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  1. It would be nice to start the weekend with a win. Shane should give us a good chance, but Tim Cate has owned us over the last few seasons. We really struggled hitting against him last season. Hopefully we can get on top of him early. UConn has a very good squad and a veteran catcher that we won't run on at all.
  2. Looks Like Sun Dome has a Sponsor Name

    I approve of this name. I have a few Yuenglings at every USF baseball game I go to on campus. Also the Sun Dome has sold beer since the 80s. We will gladly take their fat check and throw that name on the facade
  3. Doubtful, Shane's problem is he throws too many pitches. He will never pitch a 9 inning game, especially against greater competition. I don't think he's ever gone more than 7.
  4. Bulls Throw No Hitter!

    In my opinion, we aren't as good. Competition is about the same. When you lose Merrell, Luke Borders, Phoenix Sanders, Joe Cavallero, and Ryan Valdes we aren't as good. Plus we lost a very good midweek starter in DJ Roberts. We're good, just not as good. But thats OK, this whole season is still alot to play for. It really starts next weekend.
  5. Shane McClanahan pitched 6 innings of no hit ball, striking out 15 along the way. Carson Ragsdale went the final 3 innings also not giving up a hit and striking out another 7 batters. 9 Innings, no hits allowed, and 22 strikeouts...not a bad night from those two. Offense did plenty and the Bulls won big. This is the first no hitter for the Bulls since 1992 I believe and the 3rd in program history. Need to keep racking up wins with Army in town. Conference schedule starts next weekend.
  6. The starters this week will be Collin Sullivan on Tuesday night and Baron Stuart on Wednesday. Plenty of arms as long as the starters can go 5. Ragsdale has been used as a pitcher as well, he threw a week ago versus Jacksonville.
  7. Tough loss. These are the games we won last year. Pretty good start by Baron Stuart, but no timely hitting. Need to have it figured out before the Conference season starts.
  8. I've heard through the grapevine that Borders will not play this year
  9. Bethune Cookman

    We lost that UF game because we couldn't hit. The pitchers that came into the game kept us in it. But as stated before we were on fumes with our starters. We wouldn't have beaten UF a second time for sure.
  10. Bulls take care of business, 16-1. Pitchers all only threw an inning or two eact to stay fresh for the weekend. The hitters finally broke out a bit, but that is kind of expected against a team like BCU. Need to continue this with Columbia in town for 4 over the wkd. Go Bulls!
  11. Yep the Dietrich hit was huge. The RF made a poor decision throwing to 2B. That allowed Chatfield to score from 1B. That ended up being the winning run too
  12. Don't win too many games when you get 1 hit. Embarassing offense tonight. Shane deserved better.
  13. Bullpen by committee, just like last year. A win would have been great, but this had Loss written all over it after Sunday's game. AP pitched 3 innings of relief, so he was doubtful to see any action. Plus Duke and Joe Genord are still out. Glad our young pitchers kept it close for the most part and we did have a few opportunities to steal another one at **** Howser Stadium.
  14. No better value than baseball. 35 home games for $50? Try to beat that.