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  1. USF WBB - Never Been to a Game Offer

    Some games are still available for any first timers. You will not be disappointed. NYC, if you can make it please let me know. Thanks to everyone for the kind words and taking me up on my offer. The ladies play great hoops and are fun to watch. Go Bulls!
  2. Caption this photo

    Another running play? We are running another running play? We are 9-1 and we are awful! Fire CCS, Gilbert, Judy and re-hire CJL. Fire everyone!
  3. Doesn't matter how good you are at your craft, a non-negotiable leadership tenet is integrity. He has none and has a track record to prove it.
  4. 9-1

    122 college teams wish they were 9-1. We are one of eight teams with at least a 9-1 record. I'm pleased as punch! Go Bulls!
  5. This is what I wanted...

    I like going in as double digit dogs as well. The nation will be watching. Should be a good one. Our final regular season game has meaning. History! Go Bulls!
  6. Opening Vegas Line: UCF 9.5 point favorite

    I got that 9.5. That will move, better get it now.
  7. This is what I wanted...

    That's exactly what I meant. They had the most turnovers (5). They won that battle (unfortunately). Without those TOs Temple stayed right with them in the stat dept and had better stats in most categories.
  8. CCS hates it here

    Ray Jay leap.
  9. CCS hates it here

    You do understand that he is working on gameday, correct? I'm pretty dialed into CJF (WBB) and before the game(s) he will say hello make some small talk, but is all business. Post-game he always comes back and is far more engaging. Not sure what folks are looking for when they speak of engagement. BTW, I just used your quote not to call you out, it was just one of many I've seen regarding CCS and his friendliness and engagement with fans. He came over the group at UConn and shook hands, etc. He's got a lot on his plate and I'm not sure he should be doing the Ray Jay before or after games.
  10. as the football season started. A meaningful game vs. UCF where both teams are ranked and for all the marbles on our side of the conference. May the best team advance. The only issue is the loser will end up in some nothing bowl in some nowhere place where outside of parents and alumni no one cares. This is also the case for the AAC runner-up team. It's a shame, because the three teams (USF, UCF and Memphis) are all have good body of work this season. BTW, while Temple did not stay close on the scoreboard yesterday as I had thought they would, take a look at the game stats. Temple won in every category, including turnovers, which lost them the game. UCF is showing cracks as the season ends. One more thought. If both CCS and CSF leave their schools after this year or next that is two more USF and UCF advocates positioned in P5 schools. That bodes well for both schools. If you think CWT and CJL are not advocating for USF you're crazy. As will CCS and CSF. Planting flags at P5 schools is a great thing for the future of both USF and UCF. Like it or not, we are a pair. Everyone have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy Friday, hopefully with a Bulls' victory. Go Bulls!
  11. CCS hates it here

    O'Leary is that you? We know how you like to tell fibs.
  12. Senior Day Attendance

    I'm sitting naked in my section and no one is noticing.
  13. Senior Day Attendance

    Calling Jeff Vinik. Where are u?
  14. Senior Day Attendance

    A black eye for Tampa.
  15. Senior Day Attendance

    17K. Another embarrassment.