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  1. Assume that was a c&p, from an article about the NCSU vacancy, so it should have a link. Neither has any glaring faults. Keatts would have only been a hc for 3 seasons but he came and immediately turned things around. Rice's 6th year with only an NIT appearance thus far so don't really know how attractive he'd be to programs like NCSU so he would probably be available .... unless he gets into the NCAA's and makes a deep run. Wouldn't be surprised if MH didn't look to the same place he got the new MSoccer coach.
  2. Why would he leave Seton Hall and the Big East to come here?
  3. Yeah, we are no longer the toughest job in college basketball but it's still far from a plum job either. Agree that since Stan was able to get it to a certain point it can definitely be done. Hopefully when the next one gets to that point, the powers that be don't automatically assume that we can just reload and gives the coach time. And I didn't mention the Curse on purpose. It may thrive on the attention ...
  4. You need to find a coach who went to a school with very little basketball tradition, in a major metropolitan, football first area, with tepid, at best, fan/student support and built it up to where they weren't rebuilding after 3 or 4 years like most schools do ... Outside of finding someone like that, you're just rolling the dice with a new coach so it really doesn't matter how hungry he is or where he comes from. MH does his homework, picks who he thinks is the best option, give him a 5 year contract and leave him alone .... barring a COA type situation with an investigation and valuable recruits not making it to campus or leaving after a year and a half.
  5. Brad can hopefully give a more detailed explanation, if he sees this ...
  6. i think it's because of advertisers ...
  7. The Trough would be the place for something like that .... unless the band was made up of Skinheads and they're looking for a comeback gig at the 2021 Inauguration Ball.
  8. I, too, am confused. Maybe I haven't been paying enough attention but the only thing that may qualify as an "agenda" I've seen has been the cryptic, wadded panties inducing comment about slowing the offense some.
  9. There are plenty of P5's that haven't reached elite status in any sports ..... but as I wrote this, saw JT's response and I guess the question is what is meant by elite status and do you also mean sustained elite status?
  10. smh ... It was a joke ..... that was char's old name.
  11. What does Leavitt's success here have to do with CCS's success at L'ville?
  12. Suffocating is a perfect description of their defense last night. We had very few uncontested shots. Against that kind of team you can ill afford many unforced errors and avoiding those has not been one of our strengths this year ...
  13. How much of a hassle are they really? .... And you sometimes get gems like Kawika, Barnhardt, Tyrone McKenzie and Adams.
  14. Now there's an oldie but a goodie .... remember going back and forth with some asswipe named nybullsfan, or something similar,