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  1. USF/UCF Common Opp

    His point is no one knows what the hell's going to happen on Friday ...
  2. If you think 2 posters constitute a general consensus I guess that statement has some merit ...
  3. Why do you bother to to follow USF football since it's apparently so inconsequential ... ?
  4. CFP Rankings

    He wasn't talking about ranking only the top 8 but just releasing only the top 8 teams...... which would be mysterious, but kind of cool. Rank the top G5 the last weekends.
  5. CCS hates it here

    Rumor and conjecture are the lifeblood of message boards and blogs ............ so the obvious answer is "absolutely".
  6. CCS hates it here

    Uh .......... never?
  7. WarOnI4 game week

    **** the media.
  8. Yes. Uconn 2005 where we were two wins away from a NY bowl ...
  9. This is what I wanted...

    I think to most it was pretty obvious what he meant ..... after years and years on this board some things never change .... like Kanigits trouble with reading comprehension.
  10. Senior Day Attendance

    Works for me.
  11. Morgan State just lost to WVU 111-48. I know this isn't BK's Indiana but my fears about this game just intensified ...
  12. Game Preparation: UCF Encyclopedia

    If you're car's not safe at a church I'm not ................ oh yeah, forgot who we're talking about.
  13. Senior Day Attendance

    Let me know when. If there's a Bolts or Bucs game during that time that you'd be available for, love to get your transplanted Tampanian to a game, dragging you along.
  14. CCS hates it here

    Well, he did just say that UCF got a B12 invite, not that they accepted .... We all know they're holding out for the SEC so he could have been correct.
  15. CCS hates it here

    He got the IPF rolling so I'm good if he is gone .... BTW, here are all the OP's posts on here for further investigation ...