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  1. QF simply runs the short and intermediate routes himself. That takes away the possibility of int's.
  2. Orlando Sentinel College Football "Ranks"

    Writer was just confused. He was talking about how many points we would win by this year.
  3. I thought so, but another senior moment and...
  4. JR Reed at least until the end of this season. D’Ernest Johnson 2014-15 ?
  5. Exciting!

    Soooooooo... about that indoor practice facility. First practice in 45 minutes and it's thundering like crazy.
  6. Fact.↑ How many P5's have we had cancel games on us? How many have turned down offers to play us?
  7. August 26, 2017 QB Flowers Peach Bowl
  8. Watch parties for away games

    Alumni and Athletics really need to talk to each other. Last year their respective watch parties were less than a mile apart in Carrollwood.
  9. Watch parties for away games

    Yes, it is. Davian Benito does a great job of hosting.
  10. WBB Non-con Announced

    Orlando on the 24th. You might miss the first game in Ft. Myers.
  11. WBB Non-con Announced

    Get your tickets now!
  12. For you OCS fans.

    Spectrum rhymes with...
  14. For you OCS fans.