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  1. If he's won 20 a year he should at the very least have their respect.
  2. This Friday is Lifetime Alumni appreciation.
  3. At one point the had the highest rate of std's in the Country...
  4. Isn't it redshirt freshman - sophmore - senior? If we're comfortable with QB#3 being QB#1 then I guess QB#2 is pretty good right now. Or, there will be a pretty good battle going into fall camp for the QB#2 position.
  5. I think I bleed as much GREEN and GOLD as any body. And IF we go undefeated it'll be the greatest season in the history of USF football. Facts being facts and all.
  6. Any watch parties? Just no possible way to male it Friday. I'll be at Glory Days in Carrollwood watching the game.
  7. And I agree. Maybe it was another sport. I guess you win some and you lose some.
  8. This whole thread reminds me of another thread about four years ago. Now all we need is a guy to light up the record book while all the keyboard gurus write about how much he sucks.
  9. Which one of those want to lose their first home game of the season? Would they, or could they all have better match-ups, USF included? Of course they could. I'm just not sure how you sell, or trade, a win for a loss. LA Tech, maybe, the rest of them, no chance.
  10. Agree with Apis here, and so does usfbullrider. Stony Brook doesn't matter. But it is a home game that maybe we don't lose money on.
  11. Or, don't lose THE game we have to win. aka Temple.
  12. 100% agree on both counts. But, I only used the three as an example. I could've just as easily, and I think fairly accurately, said any shot that didn't come from under the basket. And actually some of those. We just need to be more aggressive.
  13. Need to be more athletic and way more aggressive. Two things that stood out for me, partly the aggressive thing, is not following shots to the rim. Just because someone throws up a three doesn't mean break to the other end of the court. The other is actually using picks. Almost with every pick set, the girls leave too much room for the defender to get by. BUT! They are a darn fun bunch to watch... most of the time. GO BULLS!