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  1. I must have missed this somehow .... G Jake Bodway. Don’t you dare ask “Who?” because he’s clearly a favorite among the staff and you better not even think about slandering him here. The walk-on is walking off. (I can’t be the only person to have ever been so corny. Fight me.) Saddest news of all if true ...
  2. This is when we need to lean heavily on the weather and Publix ... but the bastards at Publix keep expanding into new states severely cutting down on our edge here.
  3. Xs and Os weren't much of a problem when he had 6 20+ win seasons while in conferences comparable or better than our current one ... Should probably get to that point here before we start critiquing his coaching ability.
  4. You must be new here,
  5. For this year, it seems a smart move may to have extensive tryouts on campus before classes get out, with the offer of a scholarship the enticement. You've got 8, as of 3/30/2017 10:39 AM, for the upcoming year .... although they've got to give one to Jake now.
  6. Yep .... and you don't turn around a program in a year or two, and certainly not easily .... at least not this one up to this point.
  7. ****, great minds .... was just thinking about this last night. The 3 jerseys we have hanging in the rafters represent Tampa, Orlando and Yugoslavia. Maybe CJF can point them in the right direction.
  8. We'd have to go 13-0 and beat the #5 team in a NY6 bowl to get upper top 10 in the final AP poll. It's highly doubtful we'd break the CFP top 10 unless the West Division winner was pretty high ranked also ... And we use the term "midgets" to identify the non P-5 so even a lofty ranking won't change the "tallest midget" moniker.
  9. Amen to that. Both seem like really good people ...... it's a tough profession.
  10. It's been noted and an investigation opened up ..
  11. You complete me .... Also, thing was we only had one 3 and out in those last 9 minutes. The other possession ended in a missed fg. That game was close at the very end not because of game plan but because of execution on all sides of the ball.
  12. I kind of see that but 25 points, 9 minutes, against a supposedly run oriented team ... Plus, you don't want to be running up the score against a service academy ..... so unpatriotic.
  13. That would be the most extreme example of glass half full that I've ever seen ... which is the attitude he's going to need to survive here.