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  1. Who knows. Remember we are bad at cheating
  2. Great USF Women's basketball run while these two have been balling for us.
  3. Can Battle or McCloud Challenge?

    Neither. Starting QB is either Kean or O.
  4. This does not give me the warm and fuzzies.
  5. Win as many games as possible to get a better seed and maybe, just maybe get away from the UCONN bracket.
  6. The young ladies with the skill to win titles will just band together to the next school. Right now that is looking like South Carolina
  7. I saw that. I want to say it was number 3. Their PG had stupid range. She was shooting for 4 and 5 feet behind the 3 point line and burying them.
  8. What a game!!!!! It was so exciting. Flores was out there dropping dimes and Laksa was dropping bombs. Jesperson and Ferreira were great in their ways. Sundome was rocking!!!!!!
  9. Two Tickets to WBB vs. Houston 2/21 7pm

    Cougars giving us all we can handle.
  10. 🐍 Snake to Bucs

    Good luck snake.
  11. 38 years

    With those 4 schools (USC is Southern Cal) you have 23 of 35 champions covered.
  12. 38 years

    USC and La Tech are in there too.
  13. 38 years

    Either Tennessee (daughters) or UCONN (granddaughters). Unless we are talking D2 and D3.