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  1. CCS hates it here

    If CCS moves on this year, Harlan should look towards an up and coming coordinator at a P5 school. I would be fine with Larry Scott. Programs like USF/UCF tend do better with an up and coming coach who is looking to build their career and move on. Coaches like that pour their heart and soul in to the job. Hiring a retread like Strong who has been at the P5 level, they truly never feel vested in the program, i.e. Strong/Holtz. The 2 best coaches in USF history have been Leavitt and Taggart both have been young coaches on an upward trajectory and it helped that they were both from the area. Leavitt a DC and Taggart a coach at a smaller school. Schiano would be the worst possible move Harlan could make.
  2. CCS and Coaching Openings

    Lots of interesting speculation here. https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2017/11/19/16673512/college-football-coaching-search-news-updates-nebraska-florida-tennessee-arkansas-auburn-fsu
  3. CCS hates it here

    I have no knowledge if CCS is unhappy and wants to leave. Based on how he appears during interviews and pressers, it kind of seems that way. I know. I know. That's just his personality, but perhaps he really is unhappy. As someone above said, I believe the announcement on the football facility and even the OCS earlier in the year were done as a way to make good on commitments made to him during the interview process. We'll see how all this plays out. If he really wants to leave, the easiest way would be to kick the tinmen's ass and win the AAC championship and then grab one of those P5 offers he covets (Arky, Ole Miss, etc). Good Luck Chuck!
  4. 9-1

  5. AAC Games 11/18

    So what's the USF section at the Trop for the BBMB?
  6. AAC Games 11/18

    Strong has a pre game saying, be patient
  7. AAC Games 11/18

    Kind of how Taggart played. Must be a young coach thing. CCS is from the era of 3 yards and a cloud of dust
  8. Game Preparation: UCF Encyclopedia

    We need Matt Grothe to deliver the pregame speech. He has true hatred for those guys. Paging Mr. Grothe...
  9. AAC Games 11/18

    We just wait to see what the defense gives us
  10. AAC Games 11/18

    UCF playing with a lot of confidence and swagger. Kinda like USF circa 2016,
  11. AAC Games 11/18

    Miami down 7 at the half to Virginia. Go Cavs!
  12. Taking off the green and gold goggles. TInmen 41-20 Flowers MVS 398
  13. AAC Games 11/18

    UCF offense is so much more creative than SG power run never throw over the middle offense.