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  1. The beautiful thing about MM was when he hit the open field and hit the next gear. That's why he will be playing on Sundays. Everyone on this year's team can be run down. If everyone stays healthy and on the straight and narrow it should be a fun year.
  2. Exciting!

    It all starts today and I'm very thankful! Go Bulls!
  3. Sure, there is always a chance. The odds are wildly small IMO and I don't think it will happen. Everyone in the AAC reads the press the Bulls are getting and we are everyone's Super Bowl. An overall 10-2 should get the job done as AAC champs. With all the unknowns of 18-22 year olds lives (school, injury, etc.) to have an expectation of going undefeated is unrealistic. Don't misunderstand me, I hope and pray everyday that we run the table and end up somehow in the playoff mix. There are several games that could be dogfights. UConn always plays us tough at their place. You bet ECU will remember the final 2 minutes of last year's game. Taggart or no Taggart, they will not forget. Houston is going to be tough again and UCF will more than ready to go. Frost has done a great job in a very short period of time there. Last year virtually everyone called me crazy when I said watch Temple. USF thought they were going to come to Philly and run over them. Temple's strength (running the ball) was our weakness (stopping the run) and we got exposed big time. Alas, I'm rambling. Enjoy the season. My hope is it's a great one and we all celebrate in the playoff. Go Bulls!
  4. I'm a bit surprised that a guy who played the game expects the team to run the table. Illinois, Houston and UCF will be tough outs even at fill strength. This team will not go undefeated. That is incredibly difficult and unlikely. Go Bulls!
  5. It's all going to come down to the final weekend in Mouseville. It will be very, very exciting! Go Bulls!
  6. Ole Miss Replacement HC

    It's a good job cloud or blue skies. Penn St was in the eye of a hurricane and they made a great hire. Always easier to clean up a mess than back fill a great leader.
  7. Ole Miss Replacement HC

    Go back to enjoying your summer. Coach Strong is not leaving. He will leave one day. USF is not his last stop. Go Bulls!
  8. Ole Miss Replacement HC

    A great fit would be Scott Frost. The guy has huge upside and has done a great job at UCF in a very short period of time. Go Bulls!
  9. USF Football Preseason Favorites

    Stay healthy and it could be a very interesting ending to the season.
  10. This may seem to many like a "warm and fuzzy", but it goes a long way to the goal of getting into a P5. Zebold's first sentence cites excellence in the classroom in the first position ahead of athletics for a reason. USF is doing all the right things behind the curtain to make a run. For those non-believers we need UCF to be attractive as well, as we (USF and UCF) will be a package deal when the time comes. Some P5 conference is going to make a great decision. Go Bulls!
  11. JK: AAC QB Situations

    Health is everything. Go Bulls!
  12. Watch parties for away games

    BDYZR, the lines of communications between the two have gotten much better over the last 3 years. At the end of the day they are competing for the same client base. Sad, but true.
  13. Watch parties for away games

    The USF Alumni Association does a good job of communicating watch party information from chapters all across the country. Check out their site. Go Bulls!
  14. Smart and competitive are a great mix for success. Nicely done WBB and CJF!
  15. New PA announcer at Bulls Football?

    Send an email to MH requesting it be brought back. He will respond to you. Can anyone link the video here?