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  1. Father had a well documented substance abuse problem. Apple may not far fall from the tree. Hope he gets help. http://www.tampabay.com/news/humaninterest/former-gator-great-john-reaves-legal-problems-weigh-on-him/968687
  2. Willie used to always talk about welcoming adversity. Well, he's certainly knee deep in it now.
  3. Haven't attended by have been watching from afar.
  4. Never a dull moment with USF athletics
  5. Good point. Didn't mean to derail the thread. There's a thread on the travel board to continue the New Orleans/Tulane discussion.
  6. Nope. Just going by past bowl games and home attendance. Perhaps a NY6 game against a blue blood will be different and a ton of Bulls fans will show up. Only way to find out is for the Bulls to run the table and get the G5 spot in the NY6 bowls. Just typed G5 spot and realized it has so many meanings
  7. You got an up vote for that 206. Even though I & 2 were great, I happen to think GF 2 is the best.
  8. Any and All Godfather references are awesome!
  9. I think this is very encouraging. I felt if CCS was looking at this as a transition gig then why harp on the OCS. So if you're hearing he wants to stay here then only 2 things left to do - Win and build an OCS!
  10. Interesting. Of the 4 G5 teams mentioned, 2 were turn around jobs by Taggart, WKU and USF. Got to give the man credit.
  11. Agree on everything posted here. One other thing though, If at all possible, try and budget time and resources for the bowl game. We're going to have a great season and could easily be in a NY6 bowl game. The Birmingham bowl was so much fun and next year's bowl game looks to be even better. Go Bulls! 7.5 months is a long time. Time to dust off the rods and reels.
  12. He's a big dude. Hope we land him.
  13. Agreed. Have heard great things about Oladokun. Hope he puts on a little weight this offseason.