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  1. First #2 Clemson then #8 Washington St

    Chaos is our friend. Channel the spirit of '07!
  2. ESPN: Spoiler Alert! Second Half of Season

    "Which is why I always root for chaos (like ISU over OU) in those conferences" That's the tragedy of 2007. Because of chaos we made it to #2. Win out and USF plays for the NC. Of course in a BCS eligible conference.
  3. I have liked Tice better than DJ since the second game running the ball. However I think they are not using DJ to the best of his abilities or strengths.
  4. Two more for Saturday

    Unfortunately will be out of town for third or fourth home game missed in 20 years (Tulane will make up for it). Good news is quickly found a donee for our tickets and they are thrilled to go to the game.
  5. Flowers to be the 7th

    So he only needs 11 yards rushing and 847 passing against Cincy. That sounds about right!
  6. Alumni tailgate-tulane

    Is this still officially "sold out"? We have four that would interested but as of a week ago was sold out.
  7. Color Coordination

    I'm in the green category. Except for noon kickoff's in September. Other than as part of the season ticket package and website has there been any other information put out about this color coding (such as for general ticket sales)? The coordination giving students white t-shirts on Green Day (or vice versa) was poor
  8. New Ole Miss mascot....

    And since Mississippi outlawed Colonel Angus.
  9. Well we did get 5 wins before FSU got their first. The way FSU is playing we might have 6 before their first even with the bye week.
  10. Week 5 Games to Watch

    Anybody in the AAC East needs to lose, rankings be damned! Did everyone forget what one loss did to us last year?
  11. Week 4 AAC Players of the Week

    I can see why Nadelman was selected but my special teams player of the week was Trevon Sands. He was all over the place.
  12. First 4 Games' Report Card

    While I hate the dive, dive, pass, punt offense I am suspecting this is per some plan. I also hate female dog -ing (not censored) about the offense then looking up and seeing 40 points on the scoreboard. I am very confused.
  13. Hit hootie

    The Wizard guy is in the south end zone near the historic (or rain delayed) team entrance tunnel (section 121?). When he and his clan were on I noticed them from my seats. They are in the first few rows. It is mysteriously mesmerizing (but gets old quickly).
  14. Which one (or two) will the Bulls drop?

    Yes that was with about 1 minute left. 3rd and goal for minus 11 yards. The (other) goal line fail occurred earlier in the game.
  15. Which one (or two) will the Bulls drop?

    The next week at UCONN almost compares. Drizzly cold rain and watching a RB with only a few carries (any?) on the year get the ball for a goal line fail.