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  1. dausfbulls11

    Bulls greatest plays/blunders

    Giving Courtney Denson his first and only start in front of 100k at Peen St would qualify as a blunder Penn
  2. dausfbulls11

    Spring Game April 14th

    Micario Stanley may have found his position, hello zion roland and St Felix, still concerned about lb depth and ol depth, either qb can lead this offense but we will have more turnovers than last year
  3. Who steps up? Weve been patient
  4. Was something missing all year....teams that bullied Latska(sp?) pretty much shut us down all year....being a native of western new york has been enjoyable to see Buffalo do well in both mens and womens but didnt like it being at our expense....we wouldve been dissapointed vs fsu regardless
  5. dausfbulls11

    🐍 Snake to Bucs

    Wasnt Nicholas in some coaching capacity at USF last year?
  6. dausfbulls11

    Monday Morning Projections. Serious Version I

    Team seems to fold to physical teams(uconn), ohio state is a guard driven team....we def play an international style and when we are on we can beat alot of teams but when we are off on threes can easily be upset...still a great win regardless
  7. Mvs with a couple catches in the other game and Hector with at least one tackle
  8. dausfbulls11

    Tulio Da Silva No Longer With Team

    Man can we keep a player in this program, different coach same thing
  9. dausfbulls11

    QB next year - who's your guy.

    I love Bretts competitveness and leadership, i believe Chris O has the physical tools...will be interesting, expect a heavy dose of Cronkrite, Sands, and Mack at least early
  10. dausfbulls11

    Craig Watts

    Transferring out per his tweet
  11. Breaking bad marathon sorry gonna miss it......”say my name”
  12. dausfbulls11

    Predicting the starters next year

    Cronkrite could be starter at rb, keigler and other freshman this year got pt at DT all year
  13. dausfbulls11

    Signing Day

    Anyone else think this last day wave was told sign now or you may lose spot while we chase big dogs for feb.?
  14. dausfbulls11

    Post dedicated to giving props to Brian Jean-Marie

    Im worried what assistants jump ship(fsu) after the bowl game, hope we can hang on to BJM and King