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  1. Bulls AD Harlan About to Sign an Extension

    I've met him twice for a total of about 15 minutes. Seemed ok to me. Hard for me to get a fix on his personality in that short of time. Seems like lots of things associated with Athletics are going well and he's the boss, so he gets the credit.
  2. Bulls AD Harlan About to Sign an Extension

    I would ask what poor decisions? COA? We've all hired people that look like "can't miss" candidates, but they do. Consistently poor hires are a leadership issue. A one or two off is just that, a one or two off. I feel good about CWT, CCS, CBG and the continued success of CJF. Athletics continues to show great progress with graduation rates and APR scores are tremendous. Facilities are much improved and there is now a real possibility of an IPF and a current exploration of an OCS. Fundraising has been a struggle and certainly butts in seats is the 1K lb gorilla in the room. Harlan is an owner of not being able to figure out how an area of 3M people aren't able to get 30K to consistently watch a product that is rock solid (football). Seminole FL is my hometown and I'm very passionate about Tampa and the surrounding areas. That said, it's an apathetic city on it's best day towards USF. Harlan has not been able to move the needle in this arena. However, on items he has direct control over it's hard to say he's not at least met expectations.
  3. Bulls AD Harlan About to Sign an Extension

    This is a good thing. College athletics are a business. Nothing good happens without guard rails for 18 - 22 year olds. Smart for USF to cover themselves and their people and not leave anything open to interpretation. Go Bulls!
  4. It's all in how you look at things. I just got done sitting thru another boring corporate succession planning meeting. Discussing one associate's evaluation and the comment was "he's arrogant", another person chimed in with "he's not arrogant, he's confident".
  5. Hahahahaha. As with anything in our society money talks. We shall see. Trust me, we won't have to worry about an OCS for at least 7 more years. I encourage all those in and around the Tampa market to attend a USF Athletics Board Meeting. They are open to the public and lots of great information exchanges hands. Let your voice be heard beyond a survey online. Go Bulls!
  6. I'm a bit surprised you advocate alienating your onsite fan base. Wow. I'm down with paying customers taking first dibs, but not at the expense of the students. Do away with $99 season tickets before we reduce the student section. We shouldn't be the Spirit Air of college football.
  7. New Kickoff Rule

    It all started for me when they put the brake on the Big Wheel. Greatest toy every, ruined!
  8. New Kickoff Rule

    The continued feminization of America.
  9. So you think USF brass will build an OCS and reduce the number of student seats? We are currently at 12K. I realize we are a decade away from an OCS and this is just a PDF with great drawings, but seat costs have to be part of the equation and conversation.
  10. You're probably correct NE. However, it has to cost more based on cost of the OCS. If it's 40K seats and you take out the 12K student section that leaves 28K. Take out another 5K for alumni, staff, band, visiting teams, donated seats, etc and that leaves 23K. Another 10K for "high rollers", "corporate" and "suites" and now you're down to 13K seats or so for the average fan. I'm sure my numbers can move either way for sake of the argument. My hope would be the student section would be expanded by 3K to 15K total. I would bet a very small portion of seats would sell for "cheap". I'm cool with this model. I just hope those wanting an OCS have the jingles to get in.
  11. Who? Nothing like comparing us to the bottom of the barrel programs. Wow! If that's who we are striving to be count me out.
  12. I think an OCS of 40K is going to price a lot of our fan base out games. We are currently selling season tickets for $99. That will not and cannot happen in a 40K stadium OCS. Operating costs will not allow it. Be careful what you wish for.
  13. I love both. Make it 37K seats and charge $5K per seat. No athletic fees.
  14. Brooks Larkin- Oh Boy this is interesting

    I didn't realize 20 year olds had minds.
  15. Brooks Larkin- Oh Boy this is interesting

    What happened to the naming of the Sundome?