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  1. GAMEDAY!!!

  2. Observations from first three games

    Watch this guy - Keirston Johnson #34
  3. Bulletin Board Material

    I'm going to guess that they're not reading it "in the moment of the game..." I know that "bulletin board material" has been used in nearly every sport as visual/motivational techniques. I would also guess that sports therapists and psychiatrists use some form of visual stimulation in their practices.
  4. 2017 Tulane game

    I'm still working on it. I'll keep everyone posted. Last night I was able to get Andrew Goodrich involved a little. I've contacted the Alumni, Athletics, HOT, and anybody else I can think of. I get a lot of "hey, great idea, let me look into it." We're gonna make something happen. GO BULLS!
  5. USF Football Pregame Stampede

    That is the problem.
  6. USF MBB NCAA Sanctions Update

    The NCAA's 10-month investigation into USF's men's basketball program has ended... This is a developing story. Stay here for updates.
  7. USF's Defensive Turnaround

    Any chance you could find that quote and send it to DC CBJ?
  8. USF @ ECU Game TIme

    I wonder if they're interested in a certain special teams coach...?
  9. 2017 Tulane game

    I might have one at the Hotel St. Marie. If interested let me know ASAP. Not sure if there's still time. IF it's still there it would be $224 for two queen beds.
  10. Playcalling

    Give me 700 yds and 47 points every game, I'll take my chances at the CCG win. I really don't care how it happens.
  11. Illinois Attendance

    Bulls, FAMU, and Bucs, and Rays in one weekend is competition. I'm sure most can afford only one.
  12. Let's go AAC!

    Don't forget that the CCG is at the home of the highest ranked team. I think that would be a huge difference. GO BULLS!
  13. Would that be considered recruiting?
  14. Game on!!

    Anybody have an official announcement with all the free tickets available? I would share it on all social media.