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  1. When does the FB schedule typically get announced?

    Yeah usually 2nd week of Feb
  2. Illinois game 2018

    I will be there with him if it's in the Windy City.
  3. IMO, hate to be a Debbie Downer but the P6 campaign is strictly to help the next television negotiations, no chance the P5 lets another conference into the club nor does it care about our agenda.
  4. AAC Championship Game TIme

    Well that's good then
  5. Bowl ticket reservations

    SMU-Memphis result will give you an extremely good idea of location for CCG if USF makes it.
  6. AAC Championship Game TIme

    All I know is that if someone scheduled an exam over a CCG time slot that we played in, I'm starting to look into changing majors after I no showed that exam. Luckily, I work now and have already booked separate flights to Memphis and Tampa in case we make it.
  7. AAC Championship Game TIme

    Holy crap, they have final exams scheduled for Saturday nights now?!? WTF
  8. AAC Championship Game TIme

    Yes, only scenario I can see us playing at home is if SMU beats Memphis.
  9. CCS and Coaching Openings

    They will only target guys with an offensive mind. Think Frost, Campbell, and Mullen.
  10. AAC Championship Game TIme

    Just a reminder, that mostly likely scenario is USF @ Memphis IF USF wins out. Southwest has TPA-MEM non-stops that you can cancel for free as long as you plan to fly within a year.
  11. AAC Championship Game TIme

    No problem, I booked a flight to TPA and MEM just in case.
  12. AAC Championship Game TIme

    Book on Southwest now and cancel for free after UCF game if necessary. Credit is good for one year from time of booking. This way it's not a last minute (high) fare.
  13. Open It Up Sterlin!

    Mostly was referring to the winning by a minimum of 30. I guess we'll find out soon enough.
  14. Open It Up Sterlin!

    That was mind blowing lol
  15. Open It Up Sterlin!

    There is a good chance you're disappointed on Saturday. They have one of the most dominant interior defensive lineman in the country and he has the ability to alter games by himself. I'll be happy with a win.