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  1. Senior Day Attendance

    I feel like there is a lot that can and should be done to improve our attendance. USF got well out in front of their skis on mandatory donations and seat reallocation. Pricing and promotions need to be evaluated. I'd love to see us run a recurring deal next year like any/all of the following - * free first 2 games off to all previous season ticket holders - you like what you see, buy the rest of season * Full season tickets for price of single game to all recently graduated * Improved pre-game/tailgate activities - free beer in parking lot for all season ticket holders I really feel like USF isn't really trying enough - gameday experience can be dramatically improved. We have people whose full time job it is to think about this.
  2. Senior Day Attendance

    Yeah Leavit got fired for being an abusive liar, I don't think many fans mind that and the casual fan didn't really even care enough to know. Holtz and then even really most of the Taggart era were just an abysmal brand of football. Holtz would claim because he had to focus back on academics but the casual fan just didn't care.
  3. There really is no excuse for how abysmal our defense has been on 3rd and long!
  4. Senior Day Attendance

    That is part of it. I think our OOC games have been pretty dreadful and the team wasn't that good for a while in between
  5. Senior Day Attendance

    Dead Horse --> Step 1 - Play decent schedule Step 2 - Win Step 3 - Fans Show Up Can't skip any steps
  6. Message from CWT to Seniors

    Screw that guy... glad Jim remains consistent in his conference chokes - couldn't have happened to a nicer head coach
  7. 24 Hour Rule

    Lots to be disgusted about from Saturday but nothing has changed in our path to the AAC championship and top-tier bowl game. 24 hours is up - let's look forward! Go Bulls!
  8. 4th and F'n 24!!!!

    Looked in live action like defenders are going for interception... that is just poor game awareness. knock the thing down and move on!
  9. Doesn't matter

    You are right - it doesn't change much. Still same path to conference championship.. but the team that played today will not beat UCF or Memphis or most any bowl eligible team.
  10. "I was right" - Charlie Strong

    Final snaps were inexcusable and that is somewhere between coaching an QF... but you have to stop a 24 yard QB run and a prayer pass into 3x coverage.
  11. "I was right" - Charlie Strong

    Sure - we'd have won. But we would be 8-0 with wins over absolutely no one. This is a mediocre team playing a much worse than mediocre schedule.
  12. "I was right" - Charlie Strong

    This game wasn't on Charlie. Play calling was suspect but mostly it was execution. Everyone knows they are going to take away the run. Some of our best completions just happened to be because we sailed the ball 10' over the intended receivers head and fortunately had someone behind. Bright days ahead for USF w/ Charlie Strong - but this team just isnt' very good.
  13. QF should have been a DB.
  14. Offense

    Every aspect of this team graded out as an F this week. This isn't a very good football team, but even by that standard played poorly.
  15. Well we held on ...

    We aren't boring! We scored 30+ pts in what the last 24 games? We just have a lot of gaps. Hoping today was team losing focus for a quarter. Really felt like if we hit that field goal early in the 4th QFs night was probably done.. maybe team starting leaning that way. But it was pretty awful to watch.