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  1. Congrats Q

    Saw him at the Stampede earlier today. What a great dude! So many more special moments will come this year to QF...we don't even realize! Go Bulls!
  2. Why are they forcing DJ?

    Not forcing DJ, just part of the normal offense. You guys need to chill. We are 4-0 ********!
  3. ESPN Game Stats

    That is called Domination!
  4. **** 'Em! We'll Beat those bastards!
  5. Its safe to say our defense bad a**.

    Its safe to say they were Bad Ass tonight! What a performance from those guys! Awesome!
  6. Tice vs DJ

    Last week they used both perfectly. Hope for more of the same this week and the rest of the year. Even Travon Sands looked good last game.
  7. GAMEDAY!!!

  8. Week 4 Games to Watch

    UCF can suck it too. I hope they lose every week.
  9. USF Football Radio Show 9/19?

    I missed it too. I think I'll attend next week's show since we are away at ECU. Gotta show the love to CCS! Go Bulls, beat Temple!
  10. Special Teams

    OL needs to protect better on the extra points and FGs. No excuses. Those are big points that we need every week.
  11. Observations from first three games

    Is it me or does DJ look smaller? Is he wearing smaller pads or something? He just looks different for some reason to me.
  12. Thundersticks??

    I will politely say no thank you to any thunderstix. Give away towels this early in the season.
  13. USF Football Pregame Stampede

    Problem was it was nowhere near where anyone tailgates. The original location goes right thru the heart of the Alumni side tailgaters (South Lot). Glad it only took them 2 games to realize what we knew all along
  14. Bulletin Board Material

    Fullback is still at Temple. Need to shut down the running game and we'll blow them out
  15. Deangelo Antoine Status

    Good sign, but did he practice or just suit up? If he didn't practice today, he's not playing on Thursday.