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  1. Ever-improving, deep passing skills

    I agree this is what will make this the best offense in nation.
  2. Martin Fennelly Weighs in on the FB Season

    I expected a horrible article riddled with swipes at USF and he delivered.
  3. CBS Sports Best in College Sports

    Yeah ill be going crazy for college footall around late August for sure.
  4. You get to pick one

    P5 like said the money opens up all the below. But if you said we won the championship in football I might reconsider.
  5. My son already making me proud, even before he's born.

    Ha that's so awesome.
  6. Falcons trying B.J. Daniels at running back

    I agree if Tebow was smart and team player he would have switched to TE.
  7. Falcons trying B.J. Daniels at running back

    If this doesnt work out he really should. Impressive he is still in nfl with limited playing time.
  8. Mitchell Wilcox, Top receiver in AAC

    This. I dont know how many fumbles he had but it felt like atleast 2 if 4 that has to be fixed if wants any chance at next level.
  9. Rate the schedule in terms of "Must See"

    I put Temple top because of what happened last year...but in hindsight Houston should have been first.
  10. Non-sports: USF Call to All

  11. Differences in offensive philosophy from '16 to '17

    Temple really showed the way to slow us down but other teams didn't try it. That first Drive by Temple took up it felt the first quarter it was so slow and methodical and our defense was totally helpless to stop them. Need the defense to swarm and tackle well do that and they will be much improved.
  12. Good to know nobody's job on 118th defense is safe.
  13. Yes...this is a area we need to work on getting back to what we use to do pretty good on defense.
  14. Qb depth is so much better than when we reached BJs senior year.
  15. ESPN thinks we go 13-0!!!

    Start season with a huge road win.