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  1. 4* defensive linema Jordan Elliot indicated he is leaving Texas. Worth it? Does USF have a "Strong" chance? Texas fans seem very disappointed
  2. Perfectly understandable to not think about the Nevada game....... What happens in Nevada stays in Nevada (plus the whole Skippy thing)
  3. "Media rights is 10 yrs and $29mil. Today is Sun Dome and 5 yrs. Any more money involved? Why only 5." So the football stadium can go where the demolished Sundome sits and basketball can play at Amalie. Then the whole argument about an OCA can begin to replace the OCS argument.
  4. It was the afternoon start. You know students working, parent / kids activities, etc. etc. The place would have been packed at 7:00.
  5. Does their logo involve any fingers?
  6. Quote from the story: "Brian (Yankelevitz) and I are lifelong gamblers, the story is as good as winning the money," Axelrod said. Yea, that is a talent what I want in my college basketball coach.
  7. Great editing at the breaks.
  8. Yes dear that was a picture of Judy I was taking. What? I didn't even notice.
  9. Joe is a little different than most high school coaches. Mega successful at Manatee HS he was called in by a couple of major schools (Nebraska and Auburn plus others) to tweak their offenses. Remember also he was in the running to be USF's first coach.
  10. The important question, will Joe Kinnan remain the offensive consultant? Don't think at this point in his life he moves to Oregon.
  11. I hope he saw and understood what happened in the fourth quarter when you slow this offense down.
  12. I don't know the relationships but it would be nice to have Joe Kinnan stay as "offensive consultant". I really think a good chunk of the Gulf Coast Offensie design was his hand not to mention his recruiting contacts in Florida.
  13. For those in Sarasota-Bradenton there is a group of about 20 gathered at Evie's on University and Whitfield. Though this is the normal alumni location this was not on the official list so it is nice to see the turnout
  14. When this happens (pending the whole dotted line thing...) lets give some credit to Tom Korun for getting that "I'll be back" statement. That made last night a little more tolerable when CCS left Tampa. It is now clear he went back to Austin to dump the Texas booster and pick up a Bull plane.