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  1. Jason butler was pretty darn good for us but had to go with Thor
  2. I thought he left because of a fear of flying, maybe im thinking of someone else
  3. If only he coulda gotten on a plane
  4. Watch out for mack and sands at rb, not to mention tice...why i pick mvs
  5. He is a good blocker too
  6. Rubin....part of the Dixie Hollins connection that built our program....Leavitt, Blackwell, Rubin, Andre Hall
  7. Is it televised?
  8. Obviously under the influence of something, dont think his intent was to rob....whatever, a stupid mistake....pay the consequences, learn and move on with your life....the difference between a criminal and a mistake is the intent and learning from it, hope he does so after he has paid the consequences
  9. Pretty exciting for east carolina though, werent they the bottom seed?
  10. Distraction to hitter as well
  11. That walk on has the heart of a bull
  12. He was with packers a couple years on practice squad
  13. Says wants to coach in college, UCF my guess....on bright side we may actually start landing more Armwood players now