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  1. If he earned a special teams spot that would make us better. Rodney won't be returning kicks and DJ likely won't be returning punts next year. Heck we can always use a gunner or kick cover guy with speed.
  2. So I don't follow college basketball closely enough to know if this is a good hire or not. Since we're talking USF basketball I assume it won't work out. Otherwise I have no opinion. Is that allowed?
  3. Can't. Since we're going to change it to Flowers Ave.
  4. Get out of here with that crazy reasonableness.
  5. Dunk City getting a shot at the Seminoles in Orlando. I am sure there will be a bunch of FGCU fans there. Seth Davis has FGCU into the sweet 16. Again. I live in Ft Myers so I like the local team doing well. But as a USF fan it's bittersweet.
  6. Or it could mean the guy ate himself into a line position because he can't operate in the space the LBs need to.
  7. That's what I said. Temple had the athletes and plan to contain Q. Not sure anyone on the schedule next year will have both a plan and the athletes. Absolutely agree that people will need to step up.
  8. All the plans in the world don't work if the defense does not have the athleticism to contain Q. If it's Q 1-on-1 against any defender in this league I am taking Q most of the time.
  9. Who's your Kwame Brown?
  10. 2000 pages by San Jose State.
  11. They flew southwest? Hope they don't get the C boarding group.
  12. I thought that happened but my quick google search did not show that. Thanks.
  13. Using men's size ball or women's? Which 3 point line? In any event I would take MBB by 40.
  14. Like the headline noting they were safe now. Grown men missed a flight in Houston and made the next flight. Not sure their safety was ever in question.
  15. No reference to QF returning? Yes losing Mack is huge but QF was the leading rusher.