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  1. Just booked the new United nonstop flight from Tampa to San Fran for $780 for me and the wife. Leave on Wednesday the 23rd and come back on Sunday the 27th. Gonna mix in a trip to wine country. Can't wait!!
  2. Just checking in. Wow what a historic win for Basebulls!!!
  3. The wife wants to stay in the French Quarter so I checked prices and the going rate seems to around $300/night. Trying to talk her in to more cost effective options.
  4. Jabreel Stephens played both DE and LB. I guess the new staff projects him as a DE,
  5. Delivery looks like Danny Wuerffel http://www.hudl.com/profile/3910769/mike-dean
  6. Looks like 2 preferred walk ons at QB. Dean and Trina from Plant. Nice read http://www.tcpalm.com/story/sports/high-school/football/2016/12/14/vero-beach-qb-mike-dean-earns-top-honors-class-8a/95434688/
  7. Great list Doge. Would like to see another LB and DT. We didn't address DT last year and have only 2 committed for this class.
  8. Totally clueless...could be anywhere from great to good to average to bad. We shall see.
  9. Way to go Quinton! Bulls Nation couldn't be more proud!
  10. Let's just see what it looks like when the dust settles before we break out the torches and pitch forks...
  11. Very condescending elitist tone to it.
  12. Who is this Mike Farrell guy?...BJ Honnicutt?
  13. Does his commitment now put us in the top 100?
  14. Orlando Antigua had his head up his 'culo' for 2+ seasons
  15. I really feel bad for the players. They seem to be giving their all but it's quite obvious the talent level isn't anywhere near the opposition. I don't fault Bartow at all for this. If this was high school, it'd be like coaching a small 1A private school playing in the powerhouse 7A district.