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  1. He will have to do a lot of work to succeed at this level, though. Tons of these types wash out. I'm sure everyone remembers how much Lamar struggled early. And even he could have been so much better. Hopefully having Lamar on staff will help give him some insight re: what to do if he wants to hack it playing college ball. And hope he is willing to put in the work.
  2. Unlikely he actually makes it in wherever he signs but would be a welcome body on the DL.
  3. This would be such a huge relief
  4. From anyone else I would think this is sarcasm...
  5. He's the current Carol City defensive coordinator. That's an... interesting hire.
  6. Charlie Strong's three years at UT: 16W, 21L Skip Holtz's three years at USF: 16W, 21L Not saying the two are equal, but it's not like Strong was coming off a hot run.
  7. 3-3-5 is not that big of a shift from what we ran last couple years. Just moving the tweener DL back from the down position. I agree with JTrue though, we don't have a dominant NT, which raises serious questions about whether we can make three down linemen work.
  8. Oof, that is gutwrenching. Hope the change of scenery helps for him.
  9. Desperate need at that. Too bad we didn't haul in a couple DL last year, we will hurt for a year while these guys get acclimated and put on weight.
  10. Yes. Embarrassing for him, but hopefully he catches on elsewhere.
  11. Natron doesn't have a committable offer, so he won't be on board.
  12. If you are holding your breath on Wilson you will be sorely disappointed. I mean, come on.
  13. And so JTrue is left in the corner sobbing after Mila leaves with the other guy.