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  1. Because we have such a long history of winning
  2. Man, that contract has a lot of digits
  3. Can you be a Cinderfella if everyone sees you coming?
  4. @BBB no one knows as much about basketball as Ned does.
  5. It will all get worked out in the end.
  6. If we can only get one more sport into this winning thing we may have an athletics program
  7. We need a backup point and a backup 2/3 position. 4 of our ladies played 40 minutes I believe. Not going to win many games like that. Depth killed us that game. And the putrid 3rd quarter.
  8. 3rd quarter did us in. That and a 6 woman rotation
  9. That is a serious chunk of change
  10. Vince Carter on board
  11. This guy is from the Izzo tree? If so, I'm down.
  12. Vega, Are you okay? That almost sounds like Stan Heath praise.