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  1. USF Athletics: Revenues / Expenses

    How/where do donations for ticket purchase rights get allocated? I imagine those are counted as general athletic donations but many of them are to gain ability to buy football tickets.
  2. Willie was always of questionable character. Many of us cheered him when he lacked sportsmanship or when AD had to step in about his foolish "off-limits" regions. Now, with clarity of him no longer being our coach we have become more united. Anyone who would follow him we are probably better off (as a University) without. Be thankful Charlie is of much higher caliber.
  3. Leavitt's heart is

    Kind of silly really... His buyout is like $500k - anyone who really wanted to hire him as a HC wouldn't blink at that.
  4. Ethics vs. Ca$h

    Would definitely agree the actions are consistent with his character... so in that way I suppose one's take will be inline with their views on that.
  5. Ethics vs. Ca$h

    Is it unethical? Of course. Is it out of character for most coaching departures? Absolutely. Surprised or upset? Of course not. We championed a coach that defied conventional sportsmanship. We think now that he has moved on that behavior should change? Wish him the best - doubtful we would want anyone who would follow him to attend our school anyway.
  6. Slick Willie lost at home to FAU

    Not sure you should need your talent in place to beat McNeese St - just saying. I'll miss the guy though.
  7. USF Names Charlie Strong Head Coach

    I'd prefer to see Jim Leavitt
  8. Dungy Catching Hell for Supporting CWT to Oregon

    Tony is a top-tier host of Sunday Night Football. He doesn't have to do something to stay relevant. It is great, he supports Taggart and I don't get the anger over that. Taggart is going to have to make his decision of what is best for him - I respect him either way.
  9. Oregon reaches out to Willie Taggart

    We hired him away from WKU when all those same things could have been said - heck it was his alma mater! If he thinks there is a bigger opportunity for him he should take it - just like each and everyone of us should in our professional lives. There is something special about taking a program from its beginnings into a power house as Bobby Bowden has done - but that isn't for everyone or even most people. When we fired Jim Leavitt the one thing that I was most saddened by is that he was very likely the only coach we would ever be able to hire that wouldn't see USF as his next step into the big time. Our AD almost certainly views his role as that. If willie is offered and takes the Oregon gig so will the next head coach.
  10. Predict USF ranking

    Actually you were very clearly "alluding* to perhaps Brett had a personal gripe with Jim - instead of USF. As I said then, I think he was doing what any other reporter in America would do with that information. And he converted it into a pretty nice promotion - or at least a life raft off the sinking ship that was his previous employer!
  11. The Rivalry!

    Oh yeah... we are such tough old guys... sitting in the stands, drinking beer and yelling and all. <eye roll>
  12. The Rivalry!

    I think running the last play is what rubs most people the wrong way. UCF had a time out and could have stopped the clock. In theory we couldn't just take a knee 3 times. But on the last play when they clearly aren't stopping the clock and you can just go shake hands and go home running up to the line is a bi ... puerile. I think it is beyond the pale to suggest anyone will get hurt over it though.
  13. Predict USF ranking

    Did you ever consider that then, like now, he was just doing his job? #justsaying
  14. Has this season been an improvement?

    100% of Texas graduating seniors would also have said there has been improvement - just saying that probably isn't the best yard stick! Clearly improvement, clearly we also benefited from weakening competition. We can't really control the caliber of competition - all we can do is win!
  15. Inexcusably Poor Coaching from Willie Taggart!

    Not sure I follow - what do you mean by "in the middle of the game"? It isn't like the coaching staff are on here monitoring discussions or something. Was an interesting topic that occurred at that moment. You think we should just wait till after the game for all discussion?