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  1. +1. That's why schools fall all over track stars. I remember when I was living in Gainesville, Urban Meyer issued a standing edict that anyone who could beat Percy Harvin in a footrace would automatically get a scholarship.
  2. Right, this is a way of the NC legislature saying "we can pass whatever bills we want, and if you ever boycott again, we will force state schools out of the ACC". Of course they are just posturing, it's stupid. Guess these folks in the NC legislature have nothing more important to worry about than what is in peoples' pants.
  3. I think it's the other way around - it was the ACC (and NCAA) who refused to host games in NC after the bill was passed, and this is an attempt at a threat by the legislature to scare the ACC away from doing that in the future.
  4. Perfect fit. Great news.
  5. The team has been good in the past. There is no reason for the current state of the program.
  6. If this guy can just catch the ball reliably, he's an upgrade over 90% of the players we've had at the position in the last decade.
  7. Either him or Masiello. Not a great start for Harlan given his BB roots.
  8. I hear you, but I'd rather go with some of the outside the box suggestions I've seen floated here than the names that are circulating from the press.
  9. Names that are being floated by the press are very unexciting.
  10. Welcome to the front 7, son
  11. Crean would be a home run but hard to imagine there wouldn't be more attractive options for him.
  12. If it was missing a jury duty notice or something, I get it. But given the structure of the criminal justice system in Florida, it was highly unlikely he was not aware of this charge. I still think it's not the end of the world, but it's not like this is something that just happened to him - he created the issue to begin with.
  13. Wow! Great news for him
  14. As long as they tell him that they are actually hiring to win. Apparently that needs to be made clear to him at the outset.