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  1. Special Teams

    I disagree, special teams have been godawful so far this season, the worst I've seen from USF.
  2. Josh Dunn Update

    He was one of, if not our top rated recruit from that year. Hope he got whatever his issue is worked out.
  3. Hurricane & USF Trivia Question

    That was an incredible game.
  4. Tyre looking so good this year. He's about the lone bright spot.
  5. Team entrance

    Anyone have some photos of the new locker room?
  6. There is something to be said for a guy who just shows up and puts in work.
  7. Hey, BullsFanInTX --BE SAFE!

    Not a good situation here. We are safe thankfully.
  8. Kevin Bronson

    We cannot afford to lose players at that position. Anyone know what's up?
  9. Hulu to Carry CBS Sports Network

    I'm using YouTube TV right now and the picture looks great. App is easier to use than Hulu too from what I saw.
  10. Hey, BullsFanInTX --BE SAFE!

    Hopefully if anyone here lives in Corpus they are long gone by now. There's at least a handful of posters in Houston. We are getting just rain for now, but it looks like it will get a whole lot worse.
  11. Week One Uniforms

    P6 makes me cringe.
  12. Didn't vote for them, but Pat Julmiste and Plancher both deserve props for carrying the load and keeping their heads high when we were so awful. Solid Bulls. edit: my timing was off. Mo wasn't there in the worst years. Still, solid worker.
  13. One and Done?

    The whole sport, and the message board, is a "waste of time" if you want to get down to brass tacks.
  14. Depth Chart Released

    Pinkney, Kegler, Culpepper all on the two deep, so you may not even need to wait for a blowout or special teams action to see them. Surprising to me that Jeremiah Stafford isn't going given that he is on the two deep. I guess that Galati can slide over to center if necessary.