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  1. Just be sure to down vote the ocs swimming pool. Don't need no steenking swimming pool in a football stadium. Tiki bars are dumb enough .....
  2. Triple B

    Going Old School: Bradley Was the Best

    Probably would have had "gone" somewhere in the title rather than "going" in that case ........
  3. Emails do get lost. Here's the link to the survey. Use whatever email they should have used to contact you.
  4. Finally got around to filling it out and the strangest part to me was asking for input on a swimming pool ......
  5. Bulls Take Care of Wildcats, 5-3, in Year’s Final Home Midweek Game TAMPA, APRIL 24, 2018 – The University of South Florida baseball team scored two runs in the fifth to retake the lead for good, giving it a 5-3 win against Bethune-Cookman Tuesday night. The first two innings were quick for both sides, but the Wildcats (17-25, 11-7 MEAC) struck first with a run in the third. The Bulls (27-14, 9-6 The American) responded with two runs on three hits in the bottom half. Junior catcher Tyler Dietrich (Naples, Fla.) led off with a double to center, followed by an RBI double by Coco Montes (Miami). Senior Duke Stunkel Jr. (Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.) followed with a single up the middle, scoring Montes from second. Rest of story
  6. Triple B

    The War on I4 begins this weekend

    Are they on WP's, then? A couple of box scores for that game that I saw had us giving up an earned run ....
  7. Triple B

    Bulls AD Harlan About to Sign an Extension

    I doubt there's any raise that they could afford that would take him off the market if a P5 really wanted him ..
  8. Triple B

    Bulls AD Harlan About to Sign an Extension

    What "slack"? We need every penny they can scrounge up to get this thing looking respectable .... unless things have drastically changed from the last donation figures I was aware of. Maybe with the extension now, those with nothing more than what maybe boils down to personal differences reassess their situation and realize what they're withholding isn't hurting MH but instead, USF Athletics.
  9. Triple B

    Bulls AD Harlan About to Sign an Extension

    Must be some truly horrific things if it's pissed many off to the point of putting that ahead of helping our student athletes and helping to get Athletics financially to the level it should be for a university like this.
  10. Triple B

    The War on I4 begins this weekend

    You'd think, though, like an error, if a run scored because of one it wouldn't be classified as "earned". Just doesn't seem right .... or am I wrong about how the whole earned/unearned run thing works?
  11. Edited for a more accurate description ...
  12. Triple B

    The War on I4 begins this weekend

    Why isn't a WP/PB considered an error?
  13. Triple B

    Why is the USF beat writer . . .

    Unless we have a signed contract to join a P5, committing to building a 60K seat OCS would be sheer lunacy ...
  14. Apparently THAT'S what I was missing. Must have read the *********** 5 times ...