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  1. I'm not even blaming Kean for that play...that was a bad position to be put in cold. Hopefully Flowers stays healthy all season and we recruit another good qb this class.
  2. I don't remember that but good to know that wasn't his last action. I agree depth on offense is sick if CCS can't get this defense to play just top 75 or better this team will be a monster.
  3. I think Kean could be pretty good...just to bad my last image of him was that Floyd like play at Temple.
  4. I'm not worried about the offense....Wonder how defense is comming along.
  5. Good hire. We need a guy that can help turn this dumpster around. It wasn't a flashy hire but neither was Taggart and we saw what he did. We can't afford a big name hire and why would they want the hassle of turning around this disaster unless we paid a ton of money.
  6. Yep and you recruit selling possible starter first year on campus. Give the guy some time..nearly impossible they can be worse.
  7. Sounds like a perfect match for usf basketball
  8. Are we sure this guy has a degree?
  9. We need a Willie Taggart type basketball coach that has in past rebuild a program. Not sure who that is though.
  10. As long as they don't keep Flowers bottled in the pocket and run a pretty simular offense it should look pretty good.
  11. Nice, this is a area we need help on defense.
  12. Thanks for posting this historic game. Really cool to watch.
  13. He is quicker than Mack..I say 4.40 For receivers I'd like to see top speed reached in 40..that would be a better predictor of a player that will break a long run than 40 time.
  14. ha some of the comments from Yahoo are pretty funny...These are the most liked...most place fault on players not university. Tai 2 hours ago Uh those are two grown men. They shouldn't need baby sitting. Show replies (9) Reply 72 steven 1 hour ago These are college athletes. When I was nineteen, I was in the USAF and was more than capable of navigating airports and staying awake to catch my flight. Of course, that was back in 1970, and I guess people have regressed somewhat since then. Get a grip, Monique!!! Show replies (6) Reply 31 robert h 2 hours ago Hey bone heads stay awake next time. Show replies (5) Reply 31 steve 1 hour ago Why is this even news? These are grown men and legal adults, not elementary, junior high or high school students and they were in a secure section of the airport. Bob Knight would not have tolerated such foolish or contrived outrage directed at him if something like this had happened in his program. He probably would have made the two players work that much harder in practice to ensure they never did something like that again. Show replies (4) Reply 21 Yahoo Reader 1 hour ago The team 'left them behind"? How about they aren't responsible adults and fell asleep and missed their flight? Liberals refuse to hold blacks accountable for their actions....or inactions in this case. Show replies (7) Reply 20 j 1 hour ago lady shouldn't be tweeting if she doesn't know the difference between to and too. also, her son shouldn't need a babysitter. finally, if she doesn't like the program, quit taking the scholarship money. Show replies (4) Reply 17 Derek 1 hour ago What are they 5 years old? They knew they were supposed to catch a flight, should have been awake. Get their butts in gear as my old man would say. But in this day and age everybody blames somebody else - they are grown men, shouldn't have to be babysat. Show replies (2) Reply 17 barney 1 hour ago The way those two played it was probably intentional they were left. Reply 16 Michael 1 hour ago Why is this ladies Twitter feed considered news? These are grown men, they should be held accountable for not joining their team in the gate area in the first place. Show replies (1) Reply 13 not worth the missed opportune 1 hour ago These jerks were probably high and wandering around. Sure, blame the University you fools. How old to you have to be to know when to stay with the team?????
  15. https://www.youtube.com/shared?ci=5puTwL-cptw