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  1. Good to hear USF is a brand name...

    Anyone else think this reporter may be confusing us with a certain undefeated team to the east making fools of themselves for proclaiming a "national championship" (wink, wink,). Not saying we are not a brand name at this point.
  2. SI: What Was the Best Game of 2017?

    The silver lining is this loss seems to have raised our national awareness more than a lot of the big wins. Rivalries are a big part of college football. Having said that it still sucks.
  3. We were winning the snowball fight. Then the big kids got out of school!
  4. It was also a little bit different in that nobody knew who we were (yet) in 2003
  5. Are the Bulls Motivated for Saturday?

    Don't be surprised if the team is disappointed to be back in Birmingham from what I hear. We will see if this translates to the field.
  6. Coaching Dominoes Are Starting To Fall

    Don't laugh. The Manatee HS coaching job is certainly more prominent than the Tennessee job and many other coaching situations.
  7. USF realignment "Rumors" "tweets" "etc"

    Worried that the coaches thread may threaten this one so adding a post😈 Seriously, after the great TV ratings, the (almost) great game (Dan Patrick on 620 this morning called USF - ufc the game of the year) and the rankings, have the Middle Florida combo opened any eyes in Big 12 (why do they have 10 teams?) as a showcase to future possibilities? As much as I hate to tie our future to that Mickey Mouse team, the combo would seem enticing - performance, inroads to FL, markets, our academics, etc., etc. This made sense before of course but after that game makes even more sense.
  8. Special teams are special
  9. I say again *** *** *** *** for an entirely different reason
  10. Come on D it's on you
  11. Arkansas just fired there coach (As expected)
  12. Q please ignore any play calls and do your thing (unless they make sense)
  13. The beers are piling up fast! I'm told old for this sheet! First of many times I say that in the next half hour