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  1. Have we given Tulane their only 2 wins in conference this season?
  2. Bulls lose 4-2. After putting first two runners on in the 9th, a double play by Borders pretty much ends the threat. Gotta win tomorrow to win the series. Another noon start. Go Bulls!
  3. Definitely pitch count especially this early in the season. I was there. He has great stuff. Valdez gave up two big homers. The second one landed on the street between the baseball field and soccer complex. It was one of the longest homers I've ever seen at USF. Genord tied it after the rain delay, but now a 2 run HR by Iowa has them up 4-2 in the 9th. McClanahan was fun to watch, he's at 92 MPH on every fastball. At least today he was. Pretty much unhittable.
  4. Always good to beat a Big 10 team, no matter the sport.
  5. Bulls Win! Ugly for the most part but saved by a terrific 8th inning!
  6. You've peaked my interest in that 70s rock band. Was it The Outlaws?
  7. I don't think anyone else from my group is planning on going, but I'll keep it in mind.
  8. It wasn't ideal. You had to connect at 5 Points and wait for a bus. There should have been a train dropoff right by the stadium like they have for the Georgia Dome and Philipps Arena
  9. The Town is his best
  10. Marta buses, but not the train. This was a major flaw for Braves games/Turner Field
  11. My vote for the conference HQ is New needs to be moved out of Rhode Island