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  1. Temple Game 2018

    The Broad St stop puts you about a 250 yard walk to the stadium. Try to arrive a bit early and you could hit Xfinity Live or Chickie and Pete's. Both easy walks to the stadium.
  2. IPF Update

    Dumb is infectious. Come on up to Philly and we take a walk downtown. Dumb is tangible.
  3. IPF Update

    Do we want a kid who during the interview process doesn't know the difference between an S and C? I can't imagine speaking with a company or having a candidate speak with about my company and not know who we are. Dumb is not good. Go Bulls!
  4. Add Another "Go Bulls"

    No Jalapeno Ale, but I did have a few at the Wasatch Brewery. Got lucky and parked at the top of Main right in front of it. Next time you're out try Grub Steak for dinner. Make a reservation. Place is stellar.
  5. USF WBB - Never Been to a Game Offer

    Only a handful of games left in the season. If you've not seen a WBB game I'd be glad to treat you to my seats. It's a great game of hoops played by these ladies. Go Bulls!
  6. WBB vs. #13 Ohio State Sunday

    There are also numerous schools in and around Philly (St. Joes, Drexel, LaSalle, Villanova, Penn, etc). USF is the only game in town.
  7. USF new requirements

    Genshaft has done a masterful job of raising academic standards during her tenure. This is all part of the grand plan. We need to fit academically into one of the P5 conferences. This is great news. As always the left will argue for equality and exceptions. We should have tough standards where we accept the best and brightest. Go Bulls!
  8. WBB vs. #13 Ohio State Sunday

    Thank you for setting me straight. You are correct.
  9. Where you been Rip Van Winkle? Tampa supported USF football for one year. Never have supported hoops. I go back to 83' and with very few, one game exceptions, they have never been supported. Oh well, enjoy your weekend.
  10. WBB vs. #13 Ohio State Sunday

    Not % of population wise. Temple has other issues. You'd be afraid to attend a Temple game. You best stay in Tampa where you're safe.
  11. Perhaps 10% of the. I'm boarding my flight from SLC to DFW. Twice the number of passengers as fans at USF MBB today. This just in. Coaches and players from both teams are twice the attendance.
  12. What bad decisions? Football has been solid for 3 years, WBB for a decade, MBB was very good under CSH, but fans didn't like winning 51-46 (score). Facts are facts. Tampa does not support USF. Today's MBB may draw 500 fans. My Beta intramural team drew more. Tampa sucks. It's my hometown, but it is what it is.
  13. I got 2 "Go Bulls" yesterday in Park City, UT which is 10% of the crowd in the Dome today watching this game.
  14. Must hold true for football as well. Top 25 product, a Heisman caliber QB and dirt cheap tickets. Yet no one showed up. Any more excuses? Oh yea, the stadium is awful.
  15. You can't go to the movies cheaper. Tampa still won't support the product.