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  1. What does Gilbert have in common with Woodie?

    Booger still loves us.
  2. If it was just that post, wouldn't have said a word. His "gutless" campaign is one of the dumbest things I've ever read in this board.
  3. WTF is right. Did a short, bald, Black man scare the **** out of you as a child??
  4. Ticket prices

    You can get season tix for $19/game if I recall correctly. Stop the whining about season tix price.
  5. Attendance question

    You're probably right, which is just another indicator of the problem with our fanbasefan base
  6. Attendance question

    I thought it was a move that had to be made to try and get the donation levels up from the embarrassing level it was at .... Not sure if it worked or not but at least everyone is playing by the same rules when it comes to seat location. The grandfathered whiners were the poster children of why USF was woefully behind other programs in regards to donations .... and maybe an indication that the previous regime shouldn't have taken that route.
  7. Can we complain about Booger and Joey?

    Was probably the series where we should have had a safety due to a takedown of one of our pass rushers in the end zone...
  8. Hit hootie

    That can't hold War Flamingo's jock ... That would help .............................................. a little.
  9. Hit hootie

    That has gotten old in a hurry ....
  10. Victim of Expectations

    I use those stats because that's the bottom line and until that bottom line changes, I don't consider it justified criticism ..... unless you're talking about the criticism pertaining to players not executing to the best of their ability. That was a justified criticism for Temple.
  11. Can we complain about Booger and Joey?

    I thought the same thing watching the replay ..... not sure I like that.
  12. Hit hootie

    You can't knock those. They were what attracted people to Amalie last year to watch our bad hockey team ...
  13. Lack of fanbase smack talk in AAC

    You are growing wiser with age .... I'll keep saying it, the best, and worse, thing to happen to us was the BCS invite and the #2 ranking.
  14. The scheme has produced 500 yds/41 pts per game ....