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  1. USF > FSU

    USF & UCF may be best 2 teams in the state. FSU lost, Miami in a dog fight with Toledo and UF facing a dangerous UK team tonight.
  2. Today in the P6 - Following any game?

    This guy goldshlager is terrible
  3. Today in the P6 - Following any game?

    We prefer a few more penalties just to make things interesting
  4. Attendance is an embarrassment

    Yeah but 70% of fans would be orange/blue or garnet/gold
  5. Attendance is an embarrassment

    Thanks Apis!
  6. Attendance is an embarrassment

    Watching Houston and it looks pretty packed with a nice atmosphere
  7. Attendance is an embarrassment

    Here in Tampa we've TTU vs Houston. Wish FSU game was on
  8. USF Repped in NY on College Game Day

    Way to represent Big Apple Bulls!
  9. According to a financial analysis at 70m dollars. http://www.tampabay.com/news/business/in-dollars-how-valuable-are-floridas-university-football-programs/2338422
  10. Can we complain about Booger and Joey?

    Yet he keeps finding employment...
  11. Hypothetical ESPN College GameDay

    If that scenario played out and the game was in Houston, the chances are better. Can you imagine game day in Tampa outside RayJay at 9am in the morning? There'd be like 50-75 people there drinking coffee and looking at their phones. Not the image ESPN is looking for.
  12. The Bottom Line

    Not saying I agree with it but I believe that's what they're thinking
  13. Hypothetical ESPN College GameDay

    After the attendance last night, I'd say the chances are about 1 in Avogadro's #
  14. Will Harlan Be Interviewing?

    Hang in there BB. This program needs about 2k more folks like you. Maybe one day soon I'll get there.