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  1. Coaching Dominoes Are Starting To Fall

    Don't laugh. The Manatee HS coaching job is certainly more prominent than the Tennessee job and many other coaching situations.
  2. USF realignment "Rumors" "tweets" "etc"

    Worried that the coaches thread may threaten this one so adding a post😈 Seriously, after the great TV ratings, the (almost) great game (Dan Patrick on 620 this morning called USF - ufc the game of the year) and the rankings, have the Middle Florida combo opened any eyes in Big 12 (why do they have 10 teams?) as a showcase to future possibilities? As much as I hate to tie our future to that Mickey Mouse team, the combo would seem enticing - performance, inroads to FL, markets, our academics, etc., etc. This made sense before of course but after that game makes even more sense.
  3. Special teams are special
  4. I say again *** *** *** *** for an entirely different reason
  5. Holy *** *** *** ***
  6. Come on D it's on you
  7. WOW what a catch
  8. Arkansas just fired there coach (As expected)
  9. Q please ignore any play calls and do your thing (unless they make sense)
  10. The beers are piling up fast! I'm told old for this sheet! First of many times I say that in the next half hour
  11. How come everyone can see that the dive middle doesn't work and is a wasted play (I know "execution")? Yet the OC AND Charlie can't?
  12. And the winner is Dive Right!!! OK WE GOT A TOUCHDOWN BEFORE I COULD POST THIS!!!
  13. CCS hates it here

    So lately UF has had pretty good defenses and won despite offenses that didn't meet expectations yet they couldn't fire the coach fast enough. I fail to see why CCS wouldn't be at the top of their list!
  14. It's not the godawful predictable runs between the tackles (well yes it is) that are so bothersome. It's not taking advantage of what the defense is giving. I couldn't believe the space available down field and even my wife (who knows nothing about football) saying here comes a run up the middle. A tight end leaking down the middle should be very productive. There appears no thought to running to set up the pass or play action I think I made this same comment about Willie before the switch was flipped in self defense.
  15. USF today...

    I can see why the one is named longispinus. I am afraid to ask why the other one is named incertus. Where exactly does it insert itself? (other than your foot)