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  1. We have to be able to beat Bethune, right? USF 8 Banks 15 DaSilva 13 81%
  2. Happy Anniversary CCS

    So if he stays through year 3 he still makes 5M. Haircut is in year 4 then.
  3. Happy Anniversary CCS
  4. Happy Anniversary CCS

    He was to make 5M from Texas. Texas gets 50% off his current USF salary (50% of 1M is 500k or 0.5M) so 5M-0.5M (Texas discoount) + 1M (USF Salary) = 5.5M . Either way after this season that is a hefty pay cut.
  5. Happy Anniversary CCS

    He is making 5.5M (1M from USF and 4.5 from Texas) this year and next. After next he bumps up to 2.5M from USF, but that is a pay cut
  6. Happy Anniversary CCS

    He takes a major pay-cut after next season.
  7. We are bad at basketball. Gregory seems to be a good X and O coach.
  8. Adidas is official

    Does Adidas still have money?
  9. USF Women Bball vs Oklahoma

    This is a battle.
  10. Willie to FSU is official

    Always leaves the school football team better than he found it. Now he needs to win something
  11. WBB: USF #17 AP Poll

    That is also 576 on FiOS.
  12. WBB: USF #17 AP Poll

    Channel 825 on FiOS.
  13. Coaching Dominoes Are Starting To Fall

    If Cristobal wants xCJL as his DC Jim has some money to drop to leave.