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  1. Yes BDYZR. Now you're catching on. There should be the student section, the family section, the alumni section and the crying section. Of course we may need several sections. Jesus, go to the game or not. Its all about Where and when people want to spend their entertainment dollars. Go Bulls!
  2. Ricky, you bet there will be synergy between the Bulls and Lightning. Vinik does have the Midas touch. I just hope we bring back the Bull running thru the crates as the fall off the back of the truck as our opening. That was great!
  3. The great deflector. Your new screen name should be JSybil. You offer nothing, just as I said.
  4. You have great conversations with yourself. If you're recalling a post by me I defy you to show anywhere I said any of your fake news on my posts. The lightning failed to make the playoffs. That's a fact. How in your mind they are the best team in the NHL is beyond me. I know little about hockey. I don't really like it, much like soccer and tennis. I do know that if they were the best team in hockey they would have at the very least made the playoffs. Many people who attend sporting events could care less what goes on with the sport. Take a walk thru the Club area in any stadium or arena in America. Loads of people not watching the game. Take a walk thru the parking lot during the game. Loads of folks who just tailgate and don't even go into the game. Vinik and his marketing juggernaut will put butts in seats over the next couple of years and beyond because games will be fun for the non fan. As for you, offer up something in a post beyond just putting people down or a smarty comment. Go back and look at your last 100 posts. You offer nothing. I hope you at least write a check to USF. Go Bulls!
  5. Don't discount the number of fans that will attend based on Vinik's new marketing approach. I know some don't believe it, but there are a portion of people who attend games for the atmosphere. I'm curious to see the bump.
  6. Or Chuck Malner.
  7. I'm saying RG was tired of losing and a poorly run program.
  8. He got tired of losing and the poorly run program. He will be missed, a very good person.
  9. I'll wait on Creative Loafing's predictions before I make any comments. Go Bulls!
  10. The WR from Tenn Tech was Drew Hixson. His dad was a Redskins Asst named Stan Hixson. It was a brutal hit. I could hear it from seat. Scary.
  11. Where in my post did I announce my hockey qualifications? I didnt. I went to two games. What brought me back to the second one was the fun I had at the first game. In not a hockey fan. To me it's soccer on ice. I'm thrilled you love it. As for the Lightning being a good team this year, I don't know. Perhaps they are best in the NHL. Seems to me if they were any good they would have made the playoffs. Vinik knows marketing and my hope is he gets butts in seats at RayJay.
  12. Now you're getting it, finally. Don't forget the cool Lightning lights at the ends of the ice and shooting the t-shirts into the crowd. Love it!
  13. I'm telling you that I could care less about hockey and was in town this year for two Lightning games. Had a blast at both. The atmosphere was outstanding. Even driving up to the arena was a great experience. I've been blessed to attend many sporting events in this country and arguably the Lightning's game day experience is in the top 3 or 4 and made me, a non-hockey fan, want to come back. Fighting for the playoffs, I mean 8th place in the conference, should not make people turnout. They were not a good hockey team this year. The game day experience at the Lightning is far beyond USF football or hoops.
  14. I have a pretty good idea of what I'm thinking. The Lightning were an "also-ran" this year.
  15. We'll agree to disagree on tackling. We will agree totally that Woodie was in way over his head as a DC at USF. That said, at some point the kid on the field needs to breakdown, square up, wrap up and make the tackle. He owns it. I'm not looking for the ESPN kill shot, that's nothing. Just blue collar making a tackle works. Go Bulls!