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  1. From here on out winning 2 out of 3 each weekend would be the goal. Tulane isn't having a great year record wise but they will still be a tough test. They recently just beat LSU, so they do have it in them. Gotta win the Friday game first. It all starts there. Also, no midweek game this week so we can throw all of our arms at them if need be.
  2. Merrell didn't look the same, but he did have 3 big hits. Good win after trailing early. DJ Roberts got tagged early, but the bullpen picked him up. Solid outings by Farley and Cavallero. The bats also came alive late in the game to expand the lead. Really close game, the score doesn't reflect it. Go Bulls!
  3. I'm sure the AD sets the tempo on these discussions/decisions.
  4. No brainer. Undefeated Season. Strong will only be here 3-4 years anyway, so why not take a guaranteed undefeated season and then take our chances on a new coach.
  5. Offense sells tickets...Defense wins Championships!
  6. And I don't think its been mentioned, but our best player was kicked off the team.
  7. RPI doesn't mean much. Wins matter and we won the series. Next is Stetson and then Tulane. Lets Win on Tuesday vs the Hatters!
  8. Gotta win tomorrow! Need this series win. Hopefully Merrell is back in the lineup. He makes such a difference.
  9. He always fields a good team. This year not so much. If anyone deserves a pass its Ken Erickson. I think this team is relatively young, so maybe we'll be better in the next year or two.
  10. Bad loss. No hitting. Two guys picked off from leading off early in game. Also a guy thrown out at third attempting to tag up basically killed a rally. And then to top things off that pickle play in the 11th...poor execution. Especially when you consider the batter had an 0-2 count with two outs. It looked like he couldn't touch Perez too. Very frustrating loss tonight. Need to win tomorrow to salvage the series win.
  11. Forgot to mention, last night was a HUGE crowd. It was Lifetime Alumni Member night and they had a party at the 1B Pavillion as well as the Donaldson Deck. The seats from behind the plate down the 1B line were about 3/4 full. Really made for a fun night and great atmosphere. Well done Alumni group!
  12. I thought Merrell and Chatfield had the night off due to a lefty being on the mound. Didn't hear anything about any sickness. Nick Cerelli played a great game though. He had a couple of nice hits.
  13. This was a tight game...and FAMU aren't chumps. It was 3-1 in the 7th. Could have been alot tighter and we could have been trailing if a couple plays went differently. Their bullpen isn't very good, but that starter gave us all we could handle. Thats the way baseball is, but they are definitely not chumps.