooHoo!!
  7. Free USF Game worn jersey for renewing tickets

    Renewed my 2 this morning. Hope to get the jersey. I had my refund for the lost game last year rolled in to my 2018 season ticket package but didn’t see that reflective in the invoice. John, if you’re checking the thread can you please comment. Thanks!
  8. Heard Nicholls name a couple of times on tackles
  9. Agreed. Here at the game. Threw up the horns to DJ before opening kick off and he gave me the horns back. Pretty cool!
  10. Illinois game 2018

    Hopefully we get a good turnout from Bulls nation for this road game
  11. ESPN All Bowl Team

    Pretty cool!
  12. Illinois game 2018

    Any bullspenners planning to make this roadie? Jchem and I are planning to hit the Windy City to watch our Bulls.