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  1. ESPNU Radio

    Tulsa rushed 55 times for 166 yards. 3 yards a rush. If we did that against UCF I would feel pretty good about our chances.
  2. CCS and Coaching Openings

    But then again, who is?
  3. CCS and Coaching Openings

    When you say throws better? Which category of throws better is he in? Kraky? Banks? Denson? Eveld I? Eveld II? Woulard?
  4. CCS and Coaching Openings

    Holy cow, Lawrence Dawsey is 50 years old?
  5. USF/UCF Common Opp

    He gave you credit in the post. He said ECU, UConn and Temple scored late points to make the score less bad for them. So yes, more respectable for them. Reading comprehension....
  6. I thought it would start at UCF - 13.5. Not saying we can't win but they've been consistently beating their opponents and we've been consistently inconsistent.
  7. Tulsa Post Game Presser

    I think yesterday was more execution in the second and third quarters. The fourth quarter was just a display of confused and unimaginative play calling. I should not even call it play calling. Just a mish mash of plays called without rhyme or reason.
  8. UCF is going to beat us down

    I don't understand this chicken little thought process. We're playing UCF not Alabama. We may lose but all the beat downs in this series have been on our side and I don't think they're going to beat us down. And if you do think they're going to beat us down?

  10. Uniforms, Helmets, Attendance, OCS and CWT breaking Woulard's foot. We have a list, don't you worry.
  11. I will say I like these better than inspiring losses.
  12. Senior Day Attendance

    I'm down here in Ft. Myers and it's looking grim so far here. I haven't looked at any forecasts.
  13. DJ thread for Tulsa

    DJ says not even Sterling Gilbert can hold him back on Senior Night.
  14. Senior Day Attendance

    I will be there. Looks rainy though.