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  1. QB next year - who's your guy.

    I like what athletic tools Chris brings to the table hopefully he is the next star...after him no idea. Supposedly he was faster than Flowers...just doubt very much as shifty...even if just 50% as shifty as Flowers that would be great.
  2. Agree....its complete bs such a broken system and its only because the elites in college football dont want smaller and younger programs to compete on a level field with the "established names"
  3. Gilbert Rumors

    We call that a Sunday 😊
  4. Gilbert Rumors

    If CCS is holding back Gilbert then like Brad said for continuity sake hope we keep Gilbert and he lets him call games more open this season.
  5. I dont know we have a large alumni base I think we would sell all our tickets maybe not as fast but we would sell them. If we didnt sell them all it would be pretty close. Didnt we take like 10k+ just to the FSU game?
  6. Ooops LSU lost ha Man if Clemson beats Bama and Oklahoma beats Georgia this will be a great start to 2018
  7. Lets just hope this new coach is their Holtz and Strong keeps building what Taggart started to build. Glad to see the AAC champion beat SEC 2nd runner up.
  8. I thought for sure Auburn would beat them after Killians comments so dont buy the bs Auburn wasn't motivated to win.
  9. Nebraska has gotta feel really good about getting Frost. Congrats to Ucf we are both 1-0 vs Auburn.
  10. Yes but I dont know if the elites want 8 just so that some little team from a G5 team could spoil the rigged system. I see them making the AAC a P6 team before that.
  11. Hope so and if we have a solid class this year and good qb play we should do well in future.
  12. So glad Frost isn't at UCF, guy is a good coach. One positive I can take away from this game. All these missed Field goals reminds me of our Auburn game.
  13. True..but I will hope that Clemson pounds Bama and Okalahoma beats Georgia.
  14. same, its how they would treats us. Screw the elites
  15. Texas vs. Mizzou

    I dont...sure the middle and bottom of SEC is avg but the top teams Bama, Georgia and Auburn are pretty solid. Milton when pressured turns ball over.. .Ucf loses 24 to 42 my guess.