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  1. Do they bring in TJ Weist now?
  2. He looks small in those photos, but he's listed as 6 feet tall. Might be a stretch
  3. Frederick will have to wait a couple years for that number unless Barr switches
  4. Not to mention each school does their own version of the NFL combine for the Seniors and scouts. I think this is the biggest reason for the drop off in talent at these all star games
  5. Defense won that game vs FSU and BJ connected on a few big throws and had a few nice runs. With a healthy Grothe we would have beaten them by 20 plus.
  6. Lost by 12, caught the last 9 minutes or so. They played hard, just don't have the talent. Both teams were in the double bonus with about 8 minutes left. Thorpe fouled out around the same time. Looked like there were about 200 people in the crowd. Very sad for what used to be our biggest and best program.
  7. Fitts is day to day. Bulls down 6 with about 7 minutes to go
  8. I was all over that one. Scheduling 101
  9. I think you answered your own question. I'm guessing they would add a team like FAMU or BCC just so they can host a game and get an easy win for Richt
  10. Gave him Marlon's #5...interesting. One of USF's greatest numbers with past players
  11. Nice but in all honesty my group brought 5 not 6!
  12. Any idea when the AAC releases the 2017 football schedule with dates? I'm guessing we'll have a few Thursday or Friday games with Houston, Temple, and Tulsa coming to town. Hope I'm wrong but I could see the conference wanting its best team on primetime as much as possible. Go Bulls!
  13. Yep I think this is on alot of peoples radar for an away trip. Especially weak road schedule this season.
  14. I dont think this BJ will ever see the field with QF
  15. Mom looks happy, thats a good sign