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  1. Could have maybe said the same thing about USF FB 10 years ago .... Never know what the future may hold.
  2. What reason did you have for purchasing the last 3 seasons?
  3. Wasn't eating. Just grabbing a couple of unsweet teas for the road ... I think there was a Subway if I had needed food. The McD's was new, though, along with their only traffic light ...
  4. Joey Knight, Times Staff Writer Wednesday, May 24, 2017 2:16pm During our hour-plus chat with Brian Gregory in his office last week, the new Bulls basketball coach still wasn't at liberty to discuss incoming graduate-transfers Terrence Samuel (Penn State), Payton Banks (Penn State) or Stephan Jiggetts (Fairleigh Dickinson). But the school finally confirmed their signings on Wednesday, formally adding what is believed to be the final touches to the 2017-18 roster. So now that everyone's on board, what can Bulls fans expect from this overhauled roster? On what will Gregory's inaugural team hang its figurative hat? Still tough to say. Remember, Gregory spent most of his first two months feverishly trying to piece together a team. How this group jells over time, once he gets it on the floor together, remains to be seen. But Gregory does promise his constituents one thing. "We're gonna figure out a way to defend and rebound, I can tell you that," Gregory said. "Or at least die trying." While Gregory sifts through his guard options (prediction: Jiggetts is your opening night point guard), he'll probably build his frontcourt around 7-foot-2, 250-pound Serbian Nikola Scekic and 6-11 USC transfer Malik Martin, who sat out last season after two undistinguished years with the Trojans. Incoming 6-8 freshman Alexis Yetna also could have an immediate impact, bringing the type of length and grit that Gregory helped harvest during his lengthy tenure as a Tom Izzo assistant at Michigan State. "I think the offensive side of things will be a process and a progression as guys get a little more comfortable, not only in their roles but how we're playing," Gregory said. "So initially, obviously we have to be really committed on the defensive end and on the glass." Does that signal a series of low-tempo grudge matches on the Sun Dome floor this winter? Not necessarily, Gregory said, though only one team -- his 2015-16 Georgia Tech squad -- has averaged more than 70 points a game in his 13 seasons as a head coach. "The teams I've been associated with both as a head coach and an assistant coach, we always ran, but we never were 90, 95, 100 (points per game), because we played defense on the other end," Gregory said. "So the other teams' possessions are longer. ... So the better you are defensively and rebounding, that obviously is the first phase of playing with pace."
  5. Was in McRae, Ga, which is in the middle of BFE in south Georgia, for a funeral several weeks ago. Was in a McD drive thru line before heading home and some car pulls up next to me, honking the horn. Didn't recognize him but thought he may have been a relative I had just met, but forgotten already, when he throws up the horns. His daughter was a USF graduate and living in NPR and he gets down to 2 or 3 games a year .... a big QF fan. One of the last places I've ever been to I'd have expected to find a chosen one.
  6. TDS has some done some awesome stuff lately but then some some stupid **** like this ...
  7. Alright, I guess I'm having one of those "get of my ******* lawn" moments but this 'C' **** is getting annoying as hell, especially when you've got 2 other C's in the conference. Not a big fan of the UCiF stuff but it looks downright literary compared to this new, irritating fad. There are plenty of things you can call them, with 'C' being at the bottom of that list ....... IMHO.
  8. I'd take it but not liking it. I wonder why there instead of the Peach.
  9. 2017 Justin Brown SF 4/10/2017 (SIGNED 4/12/2017) Alex Yetna PF 4/19/2017 (SIGNED 5/8/2017) Nikola Scekic C 4/23/2017 (JUCO, 2 years of eligibility left) (SIGNED 4/27/2017) David Collins SG 4/26/2017 (SIGNED 4/27/2017) Transfers Terrence Samuel PG 4/10/2017 (Grad transfer, 1 year of eligibility left) (SIGNED 5/24/2017) Stephan Jiggets PG 4/16/2017 (Grad transfer, 1 year of eligibility left) (SIGNED 5/24/2017) Payton Banks SF 4/17/2017 (Grad transfer, 1 year of eligibility left) (SIGNED 5/24/2017) T J Lang G 4/20/2017 (Has to sit 1 year, 1 year of eligibility left) (SIGNED 5/4/2017) Laquincy Rideau PG 5/3/2017 (Has to sit 1 year, 2 years of eligibility left) (SIGNED 5/8/2017)
  10. This was posted in the Tampa Bay and General Sports forum but I think this would be the appropriate spot for it ...
  11. It was the teenager's friend's sister's friend's cousin who saw them ...
  12. Maybe a better variety of 6 inch pumps available in Boca ...
  13. <insert lame airport/alam clock joke> Wish he had decided to stick it out here ..... until I see how the grad transfer pg's do.