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  1. Apparently landed at Samford....why leave to go to Samford?
  2. Technically cwt didnt beat a sec team in a bowl game, just saying
  3. Expect willie to be an asst under harbaugh in 3 years, wherever that may be
  4. Bulls in the Pros

    He really stepped up big time for us, unexpectedly going into his junior year, i think he has real shot
  5. Ya mo be there
  6. Why are the Bulls not ranked? Seriously 16-1 beat the #1 team....ill admit im a causal follower who only checks if bulls won or not but why are they not ranked? Is our schedule that poor? We are still 16-1 and beat FSU....
  7. Rb, qb, and of course both lines
  8. And frank johnson apparently redshirted for some reason
  9. Like our chances here
  10. Not expecting any huge surprises, slick willie robbed this class, next year is critical
  11. These kids all smoke weed.he just got caught, would be a huge pick up!
  12. I said this a month ago and was called a "jilted lover"....i support usf not slick willie and definitely not oregon
  13. I demand a recount!!!