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  1. We need to win the conference, let the rest of the chips fall where they may.
  2. Hey Brad, Southwest released their schedule today. You can fly PHX-SJC nonstop on Friday 8/25 and back Sunday 8/27 for $97/one way. Just an FYI
  3. Southwest Airlines will be releasing their schedule tomorrow 2/23/17 thru the end of September 2017. Just an FYI.
  4. I'd expect him to get at least one surprise 4 star, and don't read into any rankings this year. All are based on number of commitments and I expect him to take a small class. We don't need a stud class this year anyways because I don't see any true freshman being a significant impact, but next year's class will be pivotal for the future.
  5. Wait till Southwest Airlines releases their schedule, which should be in another month or so. They fly to all Bay Area airports nonstop from PHX and even if you don't book on them, they usually force other airlines to lower their fares a bit. As Bulls alum and SWA employee, just heads up.
  6. Wouldn't work because ND would throw a fit
  7. Haha I'm more annoyed with their price point. No problems with your decision or wasn't trying to take a dig at anyone that paid for it. I'm happy they set that up, and I also like to party with other Bulls fans, I just think it's steep to ask people to pay $40 for food with no alcohol included. If they took that price point down to $25, I think it's way more reasonable. I'm traveling with a group of 10, 7 of which are having to fly to the game, so I guess it's also difficult to sway a group that big to pay that much per person. Go Bulls!
  8. It's robbery. I hope there are some bars down there, will have a group of 9-10.
  10. I like your enthusiasm, but we have no shot at the CFP with the schedule we have next year. We likely won't face a top 25 team. Also, instantly making a defense from 100 to 25 is a tall order. I think Charlie would be a good hire, just disagree with some of the details.
  11. Absolutely, this is a rental hire as we will be one of the few teams in the country favored in every single game in 2017. If he leaves after one year because we won the American, so be it.
  12. Looks like possible player mistreatment as well.
  13. Off the field issue
  14. He's apparently getting fired for an off the field issue...
  15. It's quite simple really. Announced was tickets sold, actual was people who showed up. I was at the empty stadium on Saturday, you have to understand that SMU is a private school that doesn't really care about their football team unless they are ranked. Think UMiami with an OCS. Football is secondary to the frat parties on a Saturday night.