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  1. Wow comments section. 1st time I ever heard anyone call Strong an obnoxious jerk.
  2. WBB Non-con Announced

    That is a serious non conference slate.
  3. Had to go with Kawika here because he will not win #5
  4. Tampa Bulls get underway Saturday

    25 for 30 from the line. Pretty good.
  5. For you OCS fans.

    Because they are the local business with the deepest pockets and thebullspen loves them.
  6. USF Mens Basketball Non-cons

    This is a baaaaad non conference slate. Who are these teams?
  7. We have gotten some good players over the years from Hillsborough High
  8. Dwyer USMNT goal

    I see he decide it was easier to get on the USA WC team than the British one.
  9. You get to pick one

    Great question between p5 and championship game
  10. Best team ever

    The defense was the guys who couldn't get off the field. That had nothing to do with the offense.
  11. Best team ever

    We have big shoes to fill on offense AND have to actually stop somebody on defense.
  12. Future OOC Football Schedule

    Those of you stating as fact that this is the best team we have ever had seem to forget that the best running back and best WR (arguably) that we ever had are no longer on this team and that we have no idea if we even have any real talent on defense.
  13. Another member of the all names team