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  1. Baseball America had us in the Charlottesville regional as the 2 seed with Virginia, Old Dominion, and VCU. Another interesting tidbit had UCF hosting a regional after winning the regular season AAC title. It did mention that either USF or Houston could grab that hosting position if either team won the AAC Tourney and UCF falters. Didn't think we were still in the running, but I guess there is still a little hope. Go Bulls!
  2. Totally agree. I hate this C reference. You can thank Collin and The Daily Stampede for this stupid moniker.
  3. Alabama just opened up too. They gave the Coach only one year, so obviously money isn't a problem at these giant schools.
  4. Anybody else feel that Joe C got slighted? I thought he's been our most valuable pitcher all year...over Phoenix and Pete. Great for them, but nobody pitched in more big games than Joe C
  5. Also the rumor is Shane is ready to go for Thursday...lets hope so, need to Win!
  6. Really? I don't see that happening. ACC is the best baseball conference right now
  7. You guys had a thread that was longer for the Tinmen loss..vs the USF win. Cmon man!
  8. I noticed a few big job openings over the last few days...we have a great coach but how likely are we to keep him? Tennessee and Virginia Tech are big schools in Power conferences and if they wrote a big check I'm guessing CMK is as good as gone I think Pitt might be open too. These are the best conferences in America and the loyalty factor just isn't there. Also on a positive note I'm guessing UCF's coach is in the same boat. Just something to think of in the next few weeks.
  9. Great game by the Bulls, had many opportunities and finally we were able to punch some in late in the game! Great job by everyone!
  10. 3:30 is correct. They moved our game back due to the first two games being moved to earlier today. Our game could be later if it rains or if UConn runs late, but our game definitely won't start before 3:30
  11. Got to win Game 1...heard DJ Roberts is done for the season, so we'll be out one of our arms. Also still no word on Shane. So it is a must to win this one if we have any hopes to win this tourney. Go Bulls!
  12. Expecting alot of rain on Wednesday so that pushes things up quite a bit. Need to Win Game 1 to avoid that brutal loser's bracket.
  13. Looks like we were #6 a few days ago. I think I was looking at some old NCAA stats. But...we still had a **** great year so far!
  14. USF is #6 in Win/Loss percentage in NCAA Division 1 Baseball. Reminds me of football. Neither team won the league but I think both baseball and football were the best teams in the league. While it sucks to lose, gotta hand it to the baseball team...Great Season. 40 Wins Multiple Rankings throughout the season Beating UF and FSU on the road in the same season Taking 4/6 from the Tinmen 19 Game Win Streak Alot to be proud about. Hopefully we make some noise in the postseason. Guessing we'll be a 2 seed in either Charlottesville, VA or Wake Forest, NC. And while we do lose some key guys, we have a lineup full of Sophomores. Things look bright for the baseball team and that is a good thing. Go Bulls!
  15. Yeah that was awesome. I was there for that. It started off as a challenge...I forget who started it, but both dugouts were throwing baseballs over to the other dugout with stuff written on the balls. I think we challenged them to a dance off or vice versa. Somehow, the press box was getting info on what songs to play. Not sure how that happened. BTW, #4 for UConn is George Springer...the leadoff hitter for the Houston Astros. Quite the dancer, and Big East Player of the Year for that matter. Our secret weapon was Jordan McGillis. He was our ADs son (Bill McGillis) that never played, but he must have had some Irish step dancing in his past, because the place went nuts when he did that dance. Easily the highlight for us. Really one of the most fun times I've ever had at a USF game. It was crazy and we didn't know what would happen next. And there was no way we were playing baseball at that point, it had been raining for an hour or so after a few other delays throughout the day too. I hate UConn, but this was easily them at their most likeable in my book.