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  1. USF @ ECU Game TIme

    ECU could go winless this season and be firing a coach by the time we get to them.
  2. USF vs Temple Game Line

    Temple is not good this year. We shall see. Go Bulls!
  3. Illinois Attendance

    OCS! 80K every game!
  4. USF to Change its Logo????

    Stop giving answers to the test Jim. You know better. Hahahahahahaha. Logic and clear thought has no home here. Hope you're well. Go Bulls!
  5. Game Ball

    Correct. USF leadership showing leadership. Dr. Genshaft, Mr. Harlan and CCS very nicely done. Go Bulls!
  6. Deadrin Senat

    Senat has let his teammates down so far this season. Both hits were illegal and good calls. He should have been tossed and he was. He's a Senior and supposed to be a leader on the team. Disappointing for sure. He had an unobstructed shot at the QB and chose to lower his head and hit him high. Dumb and poor leadership. Go Bulls!
  7. Playcalling

    Astute JoeB. Execution, aside from penalties, was much better. QF was able to break contain and their DEs were very soft which allowed him to burn the edges. Add in a few jet sweeps and the natives are happy. Since we covered I guess we are now 1-2?
  8. Play #1 tonight will be swing pass to DJ out of the backfield.
  9. Radio Link - Bulls Football Pregame

    Listening to man Jimmy Lighthall now. He was a pretty solid hoops player back in the day. We often played on the court behind Beta.
  10. Can anyone provide the link? LY I listened to Lighthall and company do pregame. Go Bulls!
  11. USF at UConn Cancelled

    Move Championship to 12/9.
  12. USF at UConn Cancelled

    If needed, how about just add it the weekend of Army / Navy
  13. Never Thought I Would Say This...

    Pretty accurate. We need the perfect storm with our "friends" 90 miles to the east and we will be a package deal for a P5 conference. The academics are coming together w/consistent athletics programs. Support is woefully lacking and my hope is Vinik and group can help with some of that issue. Go Bulls!