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  1. We should fight tooth and nail to avoid paying any buyout. I bet we reach a settlement to avoid dragging both sides into a prolonged and dirty dispute.
  2. I don't understand these hires at all
  3. When these kids don't show when they are supposed to, the chance that they actually show up and contribute meaningfully is vanishingly small. Time to move on to others who can actually do something for us.
  4. If I were Woodie, I'd have a hard time swallowing a demotion, especially when he might be able to catch on as a position coach at a bigger name.
  5. The hire makes total sense, but he couldn't succeed at Texas despite having nearly infinite resources, so I don't think it's a slam dunk by any means.
  6. UH has had their own attendance issues: http://www.houstonpress.com/news/tom-hermans-not-happy-with-uh-attendance-7871103 And Houston metro area is twice the population of Tampa/St Pete, so a lot more people to draw from for a similar number of athletic teams.
  7. Oh my god, I can't believe the local guys are still beating this dead horse
  8. Great thread - more TBP prescience. I'd say he made the right choice heading here.
  9. Guess sometimes the message board crazies are right...
  10. I agree. For players like him, why try to go straight to the NBA? I just don't get it. Perhaps inflated sense of one's own abilities?
  11. I agree with those that say his resume doesn't warrant serious top-tier consideration. However, anyone that thinks he is here for the rest of his career is crazy. He's gone first good offer he gets, no question.
  12. I don't disagree. That view is not incompatible with understanding that running up the score is frowned upon by many.
  13. Mainly I meant to make the point that if you don't extend "sportsmanlike" courtesies to others, you should not expect them in return. I don't necessarily have a problem with it - but when someone goes headhunting or takes a shot with the intent to put one of our guys out of the game, and is only penalized 15 yards, we don't have room to complain. (i.e. I'm not saying we are doomed by fate to a massive injury just because we threw it at the end.) If I had been on the other end of it, I would have made someone hurt for it.