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  1. Now we are reading tweet leaves?
  2. If Adams were 2 inches taller he would be a 4th rounder.
  3. So far recruiting is looking decent. Let's go coaching
  4. If the Bucs draft a running back in the second round it better be Cook. 3rd round or later it better be Mack.
  5. Can he just have a great 2017 season for us?
  6. First step in scouting is getting that video.
  7. Thursday night? Consider that an L
  8. Looks like we have bodies.
  9. Too bad we won't be IN the tournament
  10. so wait they are giving us more money than our current tv deal AND will help us expand our brand? What's the catch?
  11. Cool
  12. MBB

    We have what? 4 players on the roster?
  13. Just a point of clarity, editors make the headlines. Writers write the articles.