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  1. NOLA BOUND!!!!

    We are on our way now....Go Bulls!!!
  2. Nigel Harris waived by Chargers?

    Picked up by the giants today
  3. Very very uneasy about this game.. USF 24-10 Tice Antoine 350 the streak ends, hope im wrong but will be there cheering them on
  4. Week 7 Injury Report

    Yea we need some more plays at returning kicks....to bad jordan reed and chauncey smart didnt pan out...maybe Antoine?
  5. AP Poll #16 USF

    Going to Nola rocky style?
  6. Nobody caught video of it at game?
  7. 2017 Tulane game

    We had to get hampton inn in Harvey so will be ubering friday and saturday, thursday in biloxi....really excited for this one
  8. 2018 QB

    I really really like Cronkrite btw
  9. 2018 QB

    Chris O or Kean at qb and Cronkrite or Sands at rb....we will be just fine there, more worried about heavy losses on defense and both lines
  10. Wasnt he starting early in the year? What the heck happened there?
  11. No More Excuses

    And we need to show up with alot of fans in oveido
  12. Who is the wizard man?

    Is he a member of the bullspen?....one of the great mysteries of this season
  13. First #2 Clemson then #8 Washington St

    Just keep winning baby
  14. 2017 Tulane game

    116, row Y
  15. Got my Tulane Tickets

    Section 116 row Y