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  1. Done
  2. Temple really showed the way to slow us down but other teams didn't try it. That first Drive by Temple took up it felt the first quarter it was so slow and methodical and our defense was totally helpless to stop them. Need the defense to swarm and tackle well do that and they will be much improved.
  3. Good to know nobody's job on 118th defense is safe.
  4. Yes...this is a area we need to work on getting back to what we use to do pretty good on defense.
  5. Qb depth is so much better than when we reached BJs senior year.
  6. Start season with a huge road win.
  7. I thought we didn't work clock well in smu game also. It is a area we can get better at on offense.
  8. I'm not even blaming Kean for that play...that was a bad position to be put in cold. Hopefully Flowers stays healthy all season and we recruit another good qb this class.
  9. I don't remember that but good to know that wasn't his last action. I agree depth on offense is sick if CCS can't get this defense to play just top 75 or better this team will be a monster.
  10. I think Kean could be pretty good...just to bad my last image of him was that Floyd like play at Temple.
  11. I'm not worried about the offense....Wonder how defense is comming along.
  12. Good hire. We need a guy that can help turn this dumpster around. It wasn't a flashy hire but neither was Taggart and we saw what he did. We can't afford a big name hire and why would they want the hassle of turning around this disaster unless we paid a ton of money.
  13. Yep and you recruit selling possible starter first year on campus. Give the guy some time..nearly impossible they can be worse.
  14. Sounds like a perfect match for usf basketball
  15. Are we sure this guy has a degree?