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  1. Yeah, in 2012 .... which means, according to your stupid analogy, for the better part of 30 years he was like a "doctor" who parents trusted their children's health care to but never attended medical school, only had a degree in Hospital Management
  2. Reading them is of the dirtier parts of my "job" .... Commenting on them is a fringe benefit.
  3. They're in New York. They wouldn't use a publicity campaign .... MH would have to be very careful.
  4. The one he got 31 years after he graduated college?
  5. The UF S&C coach was the very first one I looked up and I'm guessing he is more the norm, education wise, than those coming out of college with an S&C specific degree. There may be more coming out now but it appears to be something that wasn't really a requirement, with experience from working up the ranks being the key.
  6. UF''s S&C Coach- A 1982 graduate of Fairmont State, he owns a bachelor's in education and social studies. He also earned a master's in recreation resource administration from N.C. State in 1987.
  7. That's exactly what this award is based on ....
  8. I'm guessing they wouldn't get in over an undefeated Boise State with a comparable schedule.
  9. Not a good sign for CCS's pep talk ...
  10. Actually this award isn't based on status ... Bottom line, even if you don't care about a Bull winning the award, others on here do. Still don't understand why people feel the need to post on threads concerning something they don't care about, just to be a ****.
  11. UCF is better than Memphis .... plus there was that whole War on I-4 thing to get their juices really flowing.
  12. Even Mac's team beat a ranked Georgetown for its only BE win our first year in the conf so we have that going for us ...
  13. Can he freelance down here for that month?