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  1. Football Complex (IPF) News Another indication that beer is seeping deeper into the culture of college events: The NCAA will start making beer available at more of its championships. The normally conservative governing body of college sports already sells beer at its baseball, softball, football and lacrosse championships. Wrestling, volleyball and ice hockey are likely next by 2018, and it’s just a matter of time before beer is being sold at every round of the men’s and women’s basketball tournaments. “Ultimately, and I mean sooner than later, the vast majority of schools will sell beer in their concessions,” said veteran collegiate marketer Rick Jones of Charleston, S.C.-based FishBait Marketing, whose clients include Capital One and the Atlantic Coast Conference. “TV money and a lot of the other collegiate revenues are flat. Schools are looking for new revenue and [beer at concession stands] will be a significant new giant income stream.”
  2. Illinois game 2018

    BOOKED! - Flying Southwest in at 1pm on Friday and out at 11:30 on Sunday. Quick trip because two weeks later we're spending a week running around Massachusetts on the way to Amherst for the UMass game. GO BULLS!
  3. 38 years

    And won the game... for the 39th year in a row.
  4. Football Complex (IPF) News

    At UCF Sunday they said it was an NCAA rule. Closest I can find is no alcohol at NCAA sanctioned championship games. So, other than the stupid UCF idea of having ONLY two concession stands(both on the same side of the arena) in the CFE Arena, they are wrong about the rules.
  5. Football Complex (IPF) News

    Part of the reason for my question. I don't know the answer.
  6. Football Complex (IPF) News

    "The granting of naming rights for the Sun Dome, seemingly imminent, could add another revenue stream." This question came up the other day. UCF does not sell alcohol at sports events because 1- they own the facilities, and 2 - NCAA regulations state that alcohol cannot be sold at university owned facilities( I think). USF does not "own" the Sun Dome. How will naming rights benefit USF athletics?
  7. We'll have a designated coach this year which certainly can't hurt.
  8. 38 years

    Yes, I did, from about ten rows off the court. I didn't know that karate chopping was legal in basketball.
  9. 38 years

    Jespersen Lands on Honor Roll for Seventh Time
  10. Football Complex (IPF) News

    I would agree that beating a horrible Illinois team, or any P5 that's that bad, does little to help. But, beating a consistent middle of the pack or better P5 would. I would also think that when the time comes the powers that be will look at out overall record, our record vs P5(can we compete), and their attendance at their house.
  11. 38 years

    Yea, I guess UConn is lucky also. I mean they only scored 55 against UCF. I seem to remember you asking what they would hold USF to when we played over there. I'm guessing somewhere in the 70 range.
  12. 38 years

    21 points and 15 boards - horrible!
  13. So, in a thread about conference expansion, are you hinting that we'll have to endure intergalactic war first?
  14. 38 years

    Heading over that way about 9:30 GO BULLS!