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  1. Joey Knight has posted several 'where are they now' type articles on players from the inaugural season. There is one for the whole team and several about individuals (Charlie Jackson, Jay Mize, Cory Porter, Scott McReady).
  2. Athlon Prediction

    The Strong hiring was given an A- in their list of all new coaching hires. I guess the writer thought there was no way this could be a first year coach based on the 12-1 prediction and team strengths.
  3. Coaches Poll

    "If you can recruit others to be on the Amway poll, do you get to move higher?" Only if you don't tell them what they are recruited for!
  4. Watch parties for away games

    "Any in the Bradenton area?" The Manatee-Sarasota watch parties have been at Evie's on University Pkwy and Whitfield Ave the last several years (before that they were at Selmons). They are hosted by USF Sarasota-Manatee Alumni and include decorations and drawings for prizes such as shirts, goody bags, gift cards, etc. There also small Bulls items you can pick up (chip clips are the best). Evie's has a separate room where it is held. There are usually 20-40 people that show up depending on game time, wins and opponent just like home games. Check the Alumni site for this year.
  5. Bandwagoners

    The swamp creatures will want to see their future coach says Debbie Downer
  6. Men's Golf: Joaquin Niemann #1 in the WORLD

    I don't know if he will use it but the IMG golf academy is 45 minutes away from USF in Bradenton. World class facilities and coaches.
  7. 4* DL Leaving Texas

    4* defensive linema Jordan Elliot indicated he is leaving Texas. Worth it? Does USF have a "Strong" chance? Texas fans seem very disappointed
  8. San Jose?

    Perfectly understandable to not think about the Nevada game....... What happens in Nevada stays in Nevada (plus the whole Skippy thing)
  9. USF press conference 2:30 today

    "Media rights is 10 yrs and $29mil. Today is Sun Dome and 5 yrs. Any more money involved? Why only 5." So the football stadium can go where the demolished Sundome sits and basketball can play at Amalie. Then the whole argument about an OCA can begin to replace the OCS argument.
  10. It was the afternoon start. You know students working, parent / kids activities, etc. etc. The place would have been packed at 7:00.
  11. Welcome WSU to the AAC basketball conference

    Does their logo involve any fingers?
  12. Quote from the story: "Brian (Yankelevitz) and I are lifelong gamblers, the story is as good as winning the money," Axelrod said. Yea, that is a talent what I want in my college basketball coach.
  13. Birmingham Bowl Full Game Video is Up

    Great editing at the breaks.
  14. Just got back from the game. Awesome time!

    Yes dear that was a picture of Judy I was taking. What? I didn't even notice.
  15. Joe is a little different than most high school coaches. Mega successful at Manatee HS he was called in by a couple of major schools (Nebraska and Auburn plus others) to tweak their offenses. Remember also he was in the running to be USF's first coach.