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  1. 100% agree, but they're not. One was like a small wall pendant / banner, the other was a spinning wind chime that had different motions. BOTH said the license wasn't worth the trouble.
  2. You may be right. I'm surprised to see only 20 schools listed on their site. And here's a complete list of offerings by UA for the casual fan... I'm sure the exposure from one frigging shirt is overwhelming...
  3. So we don't want Saturday day games because it's too hot and we don't want week night games because it's too inconvenient and we want more butts in the seats because it's embarrassing to see empty seats.
  4. So, you have no clue, got it. Thanks anyway.
  5. Does anybody know why USF has such a stringent licensing policy? I've been to several arts and crafts festivals and get the same answer almost every time. "I can't get approved to do USF" I saw one this weekend that had almost every AAC school except USF - same answer. Two different merchants had ECU, FAU, Tulsa, FIU, UCF, UF, FSU, etc. - same answer, "I can't get approved."
  6. Apparently I missed something in the conversation. What conversation are you referring to?
  7. That was a minute. Last year was a season. So you sir are correct, finest moment. Last year was our finest season IMO.
  8. CCS said something like Nadleman(sp) coming off an injury and didn't want him trying to hit one into the wind.
  9. So, 4 pages, Temple still won, the BULLS still lost, and we have some some fast guys. Got it. Now, about next years offense. I think it's going to look a lot like last year. I think QF will be improved, again, on the intermediate routes. I think that will open up even more of the run game. Remember, CCS said he didn't need to see DJ play in the spring game because he knows what an athlete he is. Maybe DJ breaks MMs record...
  10. Just curious why you feel the need to state the blatantly obvious. Maybe you think arm tackles will work? I can show you hundreds of hours proving that will not work. Maybe I should have just gone with my original thought when you two started the wrapping up BS. - NO **** Captain Obvious.
  11. I just remembered to give Shari your address not two minutes ago. We originally blocked 10 rooms to get the group rate, so I think there are two more. Feel free to pass the info to anybody you want.
  12. MBB

    Assuming of course he would have recruited them in the first place. It's possible that the new coach has a plan and a lot of these guys don't fit that plan. If the team is gonna suck, maybe he thinks it should be with newer players that have better attitudes. Just spitballin' cause I have no idea what's best for USF basketball at this point.