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  1. Forever a Bull

    Great job QF! Bulls Nation will always love you bro!
  2. QB next year - who's your guy.

    I believe Chris Oladokun will be QB1 next year. The next star QB will be Octavious Battle
  3. Illinois game 2018

    This has 12 Noon kickoff Big Ten Network written all over it
  4. Illinois game 2018

    Looks like our site has it in Chicago too
  5. Dingle Relased from USF Football

    FAU could be a landing spot for Dingle
  6. I don't think Levi is the answer at Catcher either. My guess is he'll only be used as a DH or to give Dietrich a breather every now and then. I think there might be another new guy in the mix too. As for Shane, he needs to go deeper in games and trust his stuff more. He's flat out nasty when he wants to be, but he doesn't make it past the 5th or 6th much. Phoenix Sanders was the opposite, he'd go 9 or more if he had his choice, and his win total showed that. Thats why Shane only had like 4 wins last year (1 in conference). So he has all the accolades, just needs to lead us on the diamond with his performance.
  7. Craig Watts

    He really only played on Special Teams this year. Already burned a RS year too, so he will only have 2 years of play left at the Division 1 Level if he goes to a big school. I think everyone thought he would be a stud, but just never happened here. I wish him well.
  8. Illinois game 2018

    I'm 50/50 for this game...I'd love to do the Cubs game too! They are playing the Reds on the Friday before our game, and that is a 2:20 start time...perfect!
  9. We lost alot, not in terms of players, but in terms of leaders. Two of our best offensive players are gone (Merrell and Luke Borders). They both had monster years last year. And we lost some pitchers that were impact players all season long. Phoenix Sanders was our Friday starter and had a very good year. Ryan Valdes might have been the most underappreciated guy on our entire team. He was asked to start games, and he also came out of the bullpen and gave us monster innings. Led the team with like 9 wins or so. We also lost another huge arm out of our bullpen in Joe Cavallero. He got huge outs and ate up critical innings before handing the ball off to AP. And from what I hear our midweek starter from last season won't be available this year (DJ Roberts) due to his injury in his last start. So we will need some other guys to step up in order for us the finish in the Top 3. That should be the goal of this team.
  10. Gilbert Rumors

    Its really amazing the hate for Sterlin Gilbert. One of the best offenses of our history, and people want him gone. The UCF loss had nothing to do with him and essentially that was the only game that mattered. Houston loss wasn't on him either, although the clock management wasn't good down the stretch. It was the D that couldn't hold the lead in that one. Our fans are great...
  11. Remarkable for QF

    Great year indeed, but if he was from Jacksonville, do you think a Miami paper would give him this accolade?
  12. Early Enrollees

    Schneider is the punter right? He can enroll at normal time, no need for him to be there early.
  13. They are still the team to beat in the AAC, especially in the East.
  14. Also, 'Don't Mess With Texas' started out as an Anti Litter Campaign didn't it? It grew into something totally different
  15. My hotel was more Texas Tech fans than USF. Pretty quiet group from my perspective. A little good natured ribbing but that was about it. Outside in BHAM, I didn't see many. Night before and especially after the game, they were nowhere to be seen. Maybe they had a private party the night before, I will give them that. The night after we didn't see hardly any Texas Tech fans. I think I saw 2 at one place. I saw many more USF fans walking the streets by the bars.