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  1. That hire is worrisome for us. UCF making good moves.
  2. Yeah, all he had to do was use last year's offense! Not like the personnel has changed at all...
  3. Linebacker depth finally hurt us

    Cherry has shown absolutely nothing despite being given the opportunity at multiple places. Not even worth discussing.
  4. Linebacker depth finally hurt us

    Why would you consider moving Reaves? His performance on the line has been the biggest surprise of the season.
  5. Who is the wizard man?

    Could not agree more with this sentiment. I’m glad people are enjoying themselves at the games. People need to lighten up.
  6. Gilbert still doesn't get it

    I do agree that DJ and Tice could be used more effectively in the passing game. I think the TEs’ unreliability is a totally reasonable explanation for their lack of use though.
  7. Gilbert still doesn't get it

    What quote are you reading?! We won by 30 points, and he's still pissed that every play wasn't executed to his standards. You can say plenty of things about the staff thus far, but I haven't seen anything to suggest that they are okay with any part of the team being mediocre.
  8. Gilbert still doesn't get it

    I don't disagree with the substance of what you are saying - if the game is on the line, I want the ball in Flowers' hands. But despite the fact that we have looked pretty miserable at times, we haven't had that many instances this year where we've been in serious danger of losing. But I am not seeing the massive, inexplicable red zone struggles that everyone else is. Statistically, we have scored more often in the red zone so far this year (on 87.2% of plays) than we did last year (on 86% of plays). Our touchdown ratio was significantly higher last year, which I assume is what is giving people heart burn. But Mack and Adams accounted for 25 TDs between them. And they are probably the best players at their respective positions that USF has ever seen. I agree that we need to find a way to replace that offense, and although it ultimately falls on the staff to find a way to do it, I don't think it's as simple as "offensive coordinator is dumb."
  9. Gilbert still doesn't get it

    I don't doubt the play calling could be improved (remember, it took Taggart way longer than a single season to even get a semi-workable system in place), but the reality is that we don't have the same level of experienced talent on this roster that we had last year. People didn't want to accept it before the season started when I mentioned this same thing, and people don't want to accept it now. It's always easier to complain about a specific coach.
  10. Gilbert still doesn't get it

    Reading this thread, you'd think we were 0-6. Admittedly there's room for improvement on the offensive side of the ball, but people forget we lost two legit star offensive players from last year. We just don't have the same weapons, people need to come to terms with that.
  11. Tice has looked really great this year. We are lucky to have these three.
  12. Special Teams

    I disagree, special teams have been godawful so far this season, the worst I've seen from USF.
  13. Josh Dunn Update

    He was one of, if not our top rated recruit from that year. Hope he got whatever his issue is worked out.
  14. Hurricane & USF Trivia Question

    That was an incredible game.
  15. Tyre looking so good this year. He's about the lone bright spot.