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  1. What would you prefer?

    Everyone knows the P6 branding is just about trying to get more TV money right? I know this is a hypothetical, but to be completely clear, there is absolutely zero chance the P5 will let another conference in just because (insert any logical reason here). It threatens their playoff spots and reduces decision making power.
  2. Baker at it again

    If there was a 4th Qtr, UCF probably drops 70 on 'em lol. We'll get our shot, Baker doesn't affect us , CFB polls are the only ones that matter anyway.
  3. Are We Bulls Fans Spoiled?

  4. Suggestions to reach 40,000 for homecoming

    Blackouts kill the fan base in pro sports. What fan base is their to kill right now? It's only the die hards showing up any way. Don't give the students and local alums another reason to stay at home. It's not really viable option according to our TV contracts. We don't control the beer prices. This is part of the problem is we don't receive any ancillary revenue from Ray Jay and we have limited options to get people to come out other than our product on the field.
  5. Are We Bulls Fans Spoiled?

    You can say we might have had it too good, too early. The fan apathy for this team is the most frustrating thing about this season. People are conditioning themselves to be relieved after wins instead of excited. It's not applicable to many people on this board, just the fan base in general.
  6. Suggestions to reach 40,000 for homecoming

    Yeah, the NFL has relaxed their blackout rules considerably, I think it's 85% capacity releases the home restriction. I can't claim to know all the attendance answers, I'm an out of state alum that makes it 2-3 games a year, but one that makes the most sense is to directly target fans that are watching the games on TV locally. These are the fans that are coming up with the dumbest possible reasons not to go to games including weather and 'inconvenient' start times. The majority of them would be students and alums (not your casual fan) that can get into the stadium spending $20 or less on many occasions. These are also Bulls fans that to a lesser degree aren't associated with the weak scheduling complaint because they are watching these games at home. You probably get some that just change the channel to the next game in HD, but then again you probably get some that are forced to come because they really wanted to see our game. Either way, local blackouts won't really hurt the USF attendance issue at this point imo. I understand how it can go against you in the professional realm, because people sometimes stop showing up out of principle, but you're looking to force the hand of people that already care about USF first, just making every excuse not to get to a home game.
  7. Suggestions to reach 40,000 for homecoming

    Home blackout on ESPNU might the most effective way to spur some of our lazy fans that are currently watching on TV locally to get to the game. We can't really make it happen, but I think it's the most effective way.
  8. Quiz: Know the AAC

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 70/100 My Time 124 seconds  
  10. Predict how high USF will go in the polls this season

    I think we'll crack the top 10 in AP but won't be in the top for CFP. I think CFP committee will hold schedule and brand very much against us.
  11. Depth Chart Released

    I wouldn't look too much into the depth chart, especially at WR. I think there this going to be a heavy rotation to run the offense at warp speed. Yes, we will try to exploit teams on D while trying not to substitute, but long drives will require substitutions. Also, as far as McCants, I bet we have a few plays specifically designed for him. This is the depth chart for SJSU. It could be fluid every week depending on matchups. We are hoping to win this game rotating 6-7 play calls with no specific wrinkles. Lots of guys will get into the game. This should be discussed further after Temple.
  12. SJSU Tickets Arrived

    BucsandBulls and I will be pretty much right behind you....Sec 134, Row 9, Seats 22-23
  13. What is USF football record playing in Cali?

    I'm confident we will cover the 20 points in this game. I think we will be ready to go.
  14. One and Done?