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  1. My grandmother has a saying (insert any name or entity you'd like), "The NCAA spanked USF with a Kleenex".
  2. He passed me and had a USF license plate.
  3. Great! I was on the PA Turnpike this week and a car rolls up next tme, honks the horn and throws up his horns. Always great to see. I'll be in VA Beach over the weekend for a little r and r. We'll see if I get a Go Bulls!
  4. Relevance of MMs salary was the thread. Should be stay or go was the topic. I'm not getting the connection of his daughter's educational funding. Sorry GA, could be me. I just don't follow the correlation between the two.
  5. And your approach to your daughter's education has what to do with MM's going pro or staying in school?
  6. Correct Apis. I said there were other variables. Its a solid supplement to His long term income. The greatest part may not be income driven, but dream driven. Playing even one NFL down is a great part of his life.
  7. Just having fun with numbers here. I agree he should have left. $3.2M over 4 years (if he hits all his incentives on the $2.81M). Lets just say 50% off the top for taxes, agent fees and any additional costs to his salary. Puts him at $1.6M for 4 years. Let's also look at worst case scenario, he plays only 4 years. Over the next 25 years, if he's smart he'll collect about $64K a year in salary $1.6M divided by 25). He'll then be 45 years old. I'm not sure in this scenario, even he makes great investments that "he's set for life as are his children and grandchildren. This doesn't take into account if he's smart and invests any of his salary and several other variables. My hope is he has a 10 year career and makes gobs of money. The reality is he won't and will need to work. $64K a year is peanuts in our world. Go Bulls!
  8. Love it!
  9. Happy Mother's Day to all the Momma Bulls out there. While not my mom, I'd like to thank my wife for supporting me in all aspects of my USF life. She is a great mom to two young daughters and supports USF. Thanks babe!
  10. This is all part of Vinik's marketing plan. Very nicely done Mr. Vinik! More press for USF = more ticket sales! Go Bulls!
  11. APR scores must continue to improve. This is BIG for our P5 invite.
  12. Holy smokes! What's going on in N.O. on our weekend? I can fly to Europe for the cost of ticket from PHL to MSY. I was really looking forward to this trip, but unless something changes I'll take the money and go to 4 home games. Oh well, Go Bulls!
  13. He has another gear and it should translate to the NFL. Man it was fun to watch when he hit that gear on the second level at USF. Go Bulls!
  14. !00% of the WBB Seniors graduated! Way to go ladies and CJF! Go Bulls!