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  1. Probably one of the most promising statements about the future of our country... really hope you are right. I don't care much either way - but it is a bit weird and especially if this is collection of more or less private photos. To each his own - doesn't offend me, but society will be a better place when these threads gets no views.
  2. I don't think it is a problem at any level... those folks bought a ticket and came to the game - that is a win. We need to encourage more folks to do that and not worry about how they cheer, if they stand, or when they leave.
  3. Weren't we doing that flex pricing thing? Maybe the algorithm calculated the flex price at $0?
  4. Illinois Attendance

    Not gonna lie.. that number id disappointing given the number of free tickets. I know a few people are still without power but given the number of free tickets distributed, no other sporting events to compete with and ranked team I'd like to think Tampa would bring out at least 40k. AD has a long way to go to build back up the fan base.
  5. Playcalling

    Defense sets in garbage time were awful... all out blitz gets beat for a cheap TD - no reason to put yourself in that position. But agree on offensive play calling - great game all around.
  6. They would when 8k or so of them got in for free. (To be clear referring to the tickets we gave to first responders and high schoolers -- students pay more than Iron Bulls for their seats!)
  7. So Special Teams Are An Issue

    Needs to get cleaned up.. calling for an assistant to be fired seems a bit extreme. Great win for bulls... I am sure Charlie will do the necessary
  8. Our QB is not a good enough passer to keep dropping catchable balls!
  9. These officials do suck - there is no doubt about it. But most of this is just poor team readiness!
  10. So Special Teams Are An Issue

    Cost us 8 points in this game.. got us on a couple highlight reels for game-day. Need to get it straightened out.
  11. Preeminence

    They should update the banner on then! That is awesome.
  12. Preeminence says "Emerging Preeminent State University"... is there any distinction in the "emerging" vs fully preeminent? Great work by Judy and entire USF faculty!
  13. Not gonna say it was pretty.. but we got there and it was the receiver we wanted involved.