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  1. Illinois game 2018

    Hopefully we get a good turnout from Bulls nation for this road game
  2. ESPN All Bowl Team

    Pretty cool!
  3. Illinois game 2018

    Any bullspenners planning to make this roadie? Jchem and I are planning to hit the Windy City to watch our Bulls.
  4. MBB: Fun with arbitrary data points

    Glad the Muma center could elevate the program
  5. They probably don't shoot that good in practice...then again practice is probably more difficult.
  6. Gotta be the Indian burial ground. Last good season we had we played all home games at Amalie arena.
  7. Any chance the conference does to USF MBB what the old Big East did to Temple football?
  8. Baby seal meet club WSU 41 Jiggets - 14 martin - 6 69%
  9. Vega. Just curious. You follow MBB and college basketball much closer than I do. What's your assessment of Gregory and where the program is headed? Is he the right guy? The facilities have all been upgraded and WBB is having tremendous success but MBB has been a permanent dumpste fire and I don't understand why. Do enlighten me.
  10. Phoenix radio guys laughing

    But they are talking about UCF
  11. USF realignment "Rumors" "tweets" "etc"

    I had always heard that quote and never knew where it came from.
  12. Is UCF

    Fair enough. Perhaps when you compare it to sexual harrassement and child predators there is a such a thing as bad publicity. With that being said, the publicity the tinmen are getting for this stunt, good or bad, is doing nothing but helping their program.
  13. Is UCF

    I posted this in another thread. The tinmen are directing the narrative and even if they're getting skewered by some there's no such thing as bad publicity. No matter what side of the fence you fall on, the college football world is spending a lot of time talking about UCF.
  14. USF's possibilities to crash the 2019 CFP

    Love the optimism and I hope USF does run the table in 2019 and beat everyone 70-0 but No. Under the current format where the 4 playoff teams are decided by a subjective committte in a smoky back room, no G5 team will ever get a shot. It's all about $$$. They have it and we don't. The only way I see for USF to get a shot at the CFP would be if they ever expanded to 8 teams and gave the G5 an automatic bid and I don't see that happening anytime soon. The other way would be for USF to get a seat at the big boy table in P5 conference, however, it may be easier to get an invite to Augusta National, but we should keep trying. USF should be building a program with a goal of P5 membership, i.e. Football only facility and IPF (in the works) and yes an OCS in the hopes of a reshuffling of the deck when the next round of TV contracts come do. If USF can't commit to these lofty goals then maybe they should rethink their long term goals with the football program.
  15. P6

    There's no such thing as bad publicity.