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  1. USF & Tailgate Guys announce partnership

    What are the prices? I didn't see any listed on the website.
  2. Still on the roster as far as I can tell. Hasn't pitched since his debut though.
  3. AA made his debut last night. Not a great one. Gave up a run and didn't record an out. ERA is INF...yes that stands for infinity at this point. Hopefully he can record some outs next time to lower that ERA somewhat.
  4. Former Bulls pitcher Austin Adams has been called up to the Washington Nationals today. Look for him to come out of the bullpen at some point this weekend and make his major league debut. Never thought he'd be in the majors when I saw him pitch at USF, but his hard work has paid off. Congrats Austin!
  5. USF & Tailgate Guys announce partnership

    So this will be held in that fenced off area on the South side?
  6. 10,000

    Judge Smails, "you'll get nothing and like it!"
  7. Funny thing happened on the way to the gym

    Good stuff right there!
  8. AJ Legree Medical Redshirt Denied

    Tough break for AJ. Thanks for your time and effort here.
  9. Jimmy Herget

    Barring any injury, he'll be in the show by year's end
  10. Its been out there for a while. I think I've seen it on Facebook for a few weeks and I believe its only for on campus sports.
  11. Dwyer USMNT goal

    Way to go Dom!
  12. Signed for $1.8 million. Not too shabby. Don't think was posted anywhere.
  13. USF's Mohl Hired to Replace Kingston

    Wow, that was quick. He was deserving after what he accomplished with our pitchers. I just hope he can recruit some hitters as well. Congrats Billy!